Mark's Musings on Philosophy and Religion

Most of this section ties into LA-CCRS classes over many years.

In The Mutable Dilemma:

  • LA-CCRS Philosophy (as I understand it in March 1988)
  • LA-CCRS Philosophy as understood by Mark Pottenger in January 1991
  • Space, Time, Fate and Free Will

  • Other:

  • What is Truth?
  • Politics through Levels of Reality
  • Where is Sam?
  • Be Words
  • Activism vs. Evil
  • Habits
  • Affirmations
  • Implications of Infinity
  • Science Fiction for the Mystically Inclined
  • Learning
  • Definition of Mindo
  • Spiritual Science
  • Venn-like diagram
  • Analogies
  • Philosophical Questions
  • Some Ideas for LA-CCRS Discussions
  • Ideas for and from LA-CCRS Discussions

  • Other people's LA-CCRS articles in The Mutable Dilemma:

  • Some Explorations Of Words-Concepts-Ideas (May-June 1998) by Zipporah Dobyns
  • What is Holographic Psychology?