Slobodan Milosewic, Belgrade Boss

Zip Dobyns

A German-born friend who gets data from Germany has provided Milosewic’s data. The date and place of birth have been confirmed by biographical references as August 20, 1941 in Pozarevac, Yugoslavia, 44 N 37, 21 E 11. The birth time is less certain, but is reported as 10 P.M. MET, one hour later than UT. [Note: this should be War Time, not Standard.] The chart fits his actions, which put him in a group that includes Saddam Hussein and other headaches for the countries of the world.

Milosewic’s initial career was in management and banking, where for years he was president and CEO of one of the largest industrial companies in Serbia, and later was president and CEO of one of the largest banks in Yugoslavia. He is married to a tenured professor at the University of Belgrade who is a doctrinaire communist. They have one son and one daughter. After entering politics, Milosewic became the founder and president of the Socialist Party of Serbia. He has been elected President of Serbia repeatedly, initially in 1990 and most recently taking the oath of office on July 23, 1997.

Milosewic’s drive for power is clear with his Moon, Pluto, Chiron, Sun, and Mercury in Leo, the last two in the Leo house if his birth time is accurate. Though reservations remain about his time, I will assume that readers know that a discussion of house positions and chart angles depends on an accurate birth time, so statements made about them are less certain. Sign positions and aspects between the planets are mostly valid for the date of birth, though the Moon is vulnerable to birth time.

As I wrote above, the chart fits his life. Taurus rising with Saturn in Taurus in the first house supports the power drive of the Leo. Though Uranus is in Gemini, it is a fixed planet which adds to the strong will. Pallas in Scorpio forms a T-square to the first house Saturn-Uranus conjunction and the Mercury-Sun conjunction. The Taurus and Scorpio are in cardinal houses, and the mixture of conflict aspects in cardinal and fixed qualities is the hallmark of a power-struggle character. This can be positively expressed in competitive sports, businesses, or in politics, provided the competition is “fair,” playing by “the rules of the game.” Unfortunately, Milosewic does not play by the rules of “civilized” societies.

Milosewic’s chart also contains a strong mutable component, with a stellium in Virgo, Uranus and Jupiter in Gemini, Ceres in Sagittarius, and the south lunar node in Pisces to form a wide grand cross. The mutables represent various facets of the mind. Milosewic is intelligent and educated, but clearly has a problem involving ideals, ethics, values, etc. The most common form of the mutable dilemma is the conflict between one’s ideals and the limits of what is possible in the material world. In light of Milosewic’s record, his problem is more critical. He is a demagogue who has incited Serbians into becoming militant nationalists and consequent pariahs in the community of nations. After their horrendous record of atrocities in Bosnia when the former part of Yugoslavia declared independence, they are now engaged in a civil war in Kosovo, which is also a part of the former Yugoslavia. Under Milosewic, the Serbian government reduced the autonomy which had previously been permitted to Kosovo. The Serbs consider this region to be their ancestral “homeland,” but its population is now about 90% Albanian, and their relatives in the neighboring country of Albania have joined with Kosovo Albanians in a war for liberation from the Serbs. The U.S. and NATO threatened to bomb the Serbians if they did not pull some of their military police out of Kosovo and let the thousands of civilian women and children who were hiding in the hills return to their homes. But civil war continues between the Serbians and the Kosovo National Liberation Army.

The aspects in Milosewic’s chart fit the power-mad demagogue he has proved to be in dealing with his own people. With this birth time, his P Pluto holds a lifetime square to the Ascendant-Descendant, a key to constant tension with others, while his Moon-Pluto-Chiron in the 4th house in Leo makes a dramatic appeal to his people to save their sacred homeland. Remember, Chiron is like Jupiter, a search for the Absolute. On the Moon, the home and kin and homeland can be turned into God. Many Serbians see Milosewic as their savior, but he is obviously not secure since he is moving in recent months to eliminate any who have the power to potentially threaten him. He has dismissed officials and military personnel, and shut down TV stations and newspapers who oppose him in any way. Like Iraq, Serbia has been boycotted by the world, but under Milosewic’s spell, many citizens have simply become more nationalistic and paranoid, persuaded that the world is unjustly against them.

Both asteroids and planetary nodes are among the reasons I am tempted to think that his 10 P.M. time is accurate. Nemesis is exactly on the IC, and he has been a nemesis for his homeland and his people. Yugoslavia is just over one degree beyond the IC, and a birth time just a fraction of a minute later would put it within one degree. Icarus for overreach is exactly on his Descendant, and he has certainly lived the first part of the myth. Whether or when he will crash remains to be seen. The south node of Pluto is exactly on the MC, carrying the same meaning as having Pluto there, describing again his power-drive, and Pluto’s north node is on Yugoslavia. The south node of Saturn is just past the MC and opposite Yugoslavia. Saturn’s north node forms a T-square to the midpoints of Saturn and the lunar nodes, points which I see as major lessons for people. I find the nodes of Saturn and Pluto prominent in many people who wield power in the world. The south node of Mars in 18 Libra squares the MC-IC axis, but trines Srbija (Serbia), which is just under 18 Aquarius. Beograd (Belgrade) in 24 Cancer is conjunct the Saturn/north lunar node midpoint and octile the Part of Death in 9 Virgo. Milosewic bears major responsibility for a great many deaths in the former Yugoslavia!

The progressed aspects in Milosewic’s chart suggest that he will only become more determined to keep power at any cost. P Saturn holds a very long-term square to the Sun and P Uranus holds one to Mercury—fixed signs in fire houses for personal will and tenacity. If this birth time is accurate, Milosewic’s East Point is exactly conjunct his Mars as an additional key to his personal power drive. His P Mars is retrograding in Aries, conjunct his Antivertex (like an auxiliary Ascendant) while holding a grand trine to several relevant asteroids. These include P Beograd, P Fama, P Hela, and P Vaticana in Leo and Slavia, Winchester, P Pallas, and P Icarus in Sagittarius. By now, readers probably recognize the meaning of most of these asteroids. Slavia was named for the Slavic people, which include the Serbs and the Russians, their main supporters against NATO and the west in general. Winchester is the asteroid of guns, and the Russians have not only sold weapons to Serbia, despite the boycott—Russian soldiers have volunteered to fight in the Serbian army. It is fascinating to find the asteroid named for another “pariah” nation also in the fire trine. P Libya is conjunct P Mars, retrograding in 14 Aries. N Libya was also conjunct N Mars.

Many other asteroids could be mentioned. N Karma was on Jupiter and, so far, Milosewic has been mostly successful in attaining his goals, though at a heavy cost to his people. A trio in 22 to 23 Gemini includes Phaethon (overreach), America, and Dresden (military action against civilians). P Winchester is opposite them for some years. The U.S. was trying to stop the Serbians from driving civilian Albanians from their homes, which were often then destroyed. NATO, led by the U.S., threatened to bomb the Serbians if they did not agree to a cease-fire. The asteroid P Wright (inventor of the first heavier-than-air plane) is conjunct Milosewic’s IC, and P America is approaching his Belgrade IC, which is just about a half degree earlier. P America is just ending an octile to N and P Uranus which has lasted for several years, and it will continue an octile to P Hel, a death goddess, in 0 Virgo. The asteroid named for the United Nations was exactly on N Saturn and P United Nations is retrograding over Milosewic’s 2nd house cusp, opposing Europa on the 8th house cusp. The 2-8 polarity in astrology symbolizes personal finances, possessions, and pleasures versus shared finances, etc. The boycott of Serbia by most of Europe has almost destroyed the country’s economy.

As indicated above, Milosewic is currently strengthening his hold on power. His P Antivertex has reached Saturn, is square to N Sun, and opposite Pallas. In recent years his P Ascendant has moved over P Karma, P Phaethon, and P Dresden—a good description of the consequences of his exercise of power. His P MC in 14 Pisces is semisextile P Mars, quincunx the Leo cluster of Beograd, Fama, and Hela—Belgrade, fame, and death, and square the Pisces group of Slavia, Winchester, P Pallas, and P Icarus. In the first three months of 1999, Milosewic’s P Moon will cross his natal and Belgrade Parts of Death. The anguish in Kosovo is likely to still haunt the world.

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