Crisis for Yeltsin

Zip Dobyns

I’ve returned to my Leo rising chart for Boris Yeltsin after receiving new information about his birth time from the English Astrological Association. The AA’s recent data section provided the data which reached Nick Campion in England from a Russian named Yaroslav Koryakov who says he got it from Yeltsin’s mother. The full data is February 1, 1931 between 4:30 and 5 P.M. in Budka near Talitsa, Russia, 56 N 47, 63 E 47. There is still a half hour in question on the time and a whole hour on the time zone. The ACS International Atlas puts the area 4 hours later than UT and the Astrological Quarterly which originally published the data says it should be 5 hours. So the chart presented here is still speculative, but it looks promising after a very limited amount of work. There is never enough time!

Using this time and time zone puts Uranus on the MC and Yeltsin’s P Sun was there during the tumultuous year of 1991 when he was elected as President of Russia, faced the troops in the coup attempt, dissolved the Communist Party and initiated the Commonwealth of Independent States. Now, in early December 1992, he is fighting for his political life. The more conservative members of the Russian Parliament failed in their effort to impeach him but they have forced him to jettison his more radical advisors and are trying to roll back some of the market reforms. Yeltsin has appealed to the public to support him, but the impressions I got from Russians I talked to is that he is currently blamed for the economic crisis in the country and he is very unpopular. This birth time puts his P Moon square Mars for the battle but it is sextile Neptune and trine Juno and P Venus so he may survive a little longer though he is losing his political allies with P Venus on Juno and opposite Neptune in the houses of money.

Farida, my friend who is a Moscow psychologist and astrologer, thought Yeltsin had Taurus rising because of his very deliberate movements. If this birth time is approximately right (and if the time zone is right), he has the Scorpio dwad on the Ascendant which would fit some slowing down of the Leo. The Moon conjunct Pluto within one degree is still another key to a person with very fixed tendencies and I think that all of the fixed signs can be deliberate as well as persistent in their actions. The tight Mercury-Saturn conjunction in double earth, in Mercury’s house and Saturn’s sign, would normally be very cautious. The loaded twelfth house can show caution if the individual lacks faith but enormous courage if he has faith. A person with Mars on the Ascendant in Leo and Jupiter on the East Point would tend to have faith. And the dominant Uranus plus the Sun in Aquarius could tilt in the direction of rashness on occasion. Yeltsin’s confrontation of the tanks in Red Square was certainly in keeping with the potential flamboyance of Leo. We can continue watching the chart in the critical days ahead. P Gaea on Yeltsin’s P Uranus says we are not the only ones watching him—like Gorbachev who born just one month later, he is a man of destiny for the earth.

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