Intensive Coming Up

Zip Dobyns

Regular subscribers will have received the brochure from the Holistic Life Seminars describing the Intensive to be held at Zaca Lake. We are really looking forward to it. Maritha says the site is beautiful. Mark and his two telescopes will be with us, with clear air (providing it does not rain). We have an incredible Aquarius-Sagittarius chart for the opening lecture, the morning of February 8, 1986. Zaca Lake is about an hour’s drive north of Santa Barbara, California. I understand the last stretch of road is challenging; narrow, with switchbacks as you climb up into the national forest. My progressed New Moon and Social Security arrive together next summer, so new paths may lie ahead. I hope some of our long-time friends can make it to this Intensive which may be both an ending and a new beginning. Please also tell your friends.

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