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Zip Dobyns

In our returned questionnaires, at least one correspondent is not fond of our challenges, but since others like them and we strive to be somewhat democratic, we will continue to include them at least some of the time.

Our current twins were born on April 22, 1971 at 40 N 39, 74 W 21. One was born at 4:51 A.M. and the second at 4:56 A.M., EST.

Both twins have considerable artistic ability, but their characters are otherwise quite different. One is tall, angular, and restless; has difficulty in self-expression, especially in expressing emotions. This twin tends to be somewhat careless, lazy, immature in interests, and often irresponsible about personal possessions and those of others. Underachievement at school, laxness in homework, a tendency to live in a dream world and to be scattered and erratic are also manifested. There is no interest in sports, but a sense of humor and skill in computer games are assets.

The other twin is short and slight though more broad in the lower torso. This twin is extremely organized and responsible about possessions and work, is an overachiever at school, likes sports and is graceful and well-coordinated, likes to please, is very verbal, and easily expresses emotions. The charts are included. Try your skill!

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