Another U.S. Chart and More on Covert Activity

Zip Dobyns

In the same February/March 1992 issue of The Mountain Astrologer which has the extensive article on psychic predictions of earth changes in the U.S. is an article supporting a new horoscope for the U.S. David Solte of San Diego thinks that we should be using the chart for the Articles of Confederation which defined the governing rules until the Constitution went into effect. David objects to the Declaration of Independence, partly because all of the members of the Continental Congress did not sign it on the day it was voted into effect though the vote and the signature of the President and the Secretary were sufficient to make the document legal. But mostly David thinks we were not really a Union until we voted to be a single country under the Articles of Confederation. Unfortunately, the Articles run into the same problem which we have for the Declaration of Independence: the time of the legalizing vote was not recorded.

On our Declaration, we have several conflicting times from different sources. According to the minutes of the Clerk, on July 4, 1776 the Continental Congress met at 9 A.M. and the discussion of final wording of the Declaration was the second item of business after a short item. Presumably, the congress made the wording decisions at that time so the conclusion of that discussion marked an acceptance of the document, logically around the time of 9:30 to 10 A.M. The decision to issue the Declaration and most of its wording had been already approved during a meeting on July 2. Three other items of business were concluded after the Declaration and before noon according to a letter sent by a member of the New York delegation. After lunch and the arrival of Cesar Rodney, a delegate who had just ridden to Philadelphia from Maryland, another vote may have been taken though it may just have taken the form of Rodney adding his “aye” to the previous vote. I do not know of any record of such a later vote, but John Hancock signed the document, “shortly after 2 P.M.” according to his diary. Marc Penfield provided the information about Hancock’s diary from a biography about him called Purple Patriot by Herbert Allen. Marc is using a time of 2:20 P.M. The Congress adjourned at 4 P.M. while Scorpio was still on the Ascendant, so the various charts for the Declaration with Sagittarius rising are historically ruled out. Jefferson’s Memoirs in which he said that the document was signed in the “late afternoon” are the justification offered for the Sagittarius rising chart, but they are reported to have been written long after the events and to include a good many errors. At adjournment, the document was given to Jefferson to have it printed and embossed and it was signed days later (in some cases weeks later) by the rest of the members of the congress.

I did some testing of a 2 P.M. chart which is being promoted by Ed Steinbrecher but did not find it reliable, and if it doesn’t work for past events, we can hardly depend on it for future ones. However, Penfield’s time of 2:20 P.M. produced several appropriate angle aspects for major events in the limited testing that I have done. I was especially fascinated to find that the chart has the same house cusps as Tsongas when his chart is relocated to Washington, DC. And Clinton, as mentioned in the article on presidential contenders, has the same degrees and signs in his 3:44 A.M. chart but the angle axes are flipped with Tsongas’ MC becoming Clinton’s Washington Ascendant and Tsongas’ local Ascendant becoming Clinton’ local IC. At the moment, I plan to do much more work with the afternoon chart and expect to include it in the next Asteroid-World. I have advanced the time to 2:25 but the local (Washington, DC) angles for that time are virtually identical to Penfield’s angles for 2:20 P.M. Sometimes it is the birthplace angle and sometimes the local angle which brings in precise aspects for events. My previous rectification of 9:36 A.M. still gives superior results for some of our national events, so my present suspicion is that the morning decision (and vote?) on wording provides a useful chart while the signature of John Hancock may give a second useful chart. It is common for countries to have more than one horoscope, and important developments in the founding of a country may occur on a single day. The chart for the Bolshevik revolution is another example of this with both the 3 P.M. and the 10:40 P.M. charts offering useful information.

I failed to find adequate progressed aspects to the natal or progressed angles when I tested David Solte’s chart for the Articles of Confederation which David says went into effect as the Law of the Land on November 15, 1777 in York, Pennsylvania. David writes that records suggest a time between 11 A.M. and 2 P.M. and he has rectified the chart to 5:52:56 P.M. UT which would be shortly before 1 P.M. local time. Apparently, David did his rectification with transits which I consider totally inadequate. He has picked 8 Sagittarius for the MC and 22 Aquarius for the Ascendant so his MC is exactly on the IC opposite Uranus and his Ascendant exactly on the Moon of my 9:36 A.M. Declaration of Independence chart. Transits to his angles would therefore hit my chart but his progressed angles just don’t cut it. I fiddled some with the chart and found a better fit at 7:49 P.M. UT (which would be a little before 3 P.M. in Pennsylvania), but the chart still did not match the precision of the Declaration or Constitution aspects for our major events. But in my very speculative version I was amused to find natal Herberta (for both Hoover and Bush) on the East Point in both York and Washington, DC with a square to the natal MC while P Moon will conjunct Herberta during the two months prior to this fall’s election. Natal George in 8 Scorpio is on both natal and P Saturn and it squares natal Wilson (as in Woodrow who allowed the Fed to control our finances and the middle name of Reagan who put us a couple of trillion dollars into debt to the elite of the world).

Since I think that countries are born in stages and can have several horoscopes which work at least for the big events, I may continue to watch the chart for the Articles though I do think they were superseded by the Constitution which is still the Law of our Land. My VERY speculative time for the Articles puts 9 Aries 47 rising and 5 Capricorn 16 on the MC. Mars, the Ascendant ruler, is in Capricorn in the tenth house conjunct the south node and Juno. The most effective chart for Iraq also has a tenth house Mars conjunct the south node though they are in Aries. Did someone say something about our “shadow” forcing us to face what we try to ignore in ourselves? In the past we have talked democracy but when any leader actually tried to help poor people, we have called it communism and destroyed it. Castro is our only failure so far. No wonder the elite hate him. Cuba has the highest literacy, the best health care, and the lowest infant mortality of all the less developed countries in the world. In fact, its infant mortality is lower than ours. The U.S. has the worst infant mortality of all the developed countries. Castro expelled the Cuban Mafia who ran the gambling and prostitution and drug trade of Havana and they are rubbing their hands with glee now at the prospect that they may soon get their brothels back when we impoverish Cuba enough to force the poor people to abandon Castro as we did in Nicaragua to Danny Ortega. That Articles of Confederation chart is not a bad fit for our performance as we have preached freedom with Chiron rising in Aries and controlled the world with the elevated Capricorn plus Scorpio in the houses of other people. Jupiter in Leo is square the Sun in Scorpio within two degrees and both are trioctile my tentative Ascendant and Pallas. We also have more lawyers per capita than any country in the world with that rising Pallas, another fit to our constant talk about social justice. “Do as I say but don’t look at what I do.” I don’t really have any faith in the chart as yet, but will continue to watch it.

While I am on the subject of the U.S. betrayal of our claimed ethics, I just read a good bit of a large book written by Green Beret Commander “Bo” Gritz and named “Called to Serve.” I mentioned attending a lecture by Gritz a few years ago, and published his horoscope—I think in a back issue of Asteroid-World. This recent book is rather overwhelming with its claims about the way our executive branch, including the NSA and the CIA with the cooperation often of the Mafia, have controlled the country and often the world. Gritz offers the most complete description that I have seen of the killings of John and Bobbie Kennedy, accusing a combination of high government officials, local police, CIA, and Mafia. I can’t begin to do justice to the mass of information in the book, but the gist of Gritz’s theory is that the Mafia had helped Kennedy’s father with his bootlegging operations during the U.S. prohibition and they helped John Kennedy win the Presidency with election fraud in Illinois and Texas. They expected him to continue the Nixon plan to invade Cuba and kill Castro. But the Bay of Pigs invasion failed and Kennedy decided against continuing the effort. Instead, he made peace overtures to Castro, decided to pull out of Vietnam and, (along with his brother who was Attorney General), he started to crack down on the Mafia. All these and other decisions ran against the plans of the combination elite-CIA-Mafia and signed death warrants for both John and Bobbie. Gritz says that Oswald was a government agent but he was suspected of being a double agent for the Russians so he was “set up” as the patsy to be blamed for the killing of John Kennedy and he was killed by a Mafia member before he could tell what he knew. Gritz says that his killer, Jack Ruby, was injected with cancer cells in jail to dispose of him, and many others who know too much turned up dead or missing before long.

In the last Asteroid-World I wrote about the new movie on the Kennedy assassination. I mentioned that George was on the Ascendant at the time Kennedy was shot in Dallas and that Herberta was square the Ascendant as well as conjunct Ceres, but I assumed that the “coincidence” was because George Herbert Bush was President when the movie about the cover-up was released and stirred up the public again. If Gritz is right, Bush was actually involved in the anti-Castro plots which were part of the reason for Kennedy’s death. Bush was running the Zapata Oil Company in Houston, Texas at the time and Gritz is reasonably sure that he was on the CIA payroll. When someone recently found the name George Bush on the CIA roll from those days, the CIA claimed it was another man with the same name! Bush is currently requesting 30 billion dollars for the secret services for the coming year, despite the end of the Soviet Union as an enemy. The elite may still need covert forces to put down third world rebels against our control or to control us?

The failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba was named Operation Zapata and Operation Pluto. Orders from the President to pull back previously promised air support were one primary reason for the failure and Kennedy took the blame for that, though it was actually McGeorge Bundy who gave the orders. But the failure and loss of life earned undying enmity against Kennedy by the men who survived the attack. It was two weeks after the failed invasion that Castro declared Cuba to be a socialist state though he had already begun expropriating the land of big corporations, had closed down the gamblers and drug smugglers, and had turned to Russia for support. Among the elite who were angered by Kennedy’s moves toward peace were the top officials of Pepsi Cola who lost their control of the sugar fields of Cuba and the heads of Bell-Textron who needed to sell their helicopters to the government for the war in Vietnam. Kennedy also planned to reduce the tax breaks provided to oil producers. He supported racial desegregation which many in the south opposed and was friendly with Martin Luther King. Gritz thinks that the same group disposed of King among others. Gritz also says that Kennedy talked of returning to the gold standard, dismantling the Fed, the private bank which controls our money, and that Kennedy even issued some non-Fed, debt-free money. No wonder the elite got him. P Herberta is now on the natal Sun in the assassination chart. Do you suppose any new information will come out when P George reaches the square to the MC in early 1993? P Herberta will eventually conjunct the MC but that aspect is several years ahead. The mystery of the Kennedy killing is not going to be disposed of very quickly.

[Note: Astrodatabank gives a different Furth, Germany L&L than below.]

Gritz mentions Kissinger as a key operator in the service of the elite, one of the ruthless ones. He was born in Furth, Germany on May 27, 1923 at 5:30 A.M. one hour after UT, 49 N 26, 10 E 59. I had his data from the Nixon years and out of curiosity I progressed it to the elections in 1992 and 1996. I’m not sure what I expected in it—maybe better aspects in 1992 which would support a Bush win and more stress ones in 1996 when I have been anticipating a Democratic win. (I am now re-thinking this scenario as I mention in the article on the candidates.) What turned up in Kissinger’s chart was an incredible grouping of natal and progressed factors in Leo including natal Halley on the Sun/Moon midpoint and P Ascendant in November 1992 just reaching the one-degree orb of a conjunction to the Sun/Moon while P Mars is on P Ascendant and just a minute short of Halley. P Sun is approaching a conjunction with both P Mars and P Ascendant and is already on P Hiroshima which is on the P Mars-Ascendant. P Halley is just a little farther in a conjunction to natal Neptune and Daniel. Natally, Winchester, our asteroid for guns, was on Kissinger’s IC with Herberta and George a few degrees farther in Leo. Herberta squares the East Point and George squares the local (Washington, DC) MC but it also is sextile natal Mars. Natal Henry is sextile the Ascendant, opposite the Moon, and just a half degree out of the one-degree orb of a conjunction with the Ascendant/MC midpoint. P MC is also on P Rockefellia which is trine natal George. Kissinger has been part of the Rockefeller camp for many years and I assume they will be helping to re-elect Bush?

I’m not sure what to make of that kind of power. Is Kissinger making secret deals involving atom bombs? But his chart in 1996 is even more dramatic with P Moon on natal Mars in the first house and the collection of P Sun, P Mars, P Ascendant and P Halley all about 15 Leo conjunct natal Neptune and Daniel and sextile P Saturn. (Dan Quayle has his natal Sun-MC in 15 Aquarius). Kissinger’s P Juno will have been on his IC for a couple of years in a trine to Chiron. P Henry is holding a conjunction with the Antivertex in Taurus in the twelfth house and an opposition to Jupiter for many years. Kissinger has been well rewarded for his services to the elite. His grand trine in water signs fits his protection; his grand trine in air signs fits his mental brilliance; his grand trine in earth signs fits his skill in controlling the physical world. His fire is mainly shown by the rising Mars in its own house. I use Kissinger’s chart as my rebuttal to astrologers who think that grand trines indicate lazy people. Kissinger has been devious and ruthless but never lazy.

The other chart which I resurrected after reading Gritz’ book is for the Senate Intelligence Authorization Bill which the Senate passed at 3:30 A.M. EDT on August 4, 1990. According to Gritz, Sam Nunn pushed through the bill when there were only about 10 Senators present. It essentially gives the President the right to do any kind of covert operation with his secret intelligence forces without having to ask permission of Congress or even to tell them about it afterward. King George got what he wanted. The chart has a full cross in the middle of the fixed signs in the last four months of this year, hitting the same degrees as Kissinger’s natal and progressed stellium in Leo, Tsongas’ Washington MC, Clinton’s Washington Ascendant, Quayle’s Sun-MC and Bush’s natal Halley! What do you suppose is being cooked up? And how much will the public be permitted to know? In the authorization bill, P Moon will square natal and P Mars in Taurus and Juno and Pluto in Scorpio while opposing natal and P Sun in Leo. T Saturn in Aquarius will also participate in the cross from August to December. Sometime before then, we will need to check the cardinal ingress charts to see whether we can figure out where the action will be. The nature of the chart implies that there will be covert action and early fall is the time Bush will be doing something public to try to win the election. ??

I can’t give you even a fraction of what Gritz covers in his book. If anyone wants to order it, it costs $24.95 plus $4 handling from Center For Action, Box 472 HCR-31 Sandy Valley, NV 89019. Gritz also offers a monthly newsletter and a variety of books and tapes by others. It is hard to be sure where facts reach and where paranoia might be taking over. A recent interesting interview on public radio discussed the variety of conspiracy theories which are being promoted, mostly by the political far right. The man being interviewed works with a Boston group called Political Research Associates. He lumped Gritz with Mullins, La Rouche, Farrakhan, and the earlier John Birch as mostly extremists with Fascistic tendencies. He put Pat Buchanan in the same camp, and said that David Duke just took the theories one step farther into the Nazi beliefs in a biologically superior race. I’m not sure of the spelling of the name of the man being interviewed but it sounded like Chip Berlay. He said that the extreme right was trying to co-opt the extreme left and when such combinations of extremists had been achieved in the past, it had usually led to loss of individual freedom. He acknowledged the real problems in the world of unlawful covert action by the government, of unhealthy disparities of wealth, of racism and religious intolerance, but he emphasized that most of the paranoid theorists of the extremists of both left and right are simply scapegoating and failing to take responsibility to do something about the real problems.

It is really hard to sort out the reality from the paranoia. We do need to keep checking to determine as many of the facts as we can. Gritz provides more evidence for the Kennedy shooting, but some of his statements are offered with little or nothing to support them. For example, he suggests that the two women who shot at Gerald Ford and Hinckley who supposedly shot Reagan were set-ups similar to Oswald. If Ford had been killed, Nelson Rockefeller (an elite of the elite) would have achieved the presidency. If Reagan had died, Bush would have made it to the presidency much sooner without having to risk an election. It will be interesting to see how the elite handle the 1992 election. More on that in the article about the current contenders.

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