Dodona Update

Zip Dobyns

I’ve really enjoyed being home most of the time since mid-August, though I did take off for a week in December, making short stops in Laguna Beach with my long-time friend Shirley, in L.A., and in Oxnard to help Maritha and Marc house-hunt. More traveling will be starting in January 1999 with a lecture at the New Age Bible Center in Santa Monica, another in Honolulu, and a few days in the time-share on Kauai. Our annual Board Meeting for CCRS will be held at Dodona on Sunday afternoon, January 31, 1999. Any friends in the area are invited.

I have had several visitors for brief weekend stays to talk astrology and just hang out. Bill and Stephanie Wrobel have visited several times, and Sara Klein Ridgley has also come. A recent communication via the Internet suggested that I must spend all my time on astrology and I responded that except for eating and sleeping, that was about right. I can’t imagine anything that is more fascinating and fun. I do shop and cook and swim and water the orchard when it doesn’t rain, and try to keep up with the world, though the unread material can pile up until it sometimes gets overwhelming. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

We also still live in a physical world which presents challenges from time to time. Another big oak tree crashed in a recent burst of wind, but this one only took down Jim’s phone line, which the company repaired the next day. The tree is still waiting to be trimmed and sawed into firewood size chunks. Fortunately, the man who “does” trees gives us a price break as a church, but it still costs several hundred dollars. My refrigerator also died and had to be replaced, but the new one is beautiful. My 1986 Escort also had to go in the shop for a new timing belt, but it gave up in a convenient place where help was at hand. It could have happened on the freeway between L.A. and S.D., or on a dark country road headed home. So we are counting our blessings and still working to keep the ship afloat.

My friends on the “net” are among my most valued as we share information, especially the time of events so we can do horoscopes on them. ISAR has a new e-mail list with 400 members exchanging information is several countries. It is an amazing world. I just wish everyone could have the blessings of peace and companionship. Though this is written before Christmas, it will reach you after the New Year, so a belated




From all of us to all of our readers.

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