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Even a queen reported to be one of the richest individuals on earth can have problems. I discussed the horoscope of Prince Charles in the Sagittarius 1991 issue of The Mutable Dilemma in the article on a new book about Nostradamus. The book claimed that Prince Charles would become King of England in 1991 and be crowned on May 2, 1992. In my article, I said that all I saw in his chart was marital trouble and separation (which could be physical or emotional) from his wife and children. I also suggested that March 2007 is the first time when Charles has aspects in his secondary progressions which would fit becoming King. Buckingham Palace has just announced that Prince Charles and Princess Diana will officially live separately through they will not divorce.

As everyone knows who keeps up with the news, Prince Andrew and his wife, Fergie, are also having serious problems. Princess Anne separated from her husband. And, on November 20, 1992 at 11:37 A.M., Queen Elizabeth’s favorite castle caught on fire. It is estimated that repairing the damage will cost millions of dollars. Queen Elizabeth is also about to start paying income taxes and paying some of the costs of maintaining some members of the royal family who have been supported in the past by British taxpayers. Something must be going on in her chart.

Queen Elizabeth was born in London on April 21, 1926 at 2:40 A.M., one hour later than UT. Maggie Meister gave me the birth data, including the exact location of the palace where she was born since London is a very big city. Elizabeth’s chart fits a heredity involving power with Saturn in Scorpio just over one degree from the MC and sextile the Capricorn Ascendant. Her Sun in Taurus conjunct Chiron in the second house in late Aries fits her wealth. The Sun on the third house cusp fits the constant attention from the media which keeps her in the limelight. Mars, Jupiter and the East Point are closely conjunct in Aquarius in the first house, a combination often associated with sports. Elizabeth is noted for her love of horses.

Juno is a few degrees past Jupiter and Venus in Pisces is also in the first house. Elizabeth’s marriage has been very important to her though there have been many rumors of problems with Prince Philip. The asteroid “Elizabeth” is also in the first house in Pisces though it is outside my standard one-degree orb (over two degrees from Venus) so I would not call it a conjunction. “Elizabeth” is trine Pallas in the sixth house and Venus trines Pluto which is just past Pallas, both aspects suggesting a strong desire for a secure marriage. Elizabeth (the person) also has Moon and Ceres conjunct in the seventh house in Leo with Neptune a few degrees higher in the same sign and house. The Ceres-Moon position could indicate that she wanted a nurturing partner and to mother him or be mothered, and that has not occurred. The pattern is appropriate for her long, close relationship with her own mother who remains a public favorite. Neptune in the seventh house, like Venus in Pisces, suggests the danger of idealizing a mate, of making one part of life too important. Philippina (named for a Philip but feminized as was formerly customary by the astronomers who discovered and named the asteroids) is in Sagittarius in Elizabeth’s eleventh house aspecting her lunar nodes. In contrast to her children and in spite of problems, at least Elizabeth has managed to maintain her marriage.

I always remember the year 1926 as the year of the fixed cross. Fidel Castro was born that year, and I have seen many charts of clients who were working with the issues of the fixed cross. Elizabeth has the T-square though if we include the IC, it becomes a full cross. The fixed issues involve money-possessions-pleasures-power, one’s own versus shared with others; and variations on freedom-equality-intellect versus closeness-dominance-passion. As Queen, Elizabeth has had the power and the wealth and she was also the one who loved deeply, at least at the beginning. Prince Philip has had the freedom (though mostly exercised discreetly) and the intellect. Elizabeth is meticulous in carrying out her royal duties but not noted for abstract intelligence or intellectual curiosity. With her strong Cancer and Leo, relationships have been very important to Elizabeth, so there is no doubt that she is disturbed by her fractious family but, true to her Capricorn Ascendant, she always keeps a stiff upper lip. Since I believe that character creates destiny (or attracts us where we fit), I suspect that the recent fire at Windsor Castle is an external expression of her repressed anger. That doesn’t mean that she created the fire or even that she is “responsible” for it. Life just works that way. A fire (or other appropriate Mars expression) is attracted into one’s life when anger is buried in the unconscious and not faced.

Elizabeth’s chart is progressed to the date of the fire and we can see that Venus has been setting off her fixed cross for several years. It squared East Point, Mars, Neptune, and Jupiter, and opposed P and natal Saturn and the MC. It is still in the square to Juno, key to marriage commitment, as her children reject their mates. Through the same general time period, P Mercury was entering the seventh house and forming quincunxes to the planets in Aquarius. It is still quincunx Juno and P Jupiter as her tendency to idealize marriage is challenged. P Mars is also involved with an octile to Jupiter and a trioctile to Neptune. Thus the faster moving planets are activating the long-term squares and the opposition of the slow moving planets; Neptune opposite Jupiter and Saturn square Mars and East Point. Traditions are being challenged. When we repress our own Aquarius, we may attract others (currently her kids) who do it for us but they typically will overdo it. The end of 1992 and the first few months of 1993 show extra emphasis on lessons involving relationships as Elizabeth’s P Moon conjuncts her south lunar node. Elizabeth also has P Sun conjunct Vesta for her persistent dedication to duty but it also is square her natal Mercury, ruler of her fifth house of children, as they play out her freedom-closeness dilemma which is also, of course, their own.

There are some interesting asteroids in the picture. P Diana is square Elizabeth’s natal Sun and moving to conjunct P Vesta in the near future. That could symbolize a critical attitude and increasing alienation from Diana. Natal Diana was in 25 Gemini quincunx Saturn-MC and I suspect that Diana, the person, is being experienced as a threat to Elizabeth’s status and power in the world. P Mercury, fifth house ruler, is trioctile natal Elizabeth as she is forced to observe her offspring flouting tradition and the media circus which is broadcasting it. P Uranus holds a very long opposition to Charlois (Charles) as he waits to inherit the throne. P Sun is square P Charlois and P Fama (fame but also carrying a connotation of “false report.”) Both P Charlois and P Fama are opposite natal Mercury and P East Point is just coming to a quincunx to them, suggesting some additional estrangement ahead or possibly just the income taxes both Charles and Elizabeth will be paying. And, speaking of taxes, you may remember that Godiva made her famous ride to protest her foreign husband’s excessive taxes on her people. Elizabeth has P Godiva conjunct her P Vesta and quincunx P Chiron in Taurus.

Elizabeth does have an interesting air focus which may be helping her develop her potential for detachment. Her P Ascendant entered Gemini about two years ago and her P MC will enter Aquarius in the spring of 1993 and her P Moon will join it in early 1994. P Venus will enter Gemini in a couple of years. Elizabeth is currently attempting increased PR, including letting her private life be filmed and shown to the public. I expect her to carry on.

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