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Zip Dobyns

For a good many years, I have been collecting the birth data of individuals who claim personal contacts with aliens and UFOs. In the last few years, there has been increased publicity about people who describe being abducted and taken aboard UFOs by aliens. I met and got the birth data of one such young woman at a conference, and discussed her chart in a previous issue of The Mutable Dilemma. A psychotherapist met at the same conference sent me the birth data of about 15 individuals with whom he had worked. All except one had the feature I had noted in a large collection of individuals who had out-of-body (OBE) experiences. Many had one of the water planets (Moon, Pluto, or Neptune) or the nodes of the Moon, which provide the same meaning as the Moon, within 5 degrees of one of their major angles. With almost all, it was the Ascendant or the MC axis, though a few featured the East Point or Antivertex axis. The one exception in this group of abductees was a man who had his P Ascendant conjunct his Neptune during the year when he was having the experiences.

Recently, to my delight, a fellow astrologer named Arthyr sent me his collection of the data of abductees. As with the cases from the psychotherapist, most were anonymous to protect their privacy, so I hesitate to discuss their charts without their permission. However, one is quite well-known among UFO students. Billy Meier has been interviewed by reporters and UFO buffs from all over the world, and he gives out his birth data to anyone who is interested. He was born in Blach, Switzerland on February 3, 1937 at 11:20 A.M. The time is one hour later than GMT. Arthyr and his wife talked to Billy in his home and he graciously gave them a list of dates on which he had UFO contacts. Billy did not remember the date of his first contact when he was only five years old, but the second occurred on January 28, 1975 shortly before he was 38 years old. I chose to progress his chart to that date.

An initial glance at Billy’s chart shows the expected water planet close to a major angle. Pluto is just 2 ½ degrees from the IC in the sign and house of Cancer—triple water. To accentuate the element of water, Billy also has his Moon and Mars closely conjunct in Scorpio for an identification with the element, and Venus, the ruler of his Ascendant, is in the Pisces house. Additional keys to identity, the two auxiliary Ascendants, the Antivertex and East Point, are also in the Pisces house. Mercury, ruling the Gemini in the first house, is an exception, placed in Capricorn in the 9th house. This combination fits Billy’s unofficial (not consciously sought according to him) career dealing with curiosity seekers from all over the world. If we take the asteroid Ceres as partly water with its association with one’s mother and mothering, Mercury’s conjunction with Ceres supports this theme of being open to the subconscious from the beginning of his life. It is through the subconscious (symbolized in astrology by water) that we are connected to the world beyond the physical level of reality.

In addition to his personal identity and instinctive action, Billy’s career is also connected to water with Vesta in Cancer, Saturn in Pisces, and Neptune in Virgo added to his Scorpio in the Virgo house and the 10th house rulers being Saturn in Pisces and Uranus in the Pisces house. Billy’s chart also clearly connects him to the conscious world seeking knowledge, including potential contact with foreign countries. His Ascendant holds a grand trine to Neptune and to Jupiter in Capricorn, the career sign. Chiron, our little brother to Jupiter which carries the potentials of both the Sagittarius and the Pisces sides of Jupiter, is on the south lunar node in Gemini. The Gemini-Sagittarius nodes mark the perpetual student, teacher, writer, and traveler. Billy has done all of these, with his claimed travels aboard UFOs being the most dramatic. Air, the element of the conscious side of the mind, is given additional emphasis by Juno in Libra and the Sun in Aquarius forming a grand trine to Chiron. Air signs in earth houses connect our handling of the physical world to either the mind (learning/communicating) or to work with the hands. I think that Billy has done both. Several more trines in earth signs provide additional evidence of Billy’s ability to function productively in the physical world.

The strong and mostly harmonious emphasis on earth in Billy’s chart usually indicates a practical, realistic person able to keep one foot on the ground though he may be interested in borderland areas. But there are also many aspects in Billy’s chart which point to possible conflicts between the world of the mind and the physical world. Billy’s Sun in Aquarius is closely square his Moon and Mars. Air-water conflicts involve the conscious and subconscious sides of the mind, while the fact that all three factors are in earth houses brings in the physical level of reality. The patterns may simply represent the problems Billy has faced through having his work to earn a living constantly interrupted by strangers who are curious about his UFO claims. The latter turned his 10th house status or role in society into an Aquarian drama involving information beyond conventional concepts, the discussion of previously unknown technology and non-human “entities,” as well as contacts with lots of human entities who beat a path to Billy’s door.

Saturn is always a key to an area where we have to learn the “rules of the game” in order to survive in this physical world. Once we have learned the rules, Saturn, along with the 10th house and Capricorn, becomes a key to our career in the sense of our role or status, how we deal with and use power. Billy’s Saturn is part of a mutable dilemma with its opposition to Neptune and squares to Chiron and the lunar nodes. All four corners of the cross in mutable signs include some form of letter nine or twelve, our keys to beliefs, faith, values, etc. Chiron, Neptune, Sagittarius, and Pisces all signify our search for beliefs, for knowledge of the Absolute. Gemini, Virgo, Saturn, and the Taurus house (earth) call for caution and testing our beliefs. The mutable dilemma can take many forms, but one of them is a conflict between beliefs and the reality of our physical world. With our two major keys to lessons, both Saturn and the south lunar node involved, Billy needs to question and test his experiences. Experiences are ultimate reality, but the hazard, especially for naturally psychic individuals with a strong emphasis on water in their charts, is the danger of being unable to discriminate between physical and psychic experiences.

The UFO community is split between some who are convinced that most or all UFOs are physical craft from other physical worlds and some who see them as mental productions. I side with the second group who accept the possibility that a few UFO experiences involve physical craft or life forms (aliens), but who believe that the preponderant majority of these experiences are psychic or astral, involving levels of reality beyond the physical. They are “real” but not “material,” experienced through the subconscious (symbolized by water in astrology) rather than with the physical senses (earth). I think this is why materialistic science and the governments of the world have been unable to cope with the UFO phenomena. A few scientists, notably Jacques Valee, have understood and written about this possibility that the phenomena is multidimensional, but I think that as long as materialism is the ruling model for reality, humans will fail to understand UFO experiences. They will continue to classify them as fraud, fantasy, or a simple lack of adequate information to be able to identify a material phenomenon.

Turning to Billy’s asteroids, Europa (Europe) was on his N Sun and he first became famous on his birth continent. Astronomia (astronomy as the study of the sky) was on his N Saturn. It was also conjunct Dembowska, which seems like another Saturn, and Karma. Billy’s career and destiny were spelled out as pointing to the sky. Pythia, the name of the Delphic oracle priestess, was in 14 Pisces semisextile N Sun and trine Mars and Moon. Spacewatch in 20 Cancer was trine Saturn, and Urania (similar to Uranus) was in 21 Scorpio to complete a grand trine in water signs but air houses. Water-air combinations imply the ability to connect the conscious and subconscious sides of the mind, to become conscious of psychic input. Sophia (wisdom) in 15 Libra trined N Sun but squared Jupiter; a mixed message suggesting ability but a need for caution.

A major network of factors was present in 17 degrees in different signs. These included Wright (the brothers who first flew heavier than air craft) in 17 Aries; Chiron, which also carries travel connotations, in 17 Gemini; N Mr. Spock (famous for Hollywood space travel) and P Spacewatch at Billy’s second UFO contact in 17 Cancer; Skepticus (named for the professional debunkers headed by Paul Kurtz) in 17 Leo; P Neptune in 17 Virgo; Wisdom in 16 Libra, connected by overlapping orbs; Fantasia just under 17 Sagittarius and in 17 Sagittarius Soyuz-Apollo (named for the U.S.-Russian cooperation in space efforts), Makover, Paradise, and Newtonia. If and when materialism is finally demolished as “final truth” about reality, UFOs may be among the human experiences which “make over” our philosophy and produce a new world view superseding Newton. Finally, Icarus (who flew and crashed) was in 17 Pisces. By now, Billy’s lunar nodes have retrograded to connect with the network in 17 degrees of Gemini-Sagittarius. Billy is still alive, living close to where he was born and still talking to a lot of curious visitors.

Additional interesting asteroids include Billy’s personal name Williams conjunct Aletheia (truth) in 6 Aquarius. Arthyr, my source for Billy’s data, was convinced of Billy’s sincerity when he talked to him. Billy believes what he says. P Williams had entered 0 Pisces when Billy had his 1st contact as an adult. His P MC (career) at that time when his life changed dramatically was in 3 Pisces trine his P Ascendant on Vesta (work). His P Moon had just entered Aries to also signal a change in his life, and it was conjunct N Venus and P Helio, a sun god for fame, as well as trine P Mars, which had just entered Sagittarius. Another signal of a time of change was shown by Billy’s P Antivertex conjunct his N Ascendant. This pattern suggests changes in personal identity and action as well as in interactions with others since at the same time the Vertex is crossing the Descendant. Other asteroids include P Pythia and P Astronomia in 3 Aries trine P Themis (divine justice) in 3 Sagittarius as well as aspecting his P MC, Ascendant, and Vesta. P Phaethon, another mythical figure who flew and crashed, was conjunct Uranus opposite N Interkosmos (an organization sponsoring space flight) and Swedenborg (a scientist and mystic noted for psychic ability).

An asteroid which hinted at the future was P Asia conjunct Billy’s N Sun. Many individuals dismiss the validity of Billy’s claims because of an unfortunate experience involving Japanese reporters. They wanted to make their own films and they produced small models of Billy’s description of the UFOs. Billy was later accused of making these models and using them in his pictures of visiting UFOs. Billy’s P Sun at the time of this first adult contact was in 22 Pisces square his lunar nodes to activate his mutable dilemma. Fame comes at the expense of privacy, and it can also invite attacks from individuals whose beliefs and values are threatened. The aspects involving the mutable dilemma were a reminder of the need to integrate one’s beliefs, hopes, dreams, and visions with one’s capacity to function in a physical world. P Pallas had reached P Jupiter as Billy started on the path to world fame. P Saturn maintained a sextile to his MC and he did manage to cope with the material world, though his life was never again the same.

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