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Zip Dobyns

One of our readers has requested another look at the chart of President Reagan, in light of the cancer surgery on July 13, 1985. I feel that what has occurred is a confirmation that the birth time I am using is close to accurate. His Scorpio rising fits a possible health association with the lower colon or bowels, while his progressed Moon just entering Aquarius and square to natal Saturn and progressed Sun fit the timing of the surgery. His progressed Sun started the two-year conjunction with natal Saturn in October 1984, assuming the morning birth time. His progressed Moon will be square natal Vesta from late November 1985 into January 1986, and Vesta can indicate a health and/or job challenge.

The progressed Moon starts the square to progressed Saturn just a month later, in mid-February 1986, and before it ends that aspect, it begins the squares to the progressed nodes of the Moon, progressed Jupiter, natal Moon, and finally the squares to natal Jupiter and the natal nodes. The total period would last eight months, but I am doubtful that he will stay that long. Any kind of detailed prediction is risky, but the period of greatest challenge seems to me to be from mid-May on into the summer, especially if I have the right time for him. The 1:51 A.M. birth time that I am using would give a progressed Moon trioctile to Pluto during April and May 1986, and a quincunx to the MC from mid-May to mid-July 1986. The mid-May to mid-June interval is also marked by Halley’s Comet making a station at 10 to 11 Virgo, conjunct the MC of the U.S. Constitution chart along with what I think is the natal MC for Reagan and the Ascendant for our Declaration of Independence.

There are many other aspects in Reagan’s chart including progressed Vesta square natal Venus, quincunx natal Mars, and octile progressed Neptune. Jupiter is traditionally said to rule the liver, and it remains in a long conjunction with the south node of the Moon in Scorpio in the twelfth house with the Moon coming to square them in the May-June 1986 period. Natal Venus is in Pisces with Vesta aspecting both the sign and the ruler (Neptune), so a Piscean challenge is clearly present. It is common for cancer to start in the lower colon and move to the liver. As I have already written, predictions of detail are risky, but we can certainly see the possibility of such a medical progression.

Other aspects include progressed Venus square progressed Chiron in Pisces, Pluto maintaining its long trioctile to progressed Jupiter and south node of the Moon and its long quincunx to natal Uranus, with a quincunx to the Ascendant (which it rules) just starting if my birth time is accurate, setting up a yod or double quincunx. I find the quincunx the most common aspect when we move in new directions, leaving the past behind. If my birth time is accurate, Reagan also has his progressed MC crossing his natal Ascendant, so it is included in the yod and it is octile progressed Juno, the marriage asteroid. Progressed Juno is also quincunx natal Moon and the progressed mean node of the Moon along with the IC to form another yod, and it opposes progressed Pallas, the other asteroid I associate with partnerships. If we allow midpoints, progressed Pallas also forms still another yod to the natal MC and to the midpoint of natal Jupiter-south node with progressed Jupiter-south node.

There are also interesting aspects in the solar arc directed chart, using the technique of moving everything the same distance as the secondary progressed Sun. In July 1985 when the cancer surgery took place, directed Moon was opposite Uranus, almost in the middle of the two-year aspect, as well as octile the MC. Directed Vesta was conjunct Neptune and by early 1986 it will oppose Mercury. Directed Neptune was quincunx Venus and square Mars. The first aspect lasts another year and the second more than a year. Directed Uranus was square the Antivertex and it will quincunx the MC by late 1985 and be trioctile the Ascendant by the spring of 1986. Directed Antivertex (like another Ascendant) will square Pluto starting in the fall of 1985 if my birth time is accurate. Directed south node of the Moon had just started an octile to the East Point and Jupiter reaches the same aspect in May 1986. Directed Ascendant was quincunx the MC and holds the aspect for another year and a half, so Uranus will join it to form a yod to the MC.

We could add the new asteroids, but perhaps we have enough without them to confirm a challenging period ahead. My original idea was that Nancy Reagan might also have a health problem, but the heavy tension aspects in her chart in the spring of 1985 may have simply indicated the world problems of that difficult time and some unconscious connections with the developing cancer in her husband. But there is enough stress in her chart so that I would not rule out the possibility of a problem developing or being there but as yet undetected. Still, she may be getting enough fulfillment “mothering” her husband to maintain her own ego strength and to keep her energy flowing out in a positive way rather than turning inward to hit the body. We have printed both of the Reagans’ charts in the past, but will include the President again along with the progressions for June 1, 1986. There are always so many more aspects that might be mentioned, I always figure the readers can try their own techniques if they have the chart in their hands.

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