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Zip Dobyns

I want to thank our members and readers who sent gifts to help with the plumbing expenses that were a gift from El Niño. All is well at this time, surviving the brief heat wave when a few days hit 100+ in the shade. We are glad to be back to pleasant fall weather, which means warm days and cool nights, and I am glad to be able to stay home more for a few months. I will be doing a couple of workshops for ACS in San Diego; one on asteroids in October and one on the fixed stars in December. I just received the updated version of Diana Rosenberg’s great encyclopedia of the stars which is available from her on floppy disk. Contact her at 100 La Salle St., New York, NY 10027, or e-mail her at

Maritha and my latest book on working with secondary progressions is at the printer and should be out by late October this year. I have no plans for more books at the moment since I want time to work with the two new financial astrology computer programs I acquired at UAC last May. They will take a major investment of time to explore a very complex field with which I have done very little in the past. So far, I have only explored them as a source of data for companies, and have started to check some of the companies for possible problems on January 1, 2000 when the millennium bug is due to bite.

I have also done standard mundane ingress charts for all cardinal ingresses through Aries 2000, though as usual, I need much more time to finish putting in asteroids. I discuss a variety of ingress and event charts in the Asteroid-World. The world has had a violent summer, with too many events to include, but I provide data for many and charts for the ones which seem especially important. It is amazing to be able to live in a peaceful and beautiful rural setting and watch the crazy world through newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and the Internet.

Speaking of the Net, I have a new ISP (Internet Service Provider). For those who are connected, my E-mail address is now: The full name of the company is appropriately, but the short version is adequate to reach me. I have also changed from Eudora to Netscape as my mail program and I am struggling to learn a much more complex system with a lot of help from Sara and Craig Ridgley. Dr. James Pottenger, the founder and head of CCRS, is also now with the same ISP. He can be reached at I’ve been doing a lot more web surfing during the past two weeks, getting news from the net in addition to TV, radio, and paper sources. I’m also very grateful to Doc Cottle and Sara Ridgley, who are far more expert in tracking down desired data on world events. They dug out the data for several of the charts featured in the current Asteroid-World.

Mark Pottenger continues to update my asteroids as new ones are discovered and named. He is making progress on a Windows version of his CCRS astrology program. We hope all of our readers are well and happy.

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