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Zip Dobyns

We have just finished our first seminar at our new retreat center—three ladies for three days. We did astrology morning, afternoon and evening but did take time out to swim (or sit in the spa) before dinner. Southern California was just starting to cool down from a heat wave, so the afternoon sessions moved from the mobile home to the house which is air conditioned. I think everyone had a good time and learned some more about themselves and astrology. If any of our readers want to arrange their own seminar, I am available (whenever I’m not traveling) for three to five people for three to five days. We’re asking for a donation of $100 a day per person which will cover everything; bed, food, and instruction. We can pick people up at the San Diego airport or at the train or bus station. Dodona is about 30 miles east of San Diego. Those living within a day’s drive of San Diego will probably enjoy coming in their own car and being mobile.

We continue to work on Dodona. One of the accompaniments of country living is lots of little creatures—some welcome and some not. We love to watch the birds, rabbits and squirrels, but don’t appreciate mice and ants who invade the mobile home. The latest unwelcome guests are termites and the mobile home is going to be “tented” to end their tenancy. Eventually, when finances permit, we will have a guest house for the seminars and replace the mobile home with a garden and fountain.

I love being here but had promised to return to Russia to teach astrology, so September 1 is departure day. I’ll be in Russia (and maybe the Ukraine) till mid-October, then a weekend in Switzerland at Lake Lugano for some kind of Fete, and then at a conference in Ohio the following weekend. I will be in L.A. just long enough to vote and then spend a week in Mark’s time-share in Hawaii on Kauai. I’m planning to spend the winter back here in Dodona, and hope to see some of our readers here one of these days.

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