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Zip Dobyns

One of the suggestions offered by several of our readers who returned our questionnaires was to include the answer in the same issue with the challenge. We agree that three months is a long time to wait for an answer. The first born twin is a girl and is the organized, responsible one who does well in school and sports and likes to please people. The twin born five minutes later is a boy and is the scattered underachiever who dreams a lot and likes computer games but not sports.

Looking at the differences between the two charts, we can see that all the angles changed dwads in that short time. Dwads (dwadasamsa is the complete name) are divisions of each sign into twelve sections of 2 1/2 degrees each, so the whole zodiac is represented in each sign, starting with the sign involved. Twin one has the Sagittarius dwad rising, while twin two has the Capricorn dwad. We could make a case for either one since the Sagittarius coloring of the Ascendant could point to the love of sports and dancing or to a sense of humor. The Capricorn overtone could be a serious worker or someone who bucked the system (my will is law) or went into self-blocking (the world has the power; I might as well not try).

The other angle dwads for twin one were Taurus on the MC, Cancer on the Antivertex, and Virgo on the East Point. Twin two had the next sign in all cases. The earth-water emphasis for twin one seems a little more appropriate for the responsible twin, while the air-fire in the dwads of twin two fits the scattered, more changeable twin. But the differences are certainly not conclusive. Checking the aspects to the angles strengthens our hunch. Limiting our aspects to the important one degree orb, twin one has her Ascendant sextile and trine the true nodes of the Moon and semisextile Saturn, fitting someone who gets along with others and with the establishment.

Twin two has the Ascendant square Mars in the tenth house suggesting someone in conflict with the establishment. Twin two also has Uranus conjunct his Vertex, opposite the Antivertex, which fits the erratic behavior, the interest in computer games, and potential tension in interpersonal relationships. His Antivertex is also conjunct Chiron which is similar to Jupiter and could have matched the love of physical activity but seems to be taking the form often seen with Jupiter conjunct a personal angle, an attitude of identification with God: “I have the right to take and to do what I please, and to not do what I don’t want to do.” Of course, the same identification with the Absolute could be manifested as “I have to be perfect, and if I’m not, I’m no good.” Or we could feel “If I can’t do it perfectly, I won’t do it at all.” And there are many other variations, all with the same solution; “It’s OK to be human on the way to the Absolute. As long as I keep moving toward the Ideal, I can enjoy the journey.”

We could note many other differences if we looked at the aspects between the angles and the nodes of the planets, or between angles and midpoints, but perhaps these easily seen and obvious differences are enough for now.

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