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Regular Mutable Dilemma readers will remember my description of a visit with Mr. X, who described his psychic visions from about 20 years ago. I recently returned to see whether Mr. X had received any new information, whether from intuition or from logic based on observation of the world scene. The following material is from the notes I took during our conversation.

Mr. X is apparently now receiving intuitive impressions more often than during the long period following the original experience. In addition to the original forecasts of a world-wide plague which would be spread sexually, and another more like Bubonic plague that would be spread by squirrels, a recent impression describes something rather like a “fungus” which will be air-borne and affect the lungs. Mr. X said the illness would be somewhat like pneumonia, and might be spread in water on rare occasions. He believes that this problem has already begun in another country and that it will eventually spread around the world. He received the impression that a “season of plagues” began in the fall of 1988 and that it would last for some years. I asked about the increasing frequency of Lyme disease which is spread by the bites of ticks which breed on wild animals, especially the white-footed mouse in the New England area where the illness was first identified a few years ago. According to Science News, the west coast versions of the ticks breed on as many as 80 different vertebrates. Mr. X agreed that the Lyme disease was one of the expected plagues. He is somewhat hopeful about AIDS, suggesting that a technique to keep it in check will be developed in 1996.

Mr. X also confirmed much of his earlier material. He anticipates increased weather extremes, crop failures, and famine in many areas during the next few years, with the worst period in 1992. Following a period of warm weather, Mr. X expects a serious freeze in June of this year which will damage crops in many parts of the U.S. In some areas, it will hit corn ready to be harvested. Mr. X described again a kind of “white manna” from the polar areas which he now thinks is a kind of plankton that will help to alleviate the food shortages. He expects cold typical of Canada to reach the latitude of Chicago and typical Chicago cold to extend into Texas. He also still feels that the safest areas lie between 4,200 and 4,700 feet in elevation. He thinks that the “fire in the sky” which he “saw” in his original visions is to follow the solar flares which are expected to be especially intense during the next few years. He was told that the “fire” would be seen first over Denver, Colorado, and that it would be related to air conditions, possibly to the build up of some kind of gas in the atmosphere.

Mr. X had previously mentioned that an increased number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions were likely during this period of the late 1980s and the early 1990s. In this conversation, in passing, he said that he expected an earthquake of over 6 on the Richter scale somewhere in southern California in either March or May of 1989. Since The Mutable Dilemma is finally being finished in April, I contacted Mr. X on the phone and he suggested that the quake might be on May 23. According to the L.A. newspapers, local geologists are anticipating a quake in the area of the Salton Sea–Imperial Valley. There have been many small quakes in the area in recent weeks which the scientists think are precursors to a larger one. Since the area is sparsely inhabited and has few large structures, little damage is expected. As has been said by others: earthquakes do not kill people, buildings kill people. Of course, if mud slides or flooded rivers are present, that is another story.

Mr. X says that he predicted the humiliation of President Bush (the Tower rejection) four months before it happened. He says Bush experienced a serious loss of face in the Orient.

Financially, Mr. X expected the U.S. stock market to drop in mid-March. I saw him just two days before the nearly 50 point decline in the DOW and he kept saying that he had thought it would come at least two or three days earlier than the date of our conversation in March. He thinks the market will recover in the summer, but then drop more drastically around October 12-14, 1989. He also thinks that in the fall, the Japanese market will go down along with the U.S. He also anticipates increasing oil prices this year. He thinks oil may reach $26 a barrel by June and $27 to $29 by October. He expects serious trouble in the Near East by fall, which will threaten the oil supplies.

Mr. X repeated his earlier prediction that a nuclear device would be set off in the Near East. In our earlier conversation, he was totally uncertain of the location or the source of the nuclear bomb, but felt that terrorists were involved, that much destruction would result, and that the world would be horrified. He now feels that Israel is either the source or the target and that it could occur in 1989 or 1990. He said that the most likely source was terrorists from Lebanon and/or Libya. He also expects increased riots in many areas in the summer of 1989 and still more in 1990, calling this a “season of riots” as well as a “season of plagues.”

In another financial prediction, Mr. X suggested that a financial “event” would occur on May 19, 1989. He forecasts a world currency to follow the increasing financial pressures of 1990. He thinks the world leaders will stabilize the exchange rates of the U.S. dollar, the West European ECU, and the Japanese Yen, promising the public that this act will help to “cure” the financial problems. He gives the date of March 17, 1991 as the initial public action on the world currency. In the meantime, he thinks the value of German and Swedish currency will decline along with the stock markets of the world.

Mr. X is quite concerned over the general move toward religious conservatism and fanaticism in the world. He sees South Korean religious leader Sun Myung Moon moving into a position of increasing power in the U.S. He says that the “Moonies” are amassing property, businesses, and influence by “buying” U.S. leaders. They have business, military, and political leaders on their payroll, and could exert major influence on our government within 10 to 14 years, but it will stay mostly behind the scenes as far as the public is concerned. He says that they now own Korean Air among other businesses, and wield enormous influence in South Korea. He adds that they are planning a railroad across Asia, from Korea to the western edge of Europe. I have asked him to try to get Moon’s birth data for me since he has contacts with the organization.

Astrology supports the potential for weather extremes through the rest of this century, accompanied by crop failures and food shortages. The passage of the major planets through Capricorn and Aquarius have been described repeatedly as a time for power struggles with increased power at the top initially and increased rebellion by the public later as we try to return to greater democracy. Uranus enters Aquarius in early 1996, so that could be the time that more people realize the need to move toward greater openness and equality.

Hiroshima 25 Cap. 35

I was quite concerned with the possibility that an atomic bomb might be used in or by Israel as early as this year or next, so I looked again at the official horoscope for Israel’s independence which is set for the end of the British mandate. There are tension aspects that last for years in the Israel horoscope, as I have written previously, including P Pluto opposite the Ascendant, P true nodes of the Moon square Pluto and P Pluto square the natal nodes, P Uranus opposite Jupiter and P Neptune trioctile the East Point. The emphasis on fixed signs and fixed houses points to a lifetime power struggle while a grand trine in air and another in fire show the intelligence and courage to confront the world. Adequate discretion and willingness to compromise are more questionable. Air supports them but fire and fixed factors can be pretty bull-headed.

Also mentioned in earlier articles is the passage of P Moon through Aquarius during much of 1989 and into 1990. From February, 1989 to mid-March 1991, Israel’s P Moon will form squares or oppositions to the fixed factors: nodes, Sun, Moon, Pluto, Saturn, P Vesta, and Mars. It crosses the Ascendant in late summer 1989, and opposes Saturn and P Vesta in the fall of 1989. It crosses natal Icarus in the spring of 1990. Since the charts of Bush and the U.S. seem most challenging in the fall of 1989, and since the charts of Iran pointed to possible struggles at that time, I calculated the Libra Ingress chart for several cities in the Near East. Somewhat to my surprise, the Ascendant in Jerusalem and in Beirut seemed more highlighted than Teheran or Damascus. In another article in this issue of The Mutable Dilemma, I commented that asteroids America and Fanatica would be conjunct in early Virgo in the Libra Ingress, closely followed by Arabia and Attila. They fall on the Ascendant in Jerusalem and Beirut! The MC for both cities is the IC in Israel’s natal chart. It is also quincunx Uranus but trine the Sun. Medea is conjunct the true south node of the Moon and square Winchester which is just before the MC. Icarus and Pittsburgh are on Pluto. The aspects may just describe the continuous state of riots and violence which has killed many Palestinian children; Winchester for guns and Medea for the death of children, Icarus for overreach with Pittsburgh and Pluto for power struggles. It is hard to imagine worse violence in Lebanon than we have seen in recent weeks. The Spanish Ambassador has just been killed as The Mutable Dilemma is in its last round of proof-reading. But I was concerned when I read that Iraq was again planning to build a nuclear facility with funds provided by Saudi Arabia. Israel bombed Iraq’s previous nuclear facility when it was partially constructed.

P. Hiroshima 20 Cap. 31 Rx

Despite the tensions suggested in the Libra Ingress chart, the aspects in Israel’s own horoscope do not seem as challenging this year as the collection of aspects which will be present at the very end of the century, in 1999 to 2000. Israel has a progressed New Moon in 2001, pointing to a major new cycle at that time. But I was especially interested in the aspects involving one of the newest asteroids in our collection: Hiroshima. The asteroid was discovered in 1960, but just named within the last few months “in the hope that this planet may be a symbol for world peace.” The city of Hiroshima, Japan, was the site of the first atomic bomb to be used in war. One test bomb was detonated in New Mexico just a couple of weeks before the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in August 1945. In 2000, as you can see in the accompanying chart, the P MC in Jerusalem will have just reached P Hiroshima which will be quincunx the conjunction of P Vesta and P Saturn. P Sun will be octile Mars, quincunx the Ascendant and trioctile natal MC. It will also be sextile-trine the nodes of the Moon which suggests at least some ability to use intelligence and judgment. But P Ascendant will be entering Taurus in a square to Vesta in the sixth house. P Mars will reach the square to P Uranus while it still trines natal Sun. Aspects involving all the fire planets along with Uranus can indicate impulsive judgment and rash behavior. At the same time, P Venus, P Uranus, and P Mercury are conjunct with overlapping orbs and are all opposite Jupiter, while P Moon will cross the Gemini group during the late winter of 1999 and the early months of 2000. The long term aspects mentioned above remain in effect. I hope that humanity will be able to move toward some kind of compromise on the Palestinian issue before these aspects arrive.

The asteroid Hiroshima proved to be dramatic in a number of the nuclear charts in my collection. Fermi was the scientist who directed the effort which produced the first controlled chain reaction by splitting the atom. He was born in Rome but the scientific breakthrough came in Chicago. At Fermi’s birth, nearly 60 years before the asteroid was discovered and named for the nuclear disaster, Hiroshima was on Fermi’s Descendant to the degree. By the first chain reaction, it had progressed to conjunct his P MC in Chicago. When the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, the transiting asteroid opposed that progressed position in Fermi’s chart while transiting Mars was conjunct it. Many other aspects were present, but I think I will save them for a fuller treatment of the asteroid in a later issue of The Mutable Dilemma or Asteroid-World. Unfortunately, I do not have the positions of Hiroshima for the U.S. charts. Mark is calculating the new ones on our newer and faster computer, but since the disks are smaller, they are only being calculated back to about 1890. In time, we will do another run with Hiroshima for the 1775 to 1801 period to include the national horoscopes of the U.S. and Great Britain.

For now, we need to work toward forgiveness and peace in the world.

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