Thanks for the Feedback!

Maritha Pottenger

A number of you completed our questionnaires—many with very supportive, loving comments. We are grateful for the appreciation and thank everyone for spending their time and energy on the project!

As far as trends go, the top seven topics were: counseling, case studies, cookbook approaches, research, mundane, economic and quizzes and/or challenges. The bottom four topics were: asteroids, astronomy, math and humor.

The most first places went to cookbook, followed by case studies. The most second places went to counseling followed by case studies. We will strive to include three or four of the top seven topics in each issue, with very occasional coverage of the bottom four.

Quite a few readers were satisfied with the level of the articles, although there was a trend toward more advanced material. We will not, however, forget our beginning readers (as one pleaded very persuasively).

Our readership seems to be divided into several major groups, each having their particular preferences. Once group is heavily into mundane, economic and political charts, with some interest in asteroids and little involvement with cookbook approaches or case studies. Another segment of our readers is keenly interested in cookbook (planets in houses, planets in aspects, etc.) series, and somewhat interested in counseling and case studies but does not care for mundane, economic or asteroids. A third segment is most interested in research and case studies—finding laws of human behavior and experience through astrology. Another cluster of readers seems to be practicing counselors (or would-be counselors) who are primarily interested in counseling, case studies or techniques such as progressions which are immediately applicable to their clients.

Since the groups involved are fairly diverse, we will continue to offer a variety of topics within The Mutable Dilemma in the hopes of having SOMETHING for everyone in each issue!

Thanks again for the help and please feel free to write us again if you want to share other ideas, suggestions or improvements with us!

P.S. by Mark Pottenger

One obvious change with this issue is the change in our cover. We have had an art department with zero people for several years, and the pictures in the covers have been a continuing source of problems with almost every issue as we are getting things together for printing. We are changing our cover design to something we hope will be easier to manage.

Immediately following this is a listing of the contents of all issues of The Mutable Dilemma from inception through the issue before this one. We hope it will be useful for subscribers who refer back to articles in old issues. It is as close to the center of the magazine as possible to make photocopying easier without dismembering the magazine.

A couple editorial changes coming from feedback: when the Challenge Corner appears, the answers will be in the same issue, and I will try to write astronomy, math, research and technical articles closer to once a year than once every few years.

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