Repeated Themes in Your Horoscope (Natal Analysis)

Maritha Pottenger

This material is used in a report called the Compact Profile (available for $7.95 from ACS; PO Box 16430; San Diego, CA 92116-0430; 619/297-9203). To produce the report, the computer does a twelve-letter alphabet analysis of the chart by scoring everything in the chart: planets in aspects, planets in houses, planets in signs, rulership relationships, midpoints, etc. using a weighting system which gives more significance to planets, then houses, then signs.


Themes of self-assertion, personal expression, spontaneity, will, pioneering spirit, freedom, and action are in high focus.

Doing your own thing in the world is important. You are likely to have a strong sense of self: clear about your preferences. You do your best to live life on your own terms, keeping as much direction as possible in your own hands. A sense of freedom and personal independence is vital. If overdone, this could come across to others as self-centered. If you are comfortable with your fire nature, you can be quite spontaneous, eager, enthusiastic, perhaps even impulsive. Keeping physically active may appeal. You are probably good at identifying what you want and going after it. Assertion, directness, and immediacy come naturally. You live well in the present, but are not fond of delaying gratification. If your fire nature is somewhat blocked, you may find yourself surrounded by self-centered, rash, angry, or overly impetuous individuals. Fights, arguments, even attacks may seem to just come at you from the world. Your challenge is to be comfortable with your forceful, independent, courageous side. You can be quite a pioneer, breaking new ground, being first, being brave, and being true to yourself. Some impatience is possible; you might dislike waiting. When you want something, you want it NOW. Repetition turns you off; doing something once is quite often enough—then you’re ready to do something new. Guard your freedom and make sure there is room for you to move and be your own person.


This combination ties together identity/ self/ action/ assertion/ spontaneity/ self-will with comfort/ pleasure/ money/ beauty/ possessions/ solidity.

You may exhibit considerable determination, willpower and stamina. Once you set your course, others find you difficult to turn aside. You are likely to be quite aware of your personal wants and needs and might sometimes be self-indulgent. Your sensual nature is probably strong—whether channeled toward food, drink, sex, money, possessions, or sensuality. One possibility is the active creation of beauty, e.g., swimming, gymnastics, figure skating, diving, aikido, Tai Chi, etc. Another option is identifying with comfort, ease and relaxation. Or, you could put much energy into the pursuit of money, possessions, or material satisfactions. Your immediate response tends toward: “I like it” or “I don’t like it.” When you enjoy something, you want to act upon it immediately. (Deferred pleasures have less appeal.) You may spend impulsively on occasion—just because you want something. You usually feel good about yourself and could find pleasure in self-expression. You are likely to want personal control of your finances and could gain resources through your independent action. You may identify yourself partially through what you own and earn: don’t tie your self-esteem to a paycheck. You can be comfortable with yourself and actively seek pleasure.


This combination joins action/ self-expression/ identity/ courage with communication/ perception/ language/ flexibility/ relatives.

You may be quick-witted and quick-tongued. You could even use words as weapons—biting, ironic, sarcastic—or enjoy intellectual games/ challenges. Sometimes you speak before thinking (and might regret the results). Mental alertness is likely and you may be dexterous, physically flexible, or well-coordinated. You are perceptive, and tend to pick up data and information rapidly. Variety probably appeals and you can direct lots of energy toward information gathering and exchange. You often learn through doing. You may identify with your mind, and with your capacity to think and communicate. That is, you see yourself as a rational individual, eager to discuss issues and talk things over with people. You are likely to say what you mean and mean what you say. A relative (especially sibling, aunt, uncle, etc.) might be a role model (positive or negative) for your action and self-expression, or you may engage in rivalry (even fights) with relatives. Your handling of assertion, anger, freedom, and personal drive is quite influenced by the people around you. You could do lots with your hands (from typing, making things, hairdressing, repairs, etc.) You may put lots of energy into noticing the world (and people) around you and informing yourself. You probably see yourself as an objective, fair observer.


This combination calls for integration between freedom/ personal desires/ self-assertion/ pioneering spirit and nurturing/ dependency/ home and family/ roots.

You might experience ambivalence between freedom and closeness, needing to blend liberty and emotional attachments. Your desire for a home, family and nest might seem to compete with self-expressive and personally oriented urges. You might feel torn between spontaneous, natural expression versus holding back for fear of hurting anyone. You are likely to identify with a mothering/ nurturing role—but want to be supportive on your own terms. (In extremes, this can result in being a single parent.) You might nurture (people, pets, plants) from an early age. If you do have children, you probably encourage them to be independent which also gives you more freedom. Your mother figure (nurturing parent) is a role model (positive or negative) for your own behavior. Issues of assertion, handling anger, being yourself, and personal freedom are particularly influenced by your caretaking parent. Your family may be important to your self-definition. You could blow hot/ cold in terms of family commitments, wanting them but not wanting to be trapped. If you are out of touch with your freedom side, family members may be the ones getting angry, pushing away, demanding space. You probably put much energy into home, family, children, women, food, dealing with the public, or nurturing activities.


This combination unites spontaneity/ courage/ personal action/ initiative with zest/ enthusiasm/ confidence/ the capacity to shine.

You may exhibit sparkle, dash, verve, vitality and life. Excitement is likely to draw you onward in life; fun and spontaneity are accentuated. Your sense of humor is apt to be keen. A tendency to go full charge into life is indicated. Movement and being on the go probably appeal; you want to make things happen. Living on your own terms is important; your will is strong. Creativity (including having children as well as many other forms) may be an important forum for self-expression. You need to do more than you have done before, to pour out into the world from your own center and receive positive feedback for your creations. You want to be noticed, recognized, applauded, admired and loved. On-stage activities would be an appropriate outlet and you may have natural charisma and stage presence. Probably quick on the trigger, you may fall into impulsive action or exaggeration. If you are uncomfortable with your inner zest and enthusiasm, you could attract other people into your life who are hyper, impatient, arrogant, rash, restless, or excitement addicts. You can get very fired up about something and your enthusiasm is usually contagious. You may have talent in sales, promotion, advertising, public relations. You are an instinctive pioneer and willing to take risks.


This combination seeks to mix impulsivity/ assertion/ self-expression/ personal drives and efficiency/ analysis/ work/ practicality.

You may identify with your work (“I am what I do”) and be very productive, competent and possibly overachieving. You could put lots of energy into accomplishing tangible results, pursuing health, handling details, or getting the job done well. At times, you may be too focused on having things just so, and keep on refining and refining more than is helpful. You probably need to balance spontaneity with exactitude; quickness with precision. A feeling of, “If you want it done right, do it yourself,” might encourage workaholic behavior. If overdone, you may sometimes get sick in order to take a “vacation.” More than most people, your health is related to how you feel about your work. Stress and frustration directly connect to your well-being (or lack thereof). Personal satisfaction in your work and tangible results are vital for you. Your sense of personal power is probably linked to measurable results, so you might be self-critical when you feel you have not done enough, or that your work does not measure up to your standards. You are very oriented toward self-improvement. An alternative is, “If I cannot work for myself, doing what I want, in my own way, I won’t work”—resisting work that is not on your own terms. If carried too far, strife with coworkers is possible. With your drive for efficient physical functioning, medical, healing, or mechanical interests or skills may be present. Considerable accomplishment is likely.


This combination points to a natural polarity and the need to blend: freedom/ self-expression/ assertion/ immediacy with sharing/ relationships/ accommodation/ arbitration.

You may experience inner ambivalence between doing your own thing versus sharing the world with someone else. Personal needs may vie with interpersonal needs. Time and energy must be juggled between self-development and peer relationships. You might swing from one extreme—overassertion—to the other—self-effacement—or go in and out of relationships. You might identify with one side and attract other people who overdo the opposite end. Inner tension between being alone or on your own versus being in a relationship is probable; somehow you must make room for freedom and attachment without falling into extremes (all solitary or too other-directed). You are likely to feel a need for grace, balance, beauty and harmony. This might lead to too much giving in (finding yourself through others; identifying yourself through relationships), to competition to “even the score,” to fighting for justice, or to creating beauty with your physical body or personal action (e.g., dancing, skating, gymnastics, modeling, etc.). Balancing anger and accommodation could be a challenge. A part of you has a quick trigger, while another side is very eager to keep things pleasant. Find a middle ground between regular irritation and excessive placating and avoidance of strife or unpleasantness. You could put much energy into the pursuit of beauty (art, music, etc.), amity, agreement, or fair play. You have the capacity to see both sides of many issues.


This combination seeks to mix personal power/ independence/ direct action/ identity and shared power/ joint resources/ intimacy needs/ plumbing the depths.

You may feel some ambivalence as you strive to be self-expressive, direct and open as well as deep, intense and looking beneath the surface. Instinctively, you probe your own motivations and those of the people around you. Passions are probably quite strong. Your personal power must be balanced with the rights and needs of others. You are likely to feel torn between being independent and separate versus making a close, committed, intimate connection with someone. Through sharing the sensual, sexual and material/ financial world with another human being, you can learn to give, to receive and to share equally. You can learn self-mastery and self-control out of respect for the rights of the other party. The challenge is to control yourself enough—but not too much. (Asceticism and withdrawal is not a solution.) Power can be faced without you dominating or being dominated. Issues around anger, resentment and aggression may emerge. It is important to know when to let go, and move on. You are likely to be active in seeking hidden knowledge or digging beneath the surface—mentally, physically, emotionally, and/ or spiritually. You want to get to the bottom of things, to identify root causes. Resourcefulness and strength of will are highlighted.


This combination unites initiative/ courage/ self-expression/ personal action with expansion/ truth/ values/ beliefs/ broad horizons.

You may act with faith and confidence—or in a rash or foolhardy manner. You are likely to be personally identified with the search for truth or for something more in life. In extremes, a “God is on my side” attitude can lead to arrogance or self-righteousness. A sense of “divine right” could pervade your actions; you feel entitled to the best. The opposite extreme can indicate feeling: “If I’m not perfect, I’m nothing.” Excessively high demands on yourself can result in chronic dissatisfaction. Your eager, enthusiastic spirit can lead to sports, to exploring and adventuring to find the meaning of the universe; to a perpetual quest for more parties; to a restless, traveling urge; to a “true believer” attitude (“I have the truth, the whole truth, and no one else’s truth is as good as mine.”); to ethics, moral principles, beliefs and values that are based on your personal action and experience. Your behavior is strongly guided by your moral, ethical, religious or philosophical system. You are likely to be open to taking risks in order to do something bigger and may have a lively sense of humor. You probably seek out challenges, and need a fair amount of change and variety in life. Your quest for more may lead you to lots of travel, education, philosophizing, or spiritual questing.


This combination suggests the need to integrate personal will/ identity/ independence/ spontaneity with rules and laws/ authority figures/ career demands/ control.

This suggests the need to integrate self-will with the limits to one’s will (i.e., what is possible in the physical world). One extreme is overdrive—fighting the limits whether in the form of laws, societal regulations, authority figures, or physical facts (e.g., need for proper food, rest, relaxation, exercise, etc.). Another extreme is self-blocking—giving up, feeling restricted, hemmed in, inadequate, powerless and unable to act, convinced “the world” will stop you in some fashion. Life may seem full of roadblocks and frustrations. The middle ground is figuring out the “rules of the game” and doing as much as you can, particularly of what you want, within those rules. This includes balancing spontaneous action with cautious productivity, self-development with career ambitions, and freedom with structure. Relationships with authority figures could have had a strong impact on your handling of anger, self-expression, assertion, and personal desires. Constructive expression includes identification with a career; a strong sense of personal responsibility; spontaneous expertise; and much energy channeled into tangible accomplishments. You can work well on your own and naturally seek more power and status.


This combination joins spontaneity/ self-expression/ independence/ open action with liberty/ friends/ the new/ individuality.

An emphasis on freedom, openness, risk-taking, creativity and innovation is likely. You need to be your own person and do your own thing. Uniqueness matters to you; you are not one to follow the “party line.” You are likely to resist strings from others and detest feeling pinned down, tied down, or hemmed in. Always having an escape hatch is advisable; you need to be able to break loose. If carried too far, you may resort to rebellion or extreme actions to demonstrate your independence. Moving too fast, or too recklessly, or when you are irritated from being confined or held back, could result in accidents. Use your good sense. You define yourself partially through your friends, comparing your reactions with theirs. Issues of anger, assertion, and freedom may arise within your associations. Variety is essential to your life; you hate being bored, thrive on challenges, and are eager to move forward. The future draws you onward. You may be personally involved with groups, new age activities, space-age technology (e.g., laser, computers, etc.) or anything on the cutting edge. You probably insist on thinking for yourself and resist the dogmas of others. At times, you may even make shocking statements or actions to show people that you don’t fit their pigeonholes. You can be quite original and inventive.


This combination ties together assertion/ physical action/ instincts/ “me” orientation with compassion/ contemplation/ quest for infinite love and beauty/ yearning for oneness.

The challenge here is for you to blend self-assertion and self-sacrifice without going to extremes on either end. Too much focus on spirituality or rescuing people could lead to a martyr or victim role (alcohol, illness, deceived by others, doing so much for others that they take advantage, etc.). If your quest for infinite love and beauty seems too overwhelming, you might feel exhausted (low energy), prefer to day-dream, or engage in escapist activities. Too much focus on the self deprives you of the insights and inspirations found from tuning into the Universe and your Higher Self. You need to connect personally with the transcendent dimension: through beauty, nature, art, healing, or other inspirational paths. Mystical experiences may flow naturally. You need some private time regularly to look inside and do inner work. Both personal action/ experience and intuitive insights/ aspirations can contribute to your life. You may identify with beauty (including the possibility of you creating active forms of beauty, or of expressing grace in motion), or with ideals in terms of fighting for causes or putting your energy into helping or healing activities. You may actively pursue your dreams and visions. You could be “led” to just the right action, intuitively doing the correct thing—without knowing why or how. An active imagination and visualizing skills are likely.


Themes of comfort, beauty, indulgence, pleasure, sensuality, money, possessions, and ease are highlighted.

Pleasure from the material world is suggested as a significant focus. This could indicate that you are very involved in an artistic pursuit, enjoying the creation of beauty. (This could include being graceful or physically attractive yourself as well as the usual aesthetic outlets.) Another option is to enjoy all sorts of sensual pleasures: eating, drinking, smoking, making love, making money, collecting possessions. You may feel close to the earth or be very tactilely oriented—appreciating fabrics, pottery, touchy-feely objects, etc. If this motif is carried to an extreme, you might be too self-indulgent, hedonistic, and/or materialistic. The desire for ease, comfort, and stability might be overdone to the point of laziness, passivity, stolidity or stubbornness. You probably prefer to dwell on what is pleasant in life and may sidestep confrontations. Money—what you earn and own—could be given too much importance. With moderation, you are likely to be someone other people enjoy. You can gratify yourself and others, encouraging the pursuit of pleasure. You can bring more beauty and comfort into the world. Relaxed and easygoing, you accept life on its terms and look for ways to enjoy yourself. An appreciation of simplicity could be one of your skills.


This combination ties together pleasure/ sensuality/ beauty/ possessions/ money with communication/ thinking/ versatility/ relatives/ dexterity.

You may find pleasure in thinking, learning, and talking—or wish to learn and communicate only when it is comfortable and easy. The world of the mind could be a source of gratification for you. Or, you may prefer to labor only lightly in terms of learning, or to keep a high level of comfort and “niceness” in your communications. You might create beauty in language (e.g., poetry, flowing prose, song-writing or composing). You could enjoy relatives or interactions with people near at hand. You might be interested in, and like to discuss, finances, possessions, artistic endeavors or sensual gratifications. Enjoying life could be a significant focus of attention. You may be quite versatile in exploring different avenues of pleasure. You might make money through your mind, tongue or hands (e.g., mechanic, hairdresser, typist, surgeon, etc.), or spend money on learning or communication tools and toys. Another option is money dealings with relatives. You are able to be casual, comfortable and relaxed, so most people find you easy to relate to. You could have a knack for putting others at ease.


This combination joins sensuality/ comfort/ endurance/ possessions/ finances with home/ emotional security/ dependency/ nurturance/ roots.

You may have a strong tactile orientation and could be a natural cuddler. Sensuality is accented and you might overindulge in goodies (food, massage, possessions, etc.) Your feeling for beauty and grace is probably expressed in your home. You are likely to want both physical and emotional security, which may lead to being a collector. If overdone, money or things could be looked to for reassurance. If moderate, you are likely to enjoy your home, roots, food, close relationships and emotional attachments. Your family could be an important source of pleasure, or looked to for financial support, or inclined toward self-indulgence. You may find nurturing (and/ or being nurtured) very gratifying. (Don’t spoil the kids!) Another option is making money by providing basic resources (banking, real estate, commodities, food, hotel business) or by nurturing and assisting people, or by serving the public. You might even be involved with a family business or work out of your home. You are likely to consider safety first when considering personal finances. Food could be a major source of pleasure and a comfortable home is likely. The familiar, comfortable, and known has strong appeal.


This combination points to the need to integrate placidity/ comfort/ persistence/ personal pleasures with risk-taking/ power needs/ ego-expansion/ lovers and children.

You may experience an inner conflict between your desire for security and your gambling (risk-taking) instincts. You have both the need for safe, familiar paths and the desire to expand, to transcend the past, to enlarge your scope. Your sensual/ sexual nature is likely to be strong and you may express your artistic creativity in the performing arts (or other arenas.) You are inclined to have excellent (perhaps extravagant) taste, but may feel some ambivalence between indulging yourself versus indulging those you love. (For example, how much do you spend on your own needs and how much on children or lovers?) You might be inclined to speculate with your money, so investments, lotteries, or sweepstakes may appeal. You could feel torn between selecting a steady, dependable situation, versus looking for something involving risk, excitement, and the potential of making it big in the world. You might swing between spending easily and holding on to your money. A compromise works best. You might make (or spend) money on recreation, creativity, loved ones, leadership roles, or any exciting, dynamic activities. Pleasure probably comes through being on-stage, noticed, admired, applauded, or through creative acts (including children as one option). You really enjoy the adrenaline rush of being vital and alive.


This combination unites pleasure/ possessions/ finances/ follow-through with efficiency/ health/ healing/ service/ practicality.

You may work at pleasure—or find pleasure in your work. You could be in a field involving finances, sensuality, possessions, beauty, or comfort—or choose a job for the sake of the paycheck involved. Predictability, dependability, reliability are probably important. You could earn money through competence, service, a health or healing focus or anything requiring analysis, discrimination and careful attention to detail. You are likely to be somewhat thrifty, with an eye toward value when you shop. You can be quite discriminating in your handling of finances and probably know how to budget. Delayed gratification is something you understand. You might enjoy creating handicrafts that are useful as well as beautiful. Work satisfaction is likely to be important to you; you may find pleasure in doing a good job, enjoy established routines, or feel good when honing your skills to greater efficiency. You probably prefer a working environment that is attractive, comfortable, and stable. Another possibility is to “work at” enjoying yourself, which might lead you to inhibit perfectly reasonable gratifications. Don’t let your talents at flaw-finding interfere with perfectly acceptable pleasures. Balance effort and ease; hard work and relaxation. Appreciate and enjoy your competence, common sense and capability.


This combination seeks to mix possessions/ sensuality/ persistence/ beauty and people/ compromise/ grace/ balance.

Artistic or aesthetic talent or a strong feeling for beauty is likely. You may enjoy buying pretty things, or earn money through artistic endeavors. Visual and tactile arts are especially likely, but any form of aesthetic involvement is possible. This combination emphasizes grace, beauty, charm and ease. If overdone, passivity is possible—as is avoidance of confrontations. You may have diplomatic talent, with a sense for what will please everyone and how to gain agreement on all sides. You probably enjoy people, and get pleasure out of interacting with others. Balance and harmony feel good to you, so you may strive to “smooth things over” whenever possible. Ugliness, messiness, and a lack of visual harmony tend to throw you off; you prefer to seek peace and a pleasing environment. Money may be tied to partnership—either business or romantic—or you could earn a living through a “people” profession (such as counseling or consulting). Another potential would be some of your income coming through a partner or going to a partner. You are likely to seek comfort and ease in your peer associations. You can be quite affectionate and loving.


This combination points to a natural polarity and the need to blend personal possessions/ self-earned money/ pleasure/ comfort with shared resources/ money involved with other people/ self-control/ elimination.

You may experience an inner conflict between self-indulgence versus self-control. Feast versus famine tendencies are possible—whether around food, making love, alcohol, spending or other physical/ material appetites. You could swing from one extreme to another: dieting and overeating; smoking versus not smoking; sex versus celibacy; alcohol versus abstinence, etc. Another possibility is getting involved with a partner who is struggling for balance in this area. Then, each of you might nag the other about what is right, or engage in power struggles over these issues until inner balance is attained. Finances could be an important focus; income could fluctuate or you could swing between spending and saving. Business talent is likely, but you may feel torn between earning money yourself versus depending on or receiving from other people. You may make money through depth pursuits (e.g., therapy, archaeology, occult studies), anything involving intense emotions, confrontations, power (emotional, psychological, physical, etc.), or joint resources (including government funds). Sensuality is probably high; the challenge is to fully enjoy the material world without falling into extremes of indulgence or self-denial. Savor sensibly.


This combination seeks to mix tangibles/ solidity/ sensuality/ finances with faith/ quests/ spirituality/ urge for more.

You may experience an inner struggle between tangible, earth-centered concerns versus more philosophical and abstract matters. A pull is possible between pleasure from the material world and the search for something higher; between your sensual and spiritual natures. Or, your desire for comfort, security and stability may vie with your quest for adventures, explorations and discoveries. Balancing a present focus with future dreams may be a challenge. You might do indulgence in a big way. Your aspirations may seem beyond your financial prospects, if money is made into an ultimate value. Great financial success may be seen as your long-range goal and the “highest good.” Faith, confidence, and the willingness to take risks could lead to material gains. One potential is dealing with large sums of money. Alternatively, finances could be spent on spiritual/ educational pursuits such as books, classes, seminars, trips, etc., or visualization could support your financial goals. You might make money through (and spend money on) education, travel, philosophy, religion, or anything which expands people’s (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) horizons. You can get much gratification from exploring, expanding, and seeking more truth, understanding, and stimulation from the world.


This combination unites stability/ finances/ gratification/ comfort with laws/ limits/ realism/ career.

You are likely to have a good streak of practicality and may have a talent for business. You can be highly capable and effective with good common sense and ability to face facts. Money may be earned through executive roles, parental involvements or authoritative competence. Power might be a source of gratification to you, leading you to prefer the role of being in charge. You are willing to be quite dedicated and may work hard for what you earn. Sometimes, you could feel that finances are limited, or that you are not able to get what you need. Another option is a career involved with the creation of beauty (especially tangible, tactile forms or music and voice), comfort, pleasure, or tangible resources. You may truly enjoy your work. (A less comfortable possibility is turning gratification into a job, in which case you might sometimes inhibit financial gain or sensual pleasures unnecessarily.) You are probably willing to work steadily and carefully, patiently building toward greater and greater success. You appreciate predictability and learn well through doing. Formal structures and known rules work well for you; order tends to be more comfortable for you.


This combination calls for integration of stability/ comfort/ sensuality/ possessions with change/ the future/ intellectual detachment/ friends.

You may experience some inner tension between stability needs and a desire for change. It is important to balance your innovative, individualistic, rebellious, freedom-seeking side with your wish for comfort, ease, predictability and “keeping on, keeping on.” You may feel unsure of when to change and when to hang on to what you have. If you cling too long to the status quo, sudden upsets are likely. If you constantly change, comfort and the ability to relax will be lessened. You are likely to be somewhat unpredictable in handling finances and may prefer to earn your money yourself, even with some fluctuations. It is also possible that your income might be related to new technology, astrology, anything involving the cutting edge, or unusual or changing hours, people or circumstances. You could operate free-lance, part-time, or on a different schedule than most people. You are likely to express your individuality through what or how you own or earn. Friends or groups may contribute to you financially—or be a source of outgoing funds. Gratification and pleasure come through friends, intellectual stimulation, progress, and uniqueness. You may prefer people who are eccentric, different, or unusual. You probably enjoy independence and individuality.


This combination joins ease/ tangible beauty/ finances/ sensuality with imagination/ inspiration/ Unity/ idealism.

You are likely to have a strong aesthetic sense, and may have talent for creating beauty in any form. You can tune in to the infinite, and bring an inspired vision down to earth to share with others. You may be able to create beauty and pleasure from all the senses. Your artistic medium could be anything—music, sculpture, film, pottery, sketching, etc. Your creative imagination might bring in revenues, or psychic insights, or an intuitive sense of patterns (e.g., in scientific fields) could contribute financially. You might enjoy (and could possibly make money through) the infinitely large (e.g., astronomy, oceanography), the infinitesimally small (e.g., viruses, microchips), liquids (oil, wine, etc.), or any of the healing arts, artistic fields, or compassionate activities. Another possibility is idealizing gratification, in which case indulgence might be overdone or money seen as an ultimate value. Rose-colored glasses around finances are possible: don’t overvalue the material and don’t expect that “God will provide” (unless you’ve definitely done your part). Smoothness and harmony are usually preferred, so being too relaxed and passive is possible, as well as avoiding or denying unpleasantness. Generally, the focus is toward grace, beauty, comfort, pleasure and ease. You are eager to keep your world attractive and rewarding.

To be continued next issue.

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