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Zip Dobyns

The Challenge Corner will be a regular feature in The Mutable Dilemma. In each issue, you will be invited to test your skills in astrology. The answers to the challenge will appear in the next issue, but if readers are too impatient to wait three months, the answers may be acquired sooner by sending in a request with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The answers include the astrological factors which offer clues to the accurate choices.

The Challenge Corner in this first issue of The Mutable Dilemma involves an attempt to discriminate between twins born a few minutes apart. Accurately recorded birth data for twins with clear differences in their character, physical bodies, and/or life events offers an invaluable opportunity to test astrology. The crucial factors are, of course, the angles of the charts, since these change more rapidly than other astrological tools. Work with twins has helped to validate “dwads”, a division of each sign into 2-1/2 degree sections so that the whole zodiac appears in every sign. Twins have further emphasized the value of the geocentric nodes of the planets. They have provided evidence for the usefulness of midpoints. They have demonstrated the importance of the relatively new angles, the Vertex and East Point axes. To date, my work with twins offers more support for the Placidus system of house division than for Koch or Campanus, but much more research is needed in this area, and eventually we may have to use more than one system. I have not yet taken time to do a thorough test of fixed stars, but twins will provide my subject matter when I find time to make the test. As a general principle, if you are testing any astrological techniques, twins with recorded birth times and clear differences in their lives offer you an unbeatable tool.


TEST YOUR SKILL: Female Twins, said to be identical at birth: August 9, 1956; 45N32; 122W37; 1:11 and 1:14 (both A.M., Pacific Daylight Time). They look alike—both attractive girls. One twin is 5’ 6” tall, with average grades in school. One twin is a dwarf, about 4’ tall, with brittle bones which break easily, and she is a straight “A” student in school.


TEST YOUR SKILL: Female Twins, both alcoholics now controlling their drinking. June 9, 1929; 39N06; 94W36; 18:40 and 18:50 (Navy time, using a 24 hour day, both given CST). 18:00 equals 6:00 P.M. One twin married immediately after high school and had children. When she admitted to herself that she was drinking too much, she went to Alcoholics Anonymous to receive help. One twin flew with the Flying Tigers in Asia during the second World War, married late after many adventures, and when she admitted to herself that she was drinking too much, she refused to ask for help and tried to conquer the problem by herself.


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