Lisa Marries Michael

Zip Dobyns

The world was agog when rumors started flying that the only daughter of Elvis Presley had married Michael Jackson. Lisa’s mother had married the most famous singer of her day, so in one sense, Lisa was just doing the same. But the circumstances were very different. Lisa was married to rock singer Danny Keough and had two children with him, a five year old daughter named Danielle and a twenty-two month old son named Benjamin. To make it possible for Lisa to marry Michael, Danny flew to the Dominican Republic where he applied for an uncontested divorce on May 3 and it was granted on May 6. Less than three weeks later, Lisa and Michael flew to the Dominican Republic where they were married by a judge in La Vega on May 26.

Lisa’s birth data is A data from her birth certificate, one of many famous people in what was once the Rodden-ISAR-Databank and which is now IDEA, its new incarnation as a joint project of ISAR and NCGR. Lisa was born in Memphis, TN on February 1, 1968 at 17:01 CST. Lisa’s parents were divorced in 1973 and Elvis died in 1977, so she was raised primarily by her mother, Priscilla. Her mother says she wants whatever will make Lisa happy, but friends say that she is concerned about the situation.

The Sagittarius 1993 issue of The Mutable Dilemma presented several different possible birth times for Michael Jackson along with comments on his legal problems. Readers will remember that on August 17, 1993, L.A. police began an investigation into charges against Michael of child molestation. Soon afterwards, the police in Santa Barbara where Michael has a ranch also began an investigation. Both investigations are continuing, but Michael settled with one young boy in January 1994, reportedly paying an amount estimated at 15 to 20 million dollars. Three different birth times were apparently given by Michael to different people, and I wrote that I suspected all of them might be false; that his reported paranoia led him to hide his real birth time. So I offered a purely speculative time of 19:03 CDT based on the current traumatic events in his life. I will include this speculative chart along with Lisa’s reliable chart so readers can compare the two. If Michael’s birth time is not accurate, the house positions will be wrong, but the planets can still be used allowing some spread on the possible position of the Moon.

After the marriage, Michael and Lisa stayed for some time in Donald Trump’s famous Trump Towers in New York. Both of the newlyweds are described as reclusive and idiosyncratic and very wealthy. Michael’s worth is said to be several hundred million dollars while Lisa is scheduled to inherit about $150 million in four years when she will be 30 years old. Michael had reportedly worried about someone marrying him for his money, so Lisa solved that concern. Some reports have suggested that the managers of Lisa’s estate might be relieved by the marriage since Michael is a very sharp businessman and there was some fear that Lisa might not handle the estate well. It amounted to about $5 million when Elvis died, but astute management has built it to its present value. Michael owns the rights to most of the Beatle songs and to a few Elvis songs and is said to have wanted to acquire more. His marriage to Lisa has created a major force in the world of popular music.

Lisa is said to have considerable talent as a singer but to have put it aside to raise her children. Michael is planning to write at least two songs for her to include in his next album, and there is talk of featuring Lisa on her own album in the future. The two individuals actually met when Lisa was still a child when her father took her to meet the “Jackson Five,” and they have been friends for at least the last few years. Friends say that they really care about each other, that they “hold hands, kiss and cuddle, stare into each other’s eyes, and look at the stars together.” They were photographed at Disneyworld with Michael in disguise, and Michael was also photographed buying baby clothes in New York, leading to speculation that Lisa might be already pregnant with his child. But the clothes might also have been for her son, Benjamin. Despite the reports of kissing and cuddling, Lisa and Michael are said to sleep in separate bedrooms. But the marriage has already helped Michael to recoup some of the public trust which was shaken by the charges of child molestation.

Lisa’s chart certainly shows the potential for success. Her prominent Vesta, closely conjunct the Sun, connects her self-esteem to her ability to do something well. This drive for excellence could be directed into a passion for knowledge or an active social life with the sign of Aquarius, or it could be devoted to marriage in the seventh house. A close square between the Sun and Juno shows the likelihood of tensions in marriage which could be issues involving freedom versus closeness or could involve power and dependency. These themes are repeated by the Moon-Mars conjunction which is in Pisces in the eighth house. Most of the chart emphasizes the need for closeness, so the freedom urge which is shown by Aquarius and Mars could easily be projected into partners. Lisa’s inherited wealth certainly insures that she will not be financially dependent on a mate, but she could still be emotionally dependent.

Reclusiveness is one of the potential reactions when rulers of the first house are placed in the seventh or eighth houses. Lisa’s Sun, ruling her Leo Ascendant, is in the seventh house, and her Mars, natural ruler of the first house, is in the eighth house. Regular readers will remember that such patterns suggest a feeling that other people might have power over us, and that we can react to the feeling in six different ways: three positive and three painful. The painful ways include giving in most of the time in order to please others, trying to keep personal control over others, and/or retreating from closeness. The positive alternatives include compromising to have teamwork, healthy competition, and helping others. A “game-playing” attitude keeps competition healthy, letting us win sometimes and lose sometimes without being threatened.

Lisa’s grand trine in water signs and houses, including two water planets, Moon and Neptune, shows faith at the subconscious level which usually means protection can come from others. But her second house Jupiter and Pluto in Virgo can also indicate the ability to earn through her own skills, especially since Jupiter is retrograding back into a trine to the MC which signifies one’s career in the sense of one’s status or role in the society. Lisa also has Saturn in Aries trine her Ascendant as another indication of her own ability to be successful in the world. Pluto and the strong eighth house and Scorpio are associated with joint resources in any form, including income from a partner, from inheritance, from royalties or residuals from past work, from investment, etc.

A Pisces emphasis in a chart can mean a love of beauty and often artistic talent. Music is often associated with Pisces while the Virgo emphasis points to some kind of craftsmanship, possibly writing or composing. Venus in Capricorn, the sign of career, and in the Virgo house of the details of one’s work is appropriate for a professional artist. The rising Leo shows dramatic potential once the insecurity is overcome if the individual has been projecting the personal power of first house rulers into the seventh or eighth houses which symbolize other people in the life. Vesta on the Sun can contribute to self-criticism which would also need to be handled.

Lisa’s chart in Los Angeles puts two of her factors on angles: Chiron on the MC and Uranus on the IC. These aspects mark the area as a very important one for her, especially for intellectual and spiritual growth. Chiron, like Jupiter, symbolizes our search for Truth with a capital T. Uranus marks the urge to transcend old limits, to attain new knowledge that carries us beyond traditions and conventions. Lisa is a member of the Scientology cult, introduced to it by her mother who is also a member. Her former husband, Danny, was also a member, and the director of the division which courts famous/wealthy individuals is said to have already made contact with Michael. Michael was once a devout Jehovah’s Witness along with his mother, but he was alienated from the church some years ago. With his tendency toward depression and paranoia, the confidence-building processing of Scientology might appeal to him though his sharp business sense might question the high cost. Wealthy followers of Scientology may spend $300,000 or more to attain the rank of “operating Thetan” or higher where they are supposedly in full control of their own destiny.

Lisa’s Los Angeles house cusps could also point to a successful career there since her local MC joins her grand water trine and Juno, and Mars more widely, are trine her local Ascendant. Natal Ceres on her local fifth house cusp also speaks to her potential for children. One of the most dramatic features of Lisa’s local angles is the fact that her progressed (P) Michel (equivalent to Michael) is aspecting all four angles in the area. P Michel on the date of her marriage was at 27 Aquarius 43 with a sextile to her L.A. MC, a square to her local Antivertex, a trine to her local East Point, and a trioctile to her local Ascendant. P Mercury is conjunct natal Michel.

Lisa’s natal Jackson was retrograding at 3 Cancer 16 in a close conjunction to Yazhi, the Navajo word for “little boy.” The combination reminds us of Michael’s attraction to young boys. P Jackson and Yazhi turned direct and are now in two degrees of Cancer, almost back to their natal positions. Some commentators have questioned the wisdom of bringing Michael into a home with a young male child while his legal status remains in doubt, but P Jackson and Yazhi are in or approaching sextiles to Jupiter and trines to Ceres which would seem parental and protective. Lisa also has natal Karma conjunct Juno, the marriage asteroid, and P Karma is currently conjunct P Juno. If character creates destiny, her marriage to Michael is part of that. Lisa’s own name asteroid, Maria, is progressing trine and sextile her mean lunar nodes, suggesting the capacity for harmonious relationships. But the strongest indication of this period as a time for major change is shown by Lisa’s progressed New Moon which was exact within one degree on the day she married. The New Moon marks a new 30-year cycle in the life. The lights are just past a sextile to natal Venus and a quincunx to the Ascendant to form a yod, suggesting a time of major change while the pattern was in effect preceding the actual divorce and remarriage. P Mars remains conjunct natal Saturn and just ended a square to natal Venus late in the summer of 1994 as a further indication of personal tensions in Lisa’s life. At her New Moon, the lights were semisextile to Natal Saturn and P Mars and the squares and quincunxes were out-of-orb, so Lisa’s new cycle may be less stressful.

One of the most striking of Lisa’s current aspects is her P Ascendant conjunct P Jupiter on her second house cusp along with a trine to her natal MC. The combination should spell work and financial success, though P Ascendant and P Jupiter are also opposite P Vesta on the eighth house cusp. Still, oppositions are natural partnerships, Vesta shows work potentials and the eighth house joint resources, so the combination could support major success.

When I compared the charts of Lisa and Michael, I was impressed with the numerous contacts between their charts, including contacts with my speculative angles for Michael. Lisa’s P Michel is conjunct my speculative natal Ascendant in Michael’s chart while he has P Maria on my speculative Descendant in his chart. I don’t know what the odds against chance would be to produce that combination. Michael’s Jackson trines Lisa’s Sun. His Pluto is conjunct her Jupiter and his Jupiter is conjunct her IC and sextile her P Ascendant. Her Pluto trines his Mars and conjuncts his P Juno—a potential for a really passionate attraction between two people. Her P Juno is conjunct my speculative local MC for Michael. It also squares Michael’s Uranus in Leo but is approaching a trine to his natal Moon.

The aspects support a genuine attraction between the two individuals and could prove beneficial to both. We can certainly wish them well and hope that they find happiness together.

Copyright © 1994 Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, Inc.

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