Asteroid-World Winter 1989

Zip Dobyns

In view of our photocopier failure which has made The Mutable Dilemma later than any time in our 11 years of publication, I decided to send the Asteroid-World at the same time. I have never seen a more incompetent service organization than the Advanced Business Systems which is supposed to keep our new Minolta copier running. The copier has been having trouble since early December, and has been completely non-functional since early January while about half of The Mutable Dilemma has been sitting in boxes waiting until we could print the rest. Every time the repair people decide the Minolta needs a new part, they have to order it from New Jersey or Japan. Wouldn’t you think they would keep parts on hand in a market as big as Los Angeles? I think the latest part is coming from Japan. You would also think that they might send a different repair person when the same man had tried to figure out the problem in seven or eight visits over a month’s time. His supervisor finally came at his request, and formulated a theory which will be tested when some more parts arrive. The copier was still brain-dead when I wrote this on February 7, but the fact that you are reading it means that the copier is finally functioning, since we spent all our savings on the copier and now can’t afford to pay a commercial printer to do the journal.

The world continues its imitation of a jungle, but I decided that after grousing about the copier maintenance, I should start this issue with a happy story. Both of our Los Angeles daily newspapers headlined the rescue of two dolphins on the night of January 9-10, 1989. I was delighted to see that the rescuer was a local astrologer who had attended meetings at our house. Linda has requested that her birth data not be published, but was willing for me to describe the asteroid connections in her horoscope. Her story is dramatically supportive of the reality of mind-power. She had spent the evening at the home of John Lilly, talking for over two hours to one of his assistants about his work with dolphins. She was fascinated by his descriptions of close contacts with dolphins, including their intelligence and “sexiness.” She repeatedly expressed the desire to have a close contact herself, and came home shortly before midnight with her mind focused on that idea. She lives right on the beach, and as she was preparing for bed, she looked out at the water and noticed two forms on the sand just above the water level. She went out to take a closer look, and discovered a mother and young dolphin unable to get back to the water.

Dolphins breathe air, but they need water on their skins to survive. Linda tried calling a variety of agencies to come to carry the animals back into the water, but was unable to get any response. Adult dolphins weigh hundreds of pounds. So the lady who wanted to get close to a dolphin spent the rest of the night carrying water in buckets from the sea to pour over the animals, to keep their skins wet. She also talked to them, sang to them, told them they were loved, and experienced an incredible psychic sense of communication and caring. Other people arrived after the sun rose. A couple of men were able to carry the baby dolphin into the water, and the tide came in sufficiently to let the mother swim to safety. “Experts” said that the animals would not have run aground unless they were sick, and that they would probably be unable to swim away successfully. But both showed no sign of difficulty as they swam off, so it was suggested that the baby may have come too close to shore and gotten caught by the outgoing tide and the mother was caught as she tried to help it. Science would class Linda’s mental concentration on dolphins and the following episode as “pure coincidence.” ???

I like to test the appropriateness of the asteroids’ names by deciding which should be prominent in a given chart, depending on the nature of the chart, and then checking to see if they are aspecting the traditional planets and angles. Since this story involves the ocean, we will look at Oceana. Since it involves a “mother-child” situation, we will look at the Moon, Ceres, Demeter, Persephone, and Proserpina. The latter two are variant names for the same person, the daughter of Ceres. Demeter is the Greek name for Ceres. Since some public fame came from the episode, we will look at the various Sun gods; Amun, Aten, Helio, Apollo, and perhaps Icarus. (Since the episode, our heroine has been featured in the newspapers and on TV, including the Johnny Carson show.) Another pair of variant names for related or equivalent goddesses would be Diana and Artemis who were hunters but protectors of young animals.

Using N for natal positions, P for progressed, and L for local angles, Linda’s chart shows the following contacts, all limited to the usual one degree orb. P Diana conjuncts N Aten and N L IC for fame at home in California through the protection of a young animal. N Diana is on N Amun. P Amun conjuncts N IC to repeat the potential of fame coming to her home. N Apollo is trine N East Point and octile N Proserpina. P Apollo is octile-trioctile the P nodes of the Moon and N Ascendant-Descendant, sextile P Moon, and square P Mercury. N Helio is conjunct N and P Neptune, god of the sea. P Helio trines N L Ascendant. P Oceana is quincunx N Jupiter and N L IC, a yod for a new direction in life. It is also octile N Demeter. P Demeter is quincunx N L Ascendant. N Oceana is square Pallas, opposite Mercury, quincunx Proserpina, trine Uranus and P Venus which conjuncts Uranus. P Ceres is conjunct N Icarus and opposite P Artemis to form a T square with N Juno. P Persephone is conjunct P L Ascendant. P Ascendant conjuncts N Moon-Venus. P Icarus is on P Jupiter. I know that the preceding is hard to follow when you can’t put the factors into the horoscope for visual study, so I will leave it for now though many more aspects could be cited.

Returning to our “not-so-caring” world, we have just had the spectacle of Reagan who had adamantly opposed an increase in the minimum wage of $3.35 an hour, ordering a 50% pay increase for Congress and the judges. If their perks are included, they already make well over $100,000 year. The pay raise would have rippled through the whole government structure, including a hefty increase in pensions. Does anyone need any more evidence that Reagan is only interested in welfare for the rich? It is just coincidental that Reagan’s pension would also rise, to supplement the 5 million he is reported to be getting for two proposed books and the $5,000 fee for lectures. The Senate voted against the raise with the understanding that the House would let it take effect. But following a firestorm of protest from the country, the House has also now killed the executive order. In light of the current financial pressures on the government, the raise was badly timed to put it mildly! The taxpayers (which doesn’t include the rich who know how to avoid taxes) are being charged for about half of the failures in the Savings and Loan industry, to the tune of 50 billion. The banks and S & Ls are supposed to pick up the other half. Of course, the price tag might rise in the future, especially if we have even a mild recession. Most of the failures are being blamed on poor management or fraud, with the relaxed rules and regulations of the government held partly responsible.

To add to the financial pressures, the government’s neglected nuclear weapons plants are being closed due to pollution threats and questions about their safety. Cleanup, relocation, and rebuilding them may cost 50 billion or more. Another kind of cleanup is needed as some of Wall Street’s big operators and many brokers in the two commodities markets in Chicago are being charged with bilking investors. Military contractors are being charged with bilking the government (read taxpayers who ultimately pay for it) by getting inside information for their bids and using influence to get the contracts. Bush is preaching ethics while his nominee, John Tower, is charged with womanizing, drunkenness, and making nearly a million dollars in a couple of years from Military Contractors that he would be expected to keep in line as Defense Secretary. The aftermath of the Reagan era of greed will linger.

If any of our subscribers in Houston know Tower’s birth time, I would love to get it. My little “who’s who” says that he was born on September 29, 1925 in Houston, TX. I would speculate that he might have been born around 3:35 P.M. That time would put late Capricorn rising, the south node of the Moon near the Ascendant, Saturn in Scorpio near the MC, and his Mercury-Mars-Sun conjunction in Libra into the eighth house. It would also put P Moon square N Mercury-Mars and conjunct N and P Vesta which are octile Venus. Regardless of birth time, he has P Mars conjunct N Saturn. The aspects fit his current power struggle, including the questions about his appetite indulgence and financial favors. He has some interesting asteroids which will be accurate regardless of birth time. N Venus is conjunct N America and N Potomac. The latter is the river running through Washington, DC and I think in view of the Pentagon and CIA headquarters. N Rockefellia, (named for a leading family in our native elite), is on his N Mercury-Mars. P Ceres and P Neptune are on his N Ops, the god of underground wealth. An interesting configuration which could relate to Tower’s handling of weapons, defense and war, involves P Libya conjunct P Uranus (which is stationary this year in Pisces), quincunx P Atlantis in Leo, square N Columbia, P Tezcatlipoca, P Nemesis, and P Winchester in Sagittarius. The mutables are trioctile N Ceres. Winchester could relate to the famous Winchester rifles, among other meanings. Tezcatlipoca was the Aztec War God who demanded a human sacrifice every day so the Aztecs had to keep fighting to provide the victims. Nemesis carried out the vengeance when humans flouted the law, Themis. Columbia could be the District of (seat of our government), or the country (source of most of our cocaine), or the whole hemisphere which Columbus was credited with discovering. P Columbia is opposite Pluto. P Mercury is square N Washingtonia and P Washingtonia is square Jupiter and approaching a square to Pluto. Tower’s odds of getting the job are down a bit though most commentators still think he will make it. It is very rare for a Cabinet appointment to be rejected.

At the recent National Health Federation conference, I was able to meet the author of some of the most challenging books I have ever read. His name is Eustace Mullins and he has written expose books on the Federal Reserve, the oligarchic elite who control much of the money and power in the world, and the A. M. A. (American Medical Association). His book called The World Order describes the interlocking directorates which put the same, limited group of men in control of the big international businesses, the big foundations, the big universities, and government. He says in the book that five men mostly run the world, so I wrote to ask him the names of the five. He wrote back that they were Lord Victor Rothschild of London, Baron Guy de Rothschild formerly of Paris and now of New York, Robert Roosa of Brown Brothers Harriman of New York, and Prince Tourn und Taxis of Regensburg. He said that the fifth had been Harriman but when he died, George Shultz replaced him. Yes, I was astonished and skeptical about Shultz being on the really top rung. His mother was a Pratt which is one of the leading families along with the Rockefellers, but he does not come across as such a power behind the throne. Of course, I have never seen any of the others on TV. Maybe they seem equally innocuous. If anyone wants to order Mullins’ books, he publishes them himself and sells them for $15 each. His address is P.O. Box 1105, Staunton, VA 24401.

Mullins has spent his whole life in libraries, gathering facts which are presented in his books. There is no firm evidence that these five men are really the most powerful. Most of the conspiracy buffs think that David Rockefeller is the top person, or one of the top level, but Mullins thinks that the Rockefellers are one level down in the hierarchy. Since the Japanese have become the leading financial nation in recent years, it will be interesting to see how the power issues are handled. Naturally, I immediately tried to get birth data for the four. We have already given Shultz’s birth date as December 13, 1920 in New York, but I have no time for him. I found a biography of the Rothschild family in the Hollywood library which included an extensive family tree. Victor was born on October 31, 1910, probably in London but I am not certain of that. Guy was born on May 21, 1909, probably in Paris but again I am not certain. Robert Roosa was listed in an International Who’s Who as born on June 21, 1918 but no place of birth was given. He is now in the New York area, but might have come from Michigan since his first college was there. Helen Clerf found the data for Prince Turn und Taxis; June 5, 1926 in Regensburg, Germany. I ran all the charts for noon in the presumed birth places, but did Roosa’s for his business in New York. I remember reading about the Prince once, and Helen sent me a photocopy from Forbes with a short story on billionaires in other parts of the world. The Prince was listed as mostly a playboy until he married in 1980 and settled down to raise a family. He is one of the wealthiest men in Europe, with extensive land holdings. We have previously published the birth date and place of David Rockefeller, but for any readers who want to explore the charts of our possible secret rulers, it was on June 12, 1915 in New York. If any of our readers have additional information on these men, I would appreciate getting it, but will not attempt to deal with their horoscopes at this time.

I explored a variety of local houses for this year’s ingress charts, trying to decide on some of the possibilities. For example, I calculated cusps for Aiken, SC, location of a major nuclear weapons facility, and for Wilmington, DE, headquarters of Dupont. The Dupont company has been managing the plant and apparently covering up some major pollution and near crises though they deny that. Westinghouse is slated to take over the management, so I also did the ingress cusps for their headquarters in Pittsburgh. We have asteroids named Duponta and Pittsburghia, so I checked to see if they were aspecting the angles in the relevant local charts. Duponta was semisextile the Ascendant in Aiken in the Capricorn 1988 ingress, a relatively innocuous aspect, but octile the Aiken Ascendant in the Aries 1989 ingress. Pittsburghia was octile the Aiken MC in the Capricorn ingress while Venus was on the MC in the city of Pittsburgh. The Wilmington MC squared the mean nodes of the Moon while the Washington, DC MC squared the true nodes of the Moon; both within one degree. In the Aries 1989 ingress, the Wilmington MC is exactly square the mean nodes of the Moon and the Ascendant squares Venus, but it also trines Pittsburghia and forms a grand trine with the Aiken MC. Duponta sextiles the MC in Washington, DC. and Jupiter conjuncts the Aiken East Point though it is also square the Washington, DC MC. I suspect that the two companies and the government will cooperate to avoid stirring up more public anxiety. There are also interesting aspects with the heliocentric asteroids. H Atlantis is quincunx Pluto and H Duponta on the Washington, DC Antivertex is opposite Pluto. Both aspects fit the change of management in our nuclear weapons work.

Benjamin Creme, channeling Maitreya, has predicted that the Japanese stock market will crash before the vernal equinox on March 20, 1989, and will pull our market down with it, so I studied the Capricorn 1988 ingress for both Washington, DC and for Tokyo. I can’t totally rule out a downer in the market, but the charts just don’t look anything like the fall and winter ingress charts in 1987 when we had the market crash. There is a scandal in Japan around the government leaders’ acceptance of stock, but it doesn’t seem capable of putting the market into a tailspin. The Capricorn ingress calculated for Tokyo does have Mercury ruling the 9th house (morals, ethics, law courts, widespread information etc.) exactly conjunct the IC, square the Ascendant and quincunx the Moon in Gemini in the 9th house, the last two aspects with an orb just over one degree. The combination fits the media information (Mercury and Gemini) reaching the public (Moon) and shaking up the hierarchy (conflict aspects to the angles.) But a serious financial threat seems less likely. Jupiter is in the eighth house (return on investment) and Pluto in the second house is trine the MC. with the north node of the Moon in Pisces in the 5th house completing a wide grand trine which includes the Arabic Part of Jupiter on the north node. The asteroid Nipponia (Japan) is on the Venus/Jupiter midpoint. The Sun/Moon midpoint, Mercury/Jupiter midpoint, and Part of Fortune are closely conjunct each other and trine Vesta in the 2nd house. And there is still humor from our asteroids that were selected by Batya Stark. Heliocentric Gyptis is on the collection just listed (Part of Fortune etc.) while Heliocentric Bilkis is on the MC. The “little people” may feel cheated by the elite, but with the low interest rates and high price of land in Japan, the stock market is the only game in town. I am very reluctant to make financial predictions which could lose money for people, but it seems to me that the Tokyo ingress charts for both Capricorn 1988 and Aries 1989 suggest an inflated market which might turn into a bubble that would burst later.

The same two ingress charts calculated for Washington, DC, seem more indicative of war than of a financial crash. We could think of the S & L and nuclear plant situations as a kind of battle of wits, but as I wrote in The Mutable Dilemma, I am uneasy about the possibility of the powers-that-be promoting a “little” war to justify sacrifices by the “little” people and more spending on defense. The Capricorn 1988 ingress had asteroid Libya exactly on Mars in Aries and quincunx Pluto. The Aries 1989 ingress has Mars exactly on the East Point square the true nodes of the Moon, more widely square the Moon, and exactly quincunx Uranus. Due to their geographic positions, any chart (keeping the UT constant) calculated for both Washington, DC and for Tripoli, Libya will have the East Point in Washington as the MC in Tripoli. So the Aries ingress in Tripoli has Mars on the MC. Ingress charts are mostly supposed to be keys to the following three months until the next time the transiting Sun enters a cardinal sign. But the Aries ingress is often considered to be a key to the whole year up to the next Aries ingress, or at least a key to the handling of aggression and violence during the year.

Turning to Bush’s inauguration, it was slightly delayed due to the late arrival of a car full of his relatives. According to our newspapers, Bush took the oath of office at about 12:03:30. Pluto remains within one degree of the Descendant which can signify his struggles with the debt problems. As this is written, he has proposed his solution for the S & L crisis and will offer his revised budget to Congress in two days, hoping to reduce the deficit and avoid the Gramm-Rudman cuts. Icarus is at the midpoint of MC/Sun and will soon progress to conjunct the Sun and square Mars-East Point. But the rising Jupiter exactly trine the MC just doesn’t look like a big recession. A cluster of overlapping asteroids around Mars-East Point include Moskva (Moscow), Granada (our last little war), Phaethon (overreach and a crash), Dudu (much like Pluto), Tezcatlipoca (Aztec war god), Jackson (Jesse?), and Heliocentric Libya. Geocentric Libya is trioctile Potomac while Winchester conjuncts the tenth house Mercury. Urania (like Uranus) is on the MC. Pompeja (the city buried by a volcano) is on the Ascendant with America just past it so the P Ascendant will conjunct America within a few months. Siva (the destroyer) opposes America and is trioctile Ceres. When the inauguration chart is calculated for Tripoli, Libya, Mars is conjunct the MC within a half degree and Heliocentric Libya is conjunct the MC within one degree. The Sun squares the MC within one degree. P Sun and P Mars will reach one degree aspects to Libya within a few months. Many more asteroids might be cited, but you get the picture. As has been pointed out before, Bush has his natal Sun on Mars in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, with strong aspects in the fall of 1989. The balance of this century will be marked by the struggle between the elite oligarchy and the public including the people in the less developed countries. In our Declaration chart, P Atlantis conjuncts natal Mars in the tenth house from 1976 to 2003. In our Constitution chart, P Saturn squares natal Atlantis in the first house from about 1973 to 2000.

A recent event was the final end of murderer Ted Bundy in an electric chair in Starke, Florida. Bundy’s data was in the Rodden-ISAR databank, and the chart offers dramatic evidence for the importance of local houses. Bundy’s P Pluto was conjunct his L Ascendant to the minute of longitude! Listing only aspects within a one degree orb, Bundy’s P Saturn was on N and P Halley’s comet and square his L MC. P Uranus was conjunct L Antivertex and square P L East Point. P L Ascendant was square N Uranus. His L Part of Death was conjunct Chiron and square L East Point. P L Antivertex was octile P Mercury. Transiting Halley’s Comet was conjunct transiting Moon when he died. P Moon was square N Atlantis and P Atlantis was conjunct Neptune, octile the fourth house Juno in Scorpio. P Moon was also quincunx N Sun in the fourth house and square P Vesta in the eighth house. The water houses are traditionally associated with closure and the end of things. P Sun was conjunct P Mars to the minute of longitude. P Icarus was conjunct Ceres and opposite Saturn.

Another murderer who made the headlines killed five children in a Stockton, California school yard and then killed himself. I do not have a birth time for Patrick Edward Purdy, but he was born on November 10, 1964 in Fort Lewis, Washington. A chart calculated for noon gives such dramatic aspects, that it seems possible he was born near noon. For one thing, it puts Eduarda, the asteroid for his middle name, within two degrees of the Ascendant and P Eduarda exactly on his natal Moon and his Stockton Ascendant in 29 Capricorn. It also puts the P south node of Saturn on the birthplace Ascendant with the north node of Jupiter opposite the Ascendant. Regardless of his time of birth, the north node of Pluto opposes Eduarda. Mars’ north node is on Jupiter. Purdy also had P Neptune conjunct Sun all of his life as well as on the south node of Mars, and both the north and south nodes of Mercury. Neptune was also opposite P Jupiter for much of his short life. He looked in vain for conflicted dreams and a sense of self esteem. When Purdy shot the children and himself, P Mars was conjunct Uranus which was just over a degree from Pluto, and the noon birth time puts P MC square P Mars and Uranus in the eighth house as well as octile the natal Moon, the Stockton Ascendant, and P Eduarda. P MC for a noon chart would also square Chiron which was exactly opposite Mars-Uranus. The north node of Uranus filled in an exact mutable grand cross with all four corners octile or trioctile the Noon Moon. P Sun was conjunct the south node of Uranus. P south node of Mars squared natal Saturn and a birth time just a couple of minutes after noon would bring P Ascendant to a conjunction with Saturn. P L Ascendant for noon would conjunct natal Vesta for the personal alienation. P Moon would be conjunct P Juno within two minutes of longitude, the P south node of the Moon to the minute, and the P Part of Death within less than half a degree. You can see why I was impressed with the noon chart.

It may seem morbid to work with such horoscopes, but we learn what works in astrology with such cases. The local angles are highly important in Bundy’s chart. The nodes of the planets are especially dramatic in Purdy’s chart. Purdy used a semi-automatic machine gun made in China from a Russian model that can be easily converted into an automatic. A number of states including California as well as the federal government in Washington, DC are currently considering laws which would at least impose a waiting period on the purchase of such guns so that checks might be made for criminal records. Purdy was on probation and legally barred from owning a gun but he had no trouble purchasing both the AK 47 and a handgun. P Winchester was conjunct P China with both of them quincunx his Saturn as well as the noon Antivertex and P Ascendant. Many asteroids might be mentioned, but I will just add that P Medea was conjunct natal Icarus and Anubis and opposite Artemis with all of them square P Diana and P Russia. In this case, our lady hunters did not protect the young. Anubis is an Egyptian god of the dead. Medea murdered her two children in a play by Sophocles in order to revenge her husband’s rejection of her.

By this time, you will not be surprised to hear that in the chart set for the actual killing, Medea was conjunct the Moon and quincunx Venus. Purdy’s noon Ascendant was on the shooting MC and T Mars squared his Noon Moon and Stockton Ascendant. Also on Mars were Moskva (Moscow, source of the gun design), Tezcatlipoca (Aztec war god again), and the NORC (a prototype computer for the technology angle). Purdy seems to have lived depressed and angry at the world, but may have had a special anger against the south-east Asians who surpassed him in his welding classes and competed successfully for jobs. Four of the slain children were Vietnamese and one was Cambodian. Purdy’s father had fought in Vietnam and had been killed in a car accident a few years before the recent massacre. Returning to the chart for the shooting, Icarus was conjunct the Sun to the minute of longitude. Saturn was conjunct China and Psyche and octile Atlantis. Remember, the automatic was actually made in China. Psyche is often prominent when people are so full of self-pity and helplessness that they are oblivious to the feelings of others. There were many node aspects, but perhaps we will give the last word to Purdy’s frustrated dreams, goals and ideals. Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron conflicts show problems with one’s faith which can lead to loss of hope and despair. Patrick Edward Purdy shot the children and himself with transiting Jupiter less than half a degree from Eduarda in a trioctile to Neptune and California.

After the preceding gloom and doom, we really should look for something cheerful to end this epistle. Although it is not especially positive, historically minded readers might be interested in the approximate dates when Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune were close to each other in the past. At present, Saturn conjuncted Uranus three times in 1988 and will conjunct Neptune three times in 1989, but the three will not be closer than a range of about seven degrees. Their cycles mesh to produce such an approach about every 700 years. I checked the last three such periods, and found the closest conjunction on January 16, 1307. A chart set for 7 A.M. in London on that day puts Neptune-Saturn-Mars-Uranus on the MC within a single degree, ranging from 11 Scorpio 56 to 12 Scorpio 56. I haven’t done an exhaustive historical search, but the period seems to have its normal level of friction. Edward I of England died in the following summer and his son, Edward II temporarily called off the war with Scotland, preferring to party. But his actions were seen as weakness, so the English nobles forced him to give them more power and England ended up with a civil war between competing Barons. Edward finally killed the leading rebel only to become the prisoner of his own wife and her lover who had him imprisoned and then killed. In the preceding year, 1306, the Jews were expelled from both France and England. In 1309, the Pope moved to Avignon, France to escape the anarchy in Rome, and seven Popes remained there before the Holy See returned to Rome. The Black Death which killed one third to one half of the population in many areas of Europe occurred in 1347 to 1349, which seems much too late to connect to the big conjunction though it would fit the symbolism.

The next earlier approach of the three planets was in September of 625. I was not able to find a closer approach than five degrees with the three planets ranging from 13 to 18 degrees of Virgo. The near east was in its usual state of uproar with Constantinople fighting off Avars and Persians along with the civil war started by Mohammed three years earlier. Mohammed won in 628 and 700 Jews are said to have been slaughtered. Though Mohammed died in 632, his followers swept through the Near East and North Africa in the succeeding years, conquering a vast area.

The earliest grouping that I checked occurred in 57 B.C. (-56). The closest range that I found still covered about 10 degrees. On July 2, the Sun was 9 Cancer, south node of the Moon and Venus at 11 Cancer, Saturn and Neptune at 15 Cancer, Mercury at 19 Cancer, and Uranus at 25 Cancer. Rome was making most of the history in those days, fighting Gaul, opening up England, running Egypt and what is now called the near east, with Rome’s rulers trying to share power and territory but ending up in civil war, murdering each other and being murdered. Maybe history mostly records the conflicts, and maybe humans just have a lot to learn. I’m not sure what parallels we can draw from the past other than the need to learn how to get along together.

Meanwhile, we have another contribution from Seraphita’s developing book on the meanings of the asteroids’ names. [Not in the web archives.] Seraphita is in process of proofing and correcting some of her past material. She has had some eye problems which make it difficult to read the fine print in some of the photocopies of early sources, but eventually we will be publishing a book listing the sources of the names of most of the known asteroids, by which time we hope to have all the typos cleaned up. [Schmadel Dictionary of Minor Planet Names happened instead.]

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