What’s Happening in the CCRS World?

Zip Dobyns

CCRS is taking a leap forward. We have acquired a new Center near the Los Angeles Airport, and should soon be functioning in the new place with a variety of classes and workshops. Our first Mini-Intensive followed a Grand Opening Party on Thursday evening, December l, l977, offering a three-day seminar over the weekend. It is also time to think about the next l6-day Intensive, which is scheduled to start on February l0, l978. Write if you are interested; brochures are available upon request. There will be l6 days of total immersion in astrology and psychotherapy, with separate classes for beginning and advanced students. We have room for ten “live-in” students from out of town. $400 covers everything: room, board, classes, transportation to and from the airport, and a visit to the planetarium.

Our microcomputer is also progressing, with Rique Pottenger building one section at a time as we can afford the parts. The printer is now functioning and should speed the research effort. The return of Mark Pottenger to the CCRS team after his eight months of work for Neil Michelsen should also add greatly to the research progress. Mark is the editor for The Mutable Dilemma and the News and Reviews, in addition to working on research. Maritha Pottenger will be teaching at the new Center, offering astrology for counselors and counseling techniques for astrologers. She will also be teaching the introductory group during the February Intensive, and continuing her lectures and workshops for a variety of groups in the Los Angeles area and around the country. She starts a series of Sunday evening classes for Naturalism in Hollywood in early December and just concluded a series for the local chapter of Theosophy. In case anyone does not know, Rique, Maritha, and Mark are three of my four children, and I think we have a great team. You may hear from the fourth (William Pottenger) also, with an occasional book review. He is back in college after a stint in the Army.

My own wandering continues. I recently returned from my first trip to the Orient. (See the separate account of my visit to India.) And I enjoyed the usual delightful weekend at the annual conference of the English Astrological Association. Altogether, I participated in ten conferences in l977, mostly astrological but including two that were partly psychic-occult, and two psychological meetings. My plans to stay home and work more on research and writing next year have evaporated in projected trips to Hawaii, Europe, and possibly the Far East again. I am looking forward to the conference on astrology to be sponsored by the University of Toronto. It may be the first to be officially sponsored by a university, though many groups have used university facilities as meeting places. The University of Toronto has invited Dr. Hans Eysenck, psychology professor at the University of London, in addition to Dr. Michel Gauquelin of Paris. Both men have produced significant research in astrology, and are continuing to work in the field. Mark March l8, l978, if you can make it to Toronto.

Closer to home in time and space, I’ll be participating in a conference in Los Angeles on January 28-29, l978. The title of the weekend meetings is Awakening, and some really beautiful people are going to be there including Sri Swami Satchinanda, universal teacher and Director of the Integral Yoga Institute; Corita Kent, former nun, now world renowned artist and Los Angeles Times Woman of the Year; Buckminster Fuller, world renowned architect, inventor, poet and philosopher; Dr. Brugh Joy, physician and researcher of the energy fields surrounding the human body; and many, many more. The theme of the sessions centers on the dawning of the new age, and how we can facilitate it. The range of topics includes natural childbirth, nutrition, freeing up the body in a variety of ways, opening to spirit through art, etc. A wide variety of workshops are offered for your choice. For more information, write to Sandra Seagal, Village Station, P.O. Box 24247, Los Angeles, CA 90024.

In later issues of our journal, the Founder and Head of our Church, my brother Dr. James Pottenger, will speak for himself on developments in psycholinguistics, and his wife, Gwen Pottenger, will comment on the psychic Division of the Church. We all share an interest in healing, each seeking ways to facilitate growth in consciousness and a better world for all.

May you grow in light and love.

Copyright © 1977 Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, Inc.

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