TV Maybe

Zip Dobyns

After three months of talk, and several days of writing and rehearsing, much of the latter involving sitting in a studio while technicians tried to get their equipment to function properly, we still are not sure that the English version is going to happen. If the studio can sell the show to cable or to a network, Maritha will be hostess for a half hour show five days a week. We have mixed feelings about it, since it will be partly interpretations based on Sun Signs, but the sponsors sincerely want to present our psychological type of astrology and to keep the show positive; no talk of “influences” or “good” and “bad” days. The set is super, and will permit a truly professional presentation of astrology. It was designed by Richard Lacey, who is to be co-host with Maritha on the English version if it flies. More definitely, the show will be presented in Spanish by one of our former students, Donna Fernandez, along with a male co-host who speaks fluent Spanish but is trying to learn as much astrology as he can in a very short time. The initial Spanish show is tentatively set for December 30, 1985, at 6:30 P.M., though there is talk of shifting it to 7:30. It is being produced for channel 18 in Los Angeles, KCSI. Channel 18 is largely devoted to foreign language programs. A condensed version of the astrology material is to be presented in Japanese on the weekends, but no time or starting date has been assigned. Eventually, we hope to make teaching videos using the set, probably in several languages. We’ll keep you posted.

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