Bailey in Jail

Zip Dobyns

F. Lee Bailey was one of the high-powered and high-priced lawyers who successfully defended O.J. Simpson in his recent murder trial. Bailey and others helped O.J. win an acquittal despite the strong evidence of his guilt. Now Bailey is in jail while O.J. is free, though he is facing a civil suit over the murders of his former wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ron Goldman,. Bailey's chart was briefly discussed in a previous issue of The Mutable Dilemma. His data was provided by Lois Rodden, who got it from Ruth Hale Oliver, a well-known astrologer who died a few years ago. Oliver got the data from Bailey's mother, who specified that the 2 A.M. time was Eastern Standard. Daylight time was in effect in Massachusetts at the time, so presumably the clock time would have been 3 A.M. This leaves some uncertainty, but the chart seems to be "working." The balance of the data is June 10, 1933 in Waltham, MA.

As readers know by now, I think that all of us are dealing with the same "dilemmas," the inherent conflicts between different life drives/desires. Both the cardinal and the fixed dilemmas involve the challenge of integrating personal rights and power with the rights and power of others who are close to us, individuals with whom we have ongoing, systematic interactions. These interactions may be cooperative or competitive. Individuals with squares and oppositions between cardinal or fixed factors—planets, houses, and/or signs—are challenged to discriminate. They need to maintain cooperative relationships with members of their own "team" and to keep their competitive relationships within the spirit and rules of the "game." When they ignore or fight the "rules," they have problems. Losing the "game-playing spirit," the ability to take it lightly, to win some and lose some and keep on playing, can lead to illness as people become too intense. Ignoring or fighting the standard rules of the game, whether we are dealing with a football game or with the regulations of the society which are codified in its laws, are likely to eventually demonstrate that the rules are bigger than individuals. Money can fend off the day of reckoning, but the consequences (karma) are theoretically only delayed. Character (habits) creates destiny.

The mutable dilemma deals with the mind, with information about the world around us in the Mercury letters three and six, and with the beliefs which determine our values, goals, and ethics in the Jupiter letters nine and twelve. Neptune is now known to be a primary key to letter twelve, and I think that Chiron, like Jupiter, can manifest as either letter nine or letter twelve. Most astrologers have focused on its letter twelve association with illness and healing but I have often seen it expressed as the letter nine passion for "Truth with a capital T." Individuals in whose charts it is prominent are often searchers; serious students, teachers, writers, or travelers. I had not worked with many charts of lawyers prior to the O.J. case, but in studying it, I found a frequent emphasis on Chiron, so I think the Sagittarian, ninth house connection to lawyers and law courts is part of Chiron's potential. Individuals with the mutable dilemma may be pulled between the letter three interest in everything and the letter six urge to do something that is worth doing and to do it really well. They may be trying to decide what they really believe in, trust, and value. They may experience conflict between head goals (the open expression of "truth") and heart goals (compassion that wants to avoid hurting others). They may lack faith in a Higher Power and put their trust in a fragment of the Whole; in money, fame, relationships, or their own power. One of the most universal forms of the mutable dilemma is the conflict between the Mercury and Jupiter sides of life, between what we value and want and what is possible in this physical world. This is not a problem as long as we enjoy the journey toward our ideals, but if we are waiting until life is perfect to be happy, it is a long wait.

Like most people, Bailey has a little of all the dilemmas. Every chart includes every principle. Only the emphasis changes. Bailey has a grand cross in cardinal houses which includes Pluto in Cancer, Juno in Libra, the Moon in Capricorn, and two auxiliary Ascendants, the Antivertex and East Point, in Aries along with Uranus. The MC/IC axis also participates in the cardinal cross and brings in cardinal houses. Bailey's local angles in Tallahassee, FL where he was jailed, are in early Aries with Ceres and they square Venus, Mercury, and Vesta in early Cancer. In addition to the cardinal signs in mutable houses, Bailey has mutable sign conflicts which are mostly in fixed houses. His Gemini Sun squares Jupiter and Mars in Virgo. Chiron in the first (cardinal) house squares the lunar nodes in Virgo-Pisces, and Neptune in Pisces opposes Pallas in Virgo. All of the Virgo-Pisces factors are in the fixed houses. The Fixed-Mutable mixture often shows issues which relate the fixed focus on possessions, pleasures, and power to the ethics and common sense of the mutables. Bailey is obviously caught in that trap as he tries to keep money acquired from a drug-dealing client which the federal government is claiming.

The double quincunx (yod) of Mars to Saturn in both the sign and house of Aquarius and to the Antivertex in Aries is one of the most exact configurations in Bailey's chart. It shows the typical mix of qualities with Mars a cardinal planet in a fixed house in a mutable sign and conjunct a mutable planet (Jupiter); Saturn a cardinal planet in a fixed sign and house; a chart angle (the intersection of two great circles) which is always cardinal in a cardinal sign and mutable house. I think that the planets are always the most important, the houses next, and the signs last, but they are all part of the picture. Since this configuration has a conjunction of two fire planets in a fire house and an angle representing personal action (fire) in a fire sign, the fire element supports the cardinal tendency toward an active, eventful life. Adding this to the tendency of the quincunx to change things is likely to tilt farther in that direction. The Sun and Moon provide another exact quincunx with the Sun a fire factor and the Moon in a fire house. Despite the strong water and earth which want stability and security, including the Taurus Ascendant and the Sun in the house of Taurus, the stellia in Cancer and Virgo and water planets closely conjunct the MC-IC, Bailey's life has been one of constant change.

Bailey also has the conflict aspects between letters one and five versus letter ten; keys to self-will meeting the limits of self-will. These aspects in the natal chart include Mars opposite Saturn, Venus and Mercury as first house rulers trioctile Saturn, and the Antivertex and East Point in Aries square the MC. Current progressions with the same message include P Ascendant quincunx P Saturn, P Mars square the MC and quincunx the P MC, P Sun quincunx the Capricorn Moon, and P L Antivertex square P Saturn. When individuals fight the government, the latter usually wins. As mentioned above, Bailey was the legal defender for a drug dealer named Claude Duboc, and he claimed that stock worth about $25 million was his fee. Duboc pleaded guilty to drug charges in 1994 and awaits sentencing. He fired Bailey as his lawyer in February 1996. The government is claiming the money, saying that Duboc forfeited it as part of a plea bargain. The stock is being held by Credit Suisse which will not release it unless Bailey produces $2.3 million to pay off a lien he took out on the stock. U.S. District Judge Maurice Paul gave Bailey until 5 P.M. on March 6 to come up with the $2.3 million to get the stock released by the Swiss bank or be jailed for contempt of court. At 4:34 P.M. on March 6, Bailey showed up at the jail, was fingerprinted, and led away in handcuffs and leg irons.

In 1994 when Bailey was representing Duboc and setting the stage for his current six months in jail, he had additional forms of the one-ten and five-ten conflict. P Sun opposed Saturn and P Venus was quincunx Saturn. P East Point was quincunx the MC and P MC was square N Sun. Other aspects repeat the power-struggle theme and the issues of money/possessions and ethics. Bailey's P L MC opposes P Neptune. P Juno opposed P Uranus as Bailey lost his freedom in the contest over joint resources. Juno, like Pluto, deals with debts, with our ability to share money, possessions, etc. P Pluto is maintaining a lifetime square to Bailey's East Point and P Jupiter holds a long quincunx to the same point. Chiron holds a long trioctile to the Capricorn Moon. When people trust the Infinite, they do not need to clutch for huge wealth.

We have an asteroid named Lee and one called Baily, lacking the final 'e" in Bailey's last name. His "name" asteroids do seem to be working, with his P Sun conjunct P Baily and sextile N Baily (which is in 18 Cancer) for his current prominence. P Venus sextile N Baily and semisextile P Baily suggests some help from friends or money. N Lee was retrograde in 1 Capricorn opposing Venus, sextile the north lunar node, and octile Saturn for another repetition of the one-ten conflict. P Lee is now in 21 Sagittarius opposite Bailey's P East Point and P Aletheia (truth). P Photographica opposite his P Sun was appropriate for the front-page picture in the San Diego newspaper of Bailey in chains. P Eunomia (law and order) was on his Saturn and P Atlantis, often a key to the abuse of power, was on his P Venus. P Phaethon (overreach) was just retrograding into a square to Jupiter, a primary key to our judgment based on our beliefs and values. But Bailey's P Moon was trine Eleutheria (freedom) in the ninth house, so he may be back in circulation before long, possibly out on bail. P Eleutheria also supports a quick release. It is retrograding in 27 Aries forming a grand trine to P Uranus and the P true south lunar node. Obviously, the government was putting on a show when they put him in handcuffs and leg irons after he had turned himself in voluntarily. In six months, Bailey's P Moon will be square P Saturn, then square the midpoint of P and N Saturn, and then N Saturn. But it will also trine his Virgo and Capricorn planets during the coming months. It seems likely that his knowledge of the law and influential friends will to come to his rescue.

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