Dissertation Abstract

Sara Klein

In an effort to reduce the rate of work-related accidents and to provide further approaches to accident prevention, astrological patterns were examined and found to be significant. Distinct periods of time were noted when individuals tend to be more accident-prone. These periods involve hard aspects from the transiting Sun to the Sun's position at birth. The study included a sample of 1023 injured people who filed a Worker's Compensation claim and were disabled for at least three months. It was hypothesized that people tend to suffer accidental injuries significantly more frequently around the time of their birthday, three months before or after, or six months after their birthday. The research hypothesis was found to be statistically significant for this sample. The results provide support for some of the basic concepts of both Western Astrology and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). The results also suggest possible programs that might aid in the timing of accidents and thus assist in their prevention, thereby contributing to industrial psychology. This study also provides a hope that the fields of astrology and psychology can be bridged as both attempt to understand human nature and to predict human behavior.

Ed. note: Sara Klein is completing a Ph.D. degree in psychology at the University for Humanistic Studies in Del Mar, California. Additional details about her research design and results will be presented in a future issue of The Mutable Dilemma.

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