Challenge Corner

Zip Dobyns

We haven’t had a challenge corner for some time, so here is an interesting one. The twins were born on July 21, 1988 in Mission Viejo, CA at 33 N 36 and 117 W 40. Twin one was born at 21:54; Twin two at 23:17.

One twin has remained healthy, weighs more, and is more cuddly. The other twin has had many allergies and infections. By Thanksgiving, this twin was broken out all over the body with eczema and had infections in both ears. Staphylococcus was suspected. Some relief was finally achieved by mid January after a couple of months of torment for both baby and mother. One twin is male and one is female, but I would not expect astrology to predict that detail. I have put the geocentric planetary positions in the inner wheels and the heliocentric positions in the outer wheels for the increasing number of astrologers who like to look at both. Try your skill on the charts first, and then check the answer which is in this issue of The Mutable Dilemma.

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