Asteroid-World Spring 1992

Zip Dobyns

What a week for California! On Wednesday April 22, we had a 6.1 earthquake near Joshua Tree that was felt as far as Santa Barbara in the north, San Diego in the south, and Las Vegas in the east. (A preliminary smaller quake hit earlier in the day near Desert Hot Springs.) On Saturday-Sunday April 25-6, a quake and two aftershocks hit in the Ferndale-Petrolia area, ranging from 6.1 to 6.9 in magnitude. The psychic prediction by Scallion of an earthquake southeast of Los Angeles which I reported in the last The Mutable Dilemma was partly right. Scallion said it would be 30 to 50 miles from L.A. and it was over 100, but he got the direction right. I had been dubious about the direction since we had had a series of quakes with each successively farther toward the northwest. Scallion also missed the date (it was supposed to occur by mid- January) but timing is notoriously difficult for psychics, and he was right on a magnitude above 6. Despite the high magnitudes, greater than any since the Santa Cruz quake in October 1989 which killed several dozen people, there were no deaths in these April quakes and even the property damage was relatively modest due to the location of the epicenters in areas with limited population.

The same could not be said for the human violence which erupted in Los Angeles on Wednesday, April 29. The verdict in the Rodney King case was announced live on TV at 3:15 P.M., acquitting four white police officers of using undue force when they beat King into submission. By now, almost everyone with access to a TV has probably seen the video tape of King being clubbed and kicked by the officers as he lay on the ground, and most people were amazed or shocked at the jury’s decision. For blacks in Los Angeles who had waited months for the verdict, the almost total whitewash of the officers who seriously injured the black victim, was the “last straw” which followed years of experiencing harassment at the hands of white police officers in Los Angeles. At 5:25 P.M. at Normandie and Florence in south-central Los Angeles, the riot began with attacks on passing white motorists (and later on Hispanics and Koreans as well), and mobs began looting stores and setting them on fire. The police were conspicuous by their absence, and within a few hours, large areas of Los Angeles became war zones.

I was in Kansas for the earthquakes, but flew into L.A. at 4:30 P.M. on the 29th, just in time for the revolution. I was ahead of the smoke which shut down the airport for a while, and the attacks on motorists leaving the airport, but my car which was parked on the street in front of my house did have one window smashed during the night in a drive-by attack. I left for Dodona early Thursday afternoon and got out of town before the freeways were gridlocked, so I have been following the news about Dante’s Inferno from our small Paradise in the country east of San Diego.

At this point, the curfew has been lifted but the living conditions of the L.A. “underclass” are more desperate than ever. About 6,000 National Guards and State Highway Officers have joined the L.A. police department to patrol the streets after the deaths of an estimated 58 people, mostly young black males, and the destruction of about 1600 Korean shops along with many black- owned businesses and a variety of outlets for national chains. All the attacks were reportedly on commercial buildings though in some cases, nearby homes were burned by spreading flames. Firefighters were unable to help in most cases, both because of the sheer number of fires and because they were attacked by the mobs and could only deal with fires when they had police protection. Part of the time, three new fires a minute were being reported. Estimated destruction as of Monday was at $700 million and rising. By Wednesday, as this issue of Asteroid-World was nearing completion, some estimates were as high as 3 billion dollars. The courts are overwhelmed with thousands of arrests which will add to the city’s costs. But, as usual, the poor are suffering the most. Most of the damage was done in minority neighborhoods so residents are now forced to go miles for basic necessities since their local stores have been destroyed, and at the same time public transport has been cut back. Local jobs also disappeared with the stores, and the tax rolls will lose money while welfare costs rise. L.A. may also lose as much as a billion dollars in tourist money as tour groups cancel planned visits to the city. Many small store owners could not afford insurance, had inadequate insurance, or had clauses in their policies denying payment for damage due to civil unrest.

L.A.’s police chief, Gates, is blamed for the high level of police harassment of minorities. He is finally to be replaced by a black police chief from Philadelphia who may start the process of healing the hostile climate. Some analysts are also wondering whether the failure of the police to act quickly to quell the riot might have stemmed from Gates’ wish to justify police brutality by showing what can happen when they are held back. Gates had said in advance of the verdict that he had a reserve fund of one million dollars to cover possible extra costs of handling black protests after the King verdict was announced. But hours after the verdict was aired, Gates was at a fund raising event designed to defeat a law providing more civilian supervision of the police department. The police in the areas with the initial disturbances were repeatedly ordered to withdraw to staging areas because they lacked the manpower to handle the mobs, but if they had stopped the initial violence immediately, it might have limited the outburst. In their staging areas, the police were repeatedly told to go out but then the orders were cancelled. Altogether, media watchers said that the police were ordered out of disturbed areas 9 times. Many were very frustrated and some thought that their leaders were confused.

It seems likely that televised pictures from media helicopters which showed the violence and burning buildings helped to spread the rioting so within a couple of hours, it was beyond the capacity of any civil forces to contain. One helicopter broadcaster soon after the verdict told the receptive audience that “he didn’t see any fires yet.” But the TV pictures also kept firemen informed so they could choose the most dangerous fires to fight once they got police protection. The police taped the TV shots of looters as evidence for future charges. And the TV led four black heroes, I think including two women, to rescue the trucker who was the first to be attacked. They drove him to a hospital where his life was saved. The white trucker was named Reginald Denny and I was struck by the synchronicity of the name. Martin Luther King remains a major black martyr in the struggle for social justice in the U.S. Rodney King became a new archetype of injustice for blacks. Denny’s first name is from the root word for kings as is seen in words like “regicide,” “regal,” regent,” “regalia,” etc. Reginald Denny is now the archetype for whites, supporting fear of blacks as the video film of his beating circles the world, following the original video of King.

We can do charts for the King verdict at Simi Valley where the trial of the four officers took place, and for the start of the riots in L.A. I suspect that the jury reported their inability to decide one count against the most vicious of King’s attackers at about 3 P.M. since this time puts asteroid King on the East Point in both Simi and L.A. which is similar to having it on the Ascendant—action involving King. By 3:15 when the verdict was read in the courtroom, the East Point had moved to conjunct Vesta which we find so often aspected when a narrow focus on a chosen “job” injures and alienates others. Also, by 3:15 P.M., the Antivertex had moved into an exact conjunction with Winchester which is so often connected to guns. The asteroid King was also in a trine to Pallas which I find associated with politics, lawyers, social justice etc. (as an issue), and it was quincunx Ceres (the capacity to nurture or the need for it) and more widely quincunx the Moon in Aries. The rioting in L.A. reportedly started at 5:25 P.M. and the transiting Moon moved into a one-degree- orb quincunx to King at 5:28 to form an exact yod with Ceres. King was also octile-trioctile a cardinal cross which included the Sun/Moon midpoint (in both the verdict and the riot charts), the heliocentric nodes of Saturn, Dolores (sorrow), Hispania (for the Hispanics caught in the melee), Industria (for the commercial targets of the looting and fires), and the Arabic Part of Saturn in the riot chart. The Arabic Parts which I use are mostly calculated with the formula of Ascendant plus planet minus Sun, so they change from minute to minute as the Ascendant shifts. The Arabic Part of Mars in the riot chart was conjunct the Ascendant/MC midpoint with a one-degree octile to both angles as the fires multiplied through the city. Within the first hour after the verdict, the Moon also moved into a one-degree trioctile to Pluto which was just five minutes of longitude past exact when passions broke loose.

Other aspects in the riot chart include Mercury opposite the Ascendant (within one degree) with Juno just above it opposite the midpoint of Ascendant/East Point, and Juno was also square the MC within one degree. Remember, Juno seems very Plutonian, with the potential for power struggles over money, possessions, pleasures, etc. The MC was just approaching an exact opposition to Uranus and Neptune so they were on the IC during the first few minutes when the police might have nipped it in the bud. Heliocentric Uranus was on the IC within one degree. Herberta was on Chiron in Leo in the tenth house with Washingtonia just a degree and a half higher so George Herbert Bush took the stage in Washington a day later. Bradley, (the name of the L.A. mayor), was just inside the sixth house in a trioctile to Herberta and Chiron. Within a few hours, Herberta moved into an octile to Wilson (our governor), and Bradley moved to square Wilson as both the state and federal governments were called on for help.

Mars was less highlighted than I expected, though it had a close octile to the Sun. But clues to a “Mars period in L.A.” turned up when I calculated the 1992 Aries Ingress for Los Angeles. Transiting Mars in the riot chart was square the L.A. Ingress Ascendant while the riot heliocentric (H) Mars had reached a conjunction with the Ingress geocentric (G) Mars and a conjunction with G Icarus at the riot. There were many other appropriate aspects between the two charts including the riot Saturn conjunct the Ingress Atlantis, the riot Watts on the Ingress Sun/Moon midpoint, the riot Moon square the Ingress lunar nodes while the riot nodes were square the Ingress Part of Death. Watts is the section of south-central L.A. which was badly damaged in the last serious riot in the city which was especially violent on August 12-13, 1965 though it started at 7:05 P.M. on August 11 when an L.A. policeman stopped a black motorist. Rodney King was just four months old when Watts erupted, born on April 2, 1965. Many witnesses felt a sense of deja vu when they watched Watts burning again in 1992.

As mentioned above, the King verdict was just one more straw on the scales of justice that suggested they are tilted against blacks. In an earlier incident, a Korean store owner shot and killed a 17 year old black woman suspected of robbery, when evidence suggested this was not the case, and the killer was let off with community service. In other states, supporting the black perception that our judicial system is against them, Willie Smith was acquitted on his rape charge while Mike Tyson went to jail. A black woman editor at the Los Angeles Times said in an interview that she did not know a single black male who had not been stopped and harassed by L.A. police, including doctors, lawyers and other professionals, with no reason given by the police other than that they “looked suspicious.” Can anything constructive come out of the national attention or will the despairing underclass just be pushed farther under the rug? Bush is trying to blame the attempts to help the poor in the 1960s for the present violence! Will Americans let him get away with that? Unfortunately, the answer is probably “yes,” at least for a couple more years. To see the blatant lies on the part of the elite, we have only to look at Western Europe which has an effective safety net for their poorer citizens and whose crime rate is minuscule compared to the U.S. We can also note the escalating crime rate in Eastern Europe now that they have the freedom to be jobless and hungry. If we do not learn to work together, we are headed for more revolutions.

The charts of my previous efforts to rectify California’s statehood are up in Los Angeles, but one of our subscribers telephoned me in Dodona to give me the dates when California adopted its constitution and when it was ratified by popular vote. After a little preliminary work, the latter does not look helpful, but the legal adoption of the constitution looks more promising. According to the state historical archive, the local legislature adopted the constitution on October 10, 1849, just under a year before the territory became a state in the U.S. on September 9, 1850. The time offered here, 2 P.M. LMT, is quite speculative, but has some very appropriate aspects for the wild weeks we are just finishing. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find where the government was operating, but we want to calculate the chart for L.A. anyway, since that is the current hot spot. An LMT of 2 P.M. puts 21 Scorpio 48 on the MC conjunct T Pluto. P Sun and P Venus are both at 11 Pisces quincunx natal Moon at 11 Leo and on October 29, the L.A. quotidian (Q) Ascendant was at 11 Capricorn to complete a yod to the Moon. Also, less than two weeks earlier, P Moon reached a square to the speculative natal Ascendant and a quincunx to natal Saturn. The quotidian angles move about one degree a day, so they can be quite helpful in rectification. The Q Ascendant reached the P Moon and the quincunx to Saturn on the second day of the riot. P Saturn in Aries in the second house holds a very long trioctile to the natal MC-IC axis, fitting authority figures using force to protect property with the potential of bending the LAW (MC) and the rights of at least some of the public (IC). P Ascendant squares Pluto, as an additional indication of potential power struggles over joint resources, and it opposes the natal Ascendant in Sacramento, our present state capital. The latter aspect fits a new stage in the state’s relationship to the world as the Ascendant moves above the horizon. Certainly, a lot of the world got a good look at the inadequacies of our system. Another relevant aspect involves P Mars in a long yod with a sextile to Uranus and a quincunx to Chiron, the latter in the tenth (Saturn) house. Mars and Uranus can certainly mark an invitation to rebellion, while Chiron (like Jupiter) brings up issues of moral principles in the exercise of the law by authorities (tenth house).

It will take much more work to test the chart, to see whether it provides reliable information. One test will come in early August to October this year when P Moon will reach a quincunx to P Saturn. Then, just a little later in November- December 1992, P Moon will be trioctile P Mars for another test period. IF the time is really right, P MC will start a two-year opposition to the natal Sun in December 1992 and an octile to Neptune in October 1992. In July, and less sensitive to time, P Sun will start an opposition to Jupiter. I have checked several past events including some earthquakes and Proposition 13 which reduced property taxes, and will be testing the chart for additional past events when I have time. Unfortunately, I have not found any confirmation of this date. The Encyclopedia Britannica mentions a constitution for California being framed in 1878-9.

The UAC in Washington, DC already seems like ancient history, but it was great fun with over 1300 people including representatives of at least 28 countries. I left early, so the final figures are probably larger. I had my annual conference in Kansas starting the Monday after Easter, so Maritha had to accept the Regulus award for me at the UAC banquet Monday night. Members of the three organizations sponsoring UAC vote on awards in several categories, and I received the award for education. One of the UAC panels which was quite stimulating was on the “best” chart for the U.S. As would be expected, all the five panelists had different ideas, and two members of the audience, Solte and Steinman, presented their ideas after the official panel, so we had an impressive range of charts and information. I mentioned David Solte’s proposal of the Articles of Incorporation as a chart for the U.S. in the last The Mutable Dilemma, and Murray Steinman has been mentioned in earlier issues of The Mutable Dilemma and/or Asteroid-World. He has done extensive research on the records in Washington, DC. We will probably all continue to use our own favorite chart(s), but I thought the session was well worth while, and it brought out information which was new to me.

One of the new (to me) charts was introduced by Alex Harvey, a panel member from Canada. Susan Manuel, another panel member, had a chart for the first meeting of our Supreme Court which I hope to explore and report on in the next The Mutable Dilemma. And would you like another chart that didn’t make it to UAC? The Uranian, published by the San Diego astrological association, followed up their articles by David Solte on a chart based on the Articles of Confederation with an alternate date for the same document. William Rickard thinks that rather than use the date when the Articles of Confederation were submitted to the colonies for ratification, we could use the date that Maryland, the last state, approved them—March 1, 1781. But Rickard doesn’t really favor the dates of the Articles of Confederation, and he also opposes the Constitution chart because Congress did not have a quorum on March 4, 1789 and it was April 6, 1789 before quorums were present for both Houses of Congress. Rickard thinks we should use the inauguration of George Washington as the real beginning of the country under a fully functioning government. He gives the time as 1:30 P.M. on April 30, 1789 in New York which is the time that is given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet from a channeled message from El Morya. Rickard does not give his source for the time, but I assume he got it from Prophet’s book.

Axel Harvey thinks that a country is not independent until the enemy has given up. His proposed chart for the U.S. is based on when we had actually won the war and were recognized by the British as an independent country. Benjamin Franklin was negotiating in Paris in the fall of 1782 when he was joined by John Jay, a tough young man. Jay got papers signed by the British which acknowledged that they were dealing with the United States of America. As with most of the proffered charts, there is no record of the time at which the papers were signed, but it happened in Paris on September 27, 1782. Harvey has rectified the time to 10:18 A.M. GMT, using his own unique techniques, Azimuth arcs. I have only done very preliminary testing of the chart, and am not impressed with it. I had previously worked with the chart for Cornwallis’ surrender on October 19, 1781, which marked the real end of the revolutionary war though there were some later encounters. But the chart did not work as well as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I had also worked with speculative (unknown time) charts for the day we signed the peace treaty with Britain in Paris on September 3, 1783, but again had been less satisfied with results. As is obvious by now, it is possible to make a case for literally dozens of stages in the birth of a country.

Despite the various arguments against the Declaration of Independence, I have found it to be a useful chart, fitting the major events of our history. The 9:36 A.M. EST chart for the Declaration is still my preferred one in terms of effectiveness, but I will also continue to watch the new (to me) 2:25 P.M. EST time for the Declaration. As an example of the controversy, Murray Steinman doubts the reliability of the Hancock material and denies Marc Penfield’s claim that the Continental Congress “always” adjourned at 4 P.M. But the classic principle in astrology is that the first occurrence in a series is the principle chart, even though additional modifications might occur later. So a case might still be made for the decision on final wording of the Declaration as the primary chart, with voting, signing, and even possible late afternoon “second guessing” discussions all being addenda to the initial action formulating what would be presented to the world. And, regardless of theory, the 11 Virgo rising chart continues to work the best for me, yet the 2:25 P.M. chart also has appropriate quotidian angles for the L.A. riots. Since I believe that multiple charts can be helpful for institutions including countries, I will continue to watch several, looking especially for the periods when the different charts support each other on timing and issues.

The last issue of The Mutable Dilemma included the birth data for H Ross Perot on the bottom of Hillary Clinton’s horoscope which was inserted as a postscript. Current polls are showing him running neck and neck with Bush and Clinton when he is actually only on the ballot in one state so far. Whether his odds will improve or diminish as the public learns more about him is an open question. Information from a biography about him and from a friend of former employees suggests that the public may become disenchanted as more information is revealed.

Perot was born just over six months before Yeltsin and Gorbachev as Clinton was born just six months before Quayle. Perot’s horoscope, like Gorbachev and Yeltsin, has a variety of cardinal squares for a power struggle life, whether in politics or business. His major lesson involves Libra, with his Saturn on the Descendant (the beginning of the Libra house), and his south lunar node in Libra. Everything I have heard about him reinforces the idea that his problems involve the sharing of power and the ability to compromise. His instinct is “Daddy knows best, and will take care of everything,” though he talks about becoming the “servant of the people.” But he doesn’t want any votes from people who disagree with his principles, and the implication is that they might as well save their breath rather than talk about a possible compromise. Perot’s Sun rules a tiny bit of the first house so it is part of his instinctive identification. Its position in the twelfth house conjunct Jupiter is an identification with both parent (Cancer) and God (Jupiter and the twelfth house). The Ascendant ruler in its own sign on Ceres repeats the parental identification and Mars conjunct Chiron repeats the identification with God. Pluto in the first house and Mars in Taurus bring in money, material possessions and pleasure and power as very important to his sense of himself and instinctive action while Leo in the second house connects his ego to money etc.

Perot has certainly been enormously successful in making money and in reaching personal goals. A long time associate interviewed by his biographer said that Perot’s personal image and money were the most important to him. But his personal warmth is also legendary among those who know him. He does function as a parent to his employees and in the past he extended his “family” concerns at least as far as the children of his home state. He personally pushed through major legal changes in the Texas educational system, spending millions of his own money along with his investment of time and effort. Some of the changes he pushed through have worked out well but others are quietly being revised or abandoned. I have also been told by a friend of two former employees that they left his employment because they felt “owned” by Perot who did not hesitate to phone them at 2 in the morning if he wanted something from them. Despite this, they still liked and admired him. Another former employee was quoted as saying he still felt a deep bond of loyalty to Perot, that if Perot phoned him at 2 A.M. and asked him to drive to Alaska and Perot would tell him what he wanted from him after he got there, the former employee would start out immediately without a question.

More troubling than his personal possessiveness (could we expect anything else from someone with six factors rising in Cancer?) are Perot’s verbal attacks on lobbying and fund raising by politicians when Perot himself has indulged in such practices. A speaker on public radio quoting from the biography on Perot claimed that Perot had made massive contributions to lobbyists and political funds to get $46 million in government funds for an airport he and his son were developing near Dallas, and that on another occasion, he had won the largest tax break ever granted to a private citizen—$15 million. Has he changed, or is he just another example of “do what I say, not what I do”?

Perot is certainly intellectually brilliant with Mercury closely sextile Uranus and semisextile Mars to further speed up the mind and tongue. And his secondary progressions are powerful in this crucial election year. He has P Ascendant conjunct natal Vesta and semisextile P Vesta showing the capacity for tunnel vision, laser focus, and total commitment to whatever he sees as his “job.” At the November election, his P Sun will trine P Saturn while P Moon sextiles natal Saturn, connecting both “lights” to the planet of executive power. P Mars is conjunct Jupiter for supreme faith in himself and his “destiny,” and P Chiron on natal Mars repeats the message. Natal Chiron on the midpoint of Ascendant/MC is an additional emphasis on the Chiron principle playing a major role in Perot’s life. But there is also plenty of conflict in the chart. P Venus squares P Pluto with both planets octile P Sun, so he might go through a lot of money if he starts to campaign seriously. Venus and Pluto are also octile-trioctile the midpoint of Perot’s Ascendant/MC in Washington, DC which is square P Sun. P Ceres is sextile the P Venus and semisextile P Pluto to partially harmonize the outlay, perhaps improving the chances of it being worthwhile. But P Ceres is also trioctile P Saturn. And P East Point is square Mars and P Chiron, suggesting difficulty in reaching his goals, or perhaps in staying “democratic” in the face of a natural inclination to be autocratic. P Mercury is trioctile natal Chiron which is closely conjunct natal Mars, adding to Perot’s tendency to blunt, uncompromising speech. Since P Sun is sextile natal Sun, P MC is also sextile natal MC and in solar arcs, Perot has all his directed planets sextile their natal positions. But P MC is also trioctile Saturn and approaching an octile to the Ascendant. The chart is strong enough that I would give Perot good odds if he were running as a candidate of either major political party, but as an Independent, his odds have to be rated lower.

Perot also has fascinating asteroids, but his own name asteroid, Henry for the H, is progressed to 4 Sagittarius 47 at the election so it is quincunx natal Sun and square P Sun. It does not picture a winner though it is semisextile P Saturn and sextile Juno. P Henry is also octile P Venus and P Juno and trioctile P Pluto. Natal Henry is in a grand trine to the natal MC and Ceres, fitting Perot’s business success. And I was amused to find P ASCII conjunct the natal MC as this computer software expert talks of getting information out to the world through computers. He could go places on computer networks. Other asteroids include natal Washingtonia and Halley’s Comet conjunct Venus. P Halley has moved to square natal America which is at 12 Taurus 50 and P America is conjunct natal Mercury as the media feature him in talk shows. P Halley is also opposite P Daniel and quincunx natal Herberta, fitting his potential contest with our current president and VP. P Washingtonia is on P Ascendant and natal Vesta, suggesting that his action and competence are affecting our nation’s capital, especially since they are all trioctile Perot’s local MC in Washington, DC. Other current patterns include P Aten and P Tokyo on the IC. Perot has successfully sold his computer software services in Japan.

One of our newest asteroids is Karma which I am watching to see if it lives up to its name. Perot’s P Sun is conjunct natal Karma in the third house so I am hoping that part of his Karma is to talk to the media about George Bush’s dirty secrets. He is aware of them and despises Bush and some of the apologists for the elite are already setting the stage for discrediting him with talk about Perot’s ridiculous conspiracy theories. Now and then, some of the more mainstream media do print information about Bush’s past. The July/August issue of The Humanist featured Bush and Noriega on the cover and their lead article included some of the facts Bush is still hoping will go away. The magazine is published by the American Humanist Association, and while its readership is probably not very large, it is read by educated and thinking people who probably vote. Returning to Perot’s chart, his P Karma is currently on Barbara. I wonder how much she knows about George’s hidden life? By the 1996 election, P Vesta will have caught up with P Karma, suggesting another important stage in Perot’s destined work in the world. P Henry reaches a conjunction to natal Georgia (a feminized George) in the latter part of 1994, the year that Bush’s chart shows serious trouble, and P Henry starts a square to P Herberta in early 1995. P Venus will reach a square to P George in the summer of 1994. Perot’s P Sun starts a square to natal Georgia in the summer of 1993 and his P East Point (personal action) is already square P Georgia. Well, we can hope, but Ollie North’s chart had P Nemesis on Georgia. He could have blown the whistle, but didn’t. The aspects certainly suggest friction between Henry and George Herbert, but they may just point to the political contest which George is likely to win.

Perot has a shot at the presidency in 1996 with P Sun trine natal Saturn and coming to a sextile to the Ascendant by the inauguration, and P Moon just about to enter Capricorn in a trine to P Ascendant which enters Virgo that year and starts a conjunction with Neptune in the fall. P Ascendant will also still be within orb of the sextile-trine to the lunar nodes and P Antivertex will be conjunct P Jupiter. P MC in Washington will conjunct Mercury but P MC from Perot’s birthplace will square Vesta and octile his local MC. Other conflict aspects include P Mercury square P Saturn and natal Sun. His knowledge and his mouth could get him in real trouble. His P Mars will move into an opposition to P Saturn during the term of office. If he really tried to change the system, he might need his own bodyguards to keep an eye on the government appointed ones.

I have already written repeatedly about Bush’s chart, but in light of the L.A. riots, we can note that his P Moon is on P Chiron and trioctile P Jupiter, raising ethical issues. Even more significantly, P Moon is just about to start the oppositions to natal and P Saturn which will last for approximately the next four months. Bush’s ratings are slipping again in the polls. A recent one put the three, Bush, Clinton, and Perot, neck and neck. I think we will continue to see him in trouble through the summer, but P Moon will also trine P Sun and sextile Mars as well as hold a sextile-trine to the nodes and a sextile to P Vesta. I think Bush will appear to be in trouble almost up to the election, but at the end P Moon moves into Taurus and forms a sextile to P Mars and semisextiles to Mercury and his local MC (if his time is right). At the inauguration in January 1993, Bush’s P Moon will sextile George, trine his local Ascendant and be on the P Descendant. His P Ascendant will be sextile his local Ascendant and trine George. P Herberta will be trine Pallas, our most political asteroid. P Georgia and P America are still conjunct each other as well as P Hispania and all three are sextile Pluto. They are also sextile P California so he is likely to win our state in spite of Perot’s current strong showing and Jerry Brown’s improving image in the state. The election may be a squeaker, but I think Bush will get it.

Before the end of the term, he may wish he hadn’t, though if his secrets are actually destined to finally come out, he would have less power to control the situation if he were a private citizen. One of the latest bits of information to come my way is from a client in Kansas. A friend of hers has been working with computer enhanced photographs of the crowd in Dallas, Texas who watched the shooting of President Kennedy. The computer expert claims that he has identified Bush’s face in the crowd! I have written before about the coming aspects which could signify a health crisis (for Bush or his wife), or a financial crisis in the country, or his past coming out, or all of the above. I have not previously mentioned transits which I tend to neglect, but T Saturn, our report card, is really important in Bush’s chart. It enters Pisces in May 1993 and stations square Bush’s Washington, DC MC and Mercury through much of the spring and summer. Also, as early as February 1993, T Saturn conjuncts P and natal south lunar node and Mars, so the term will be off to a challenging start. T Saturn stations again in October 1993 on Bush’s P south node and goes back over Mars, the natal node, P Vesta, P Mars and natal Vesta, opposing P Sun, the north node, and P Neptune, and then repeating the square to Mercury-local MC into January 1994. By February 1994 T Saturn is opposing Bush’s Washington Ascendant. In March, it squares his natal MC, and in April it opposes his birthplace Ascendant. Its June station in 12 Pisces might bring a respite with trines to P Venus, Pluto and Herberta, but T Saturn will also square the midpoint of natal and P Jupiter. From August 1994 through January 1995, T Saturn moves back through the aspects to Bush’s natal and local Ascendants and natal MC.

Since astrology shows issues and timing but the details in the life can vary, it is possible that other events will be occurring during these stress periods. Barbara Bush’s chart, like George’s, shows a variety of progressed conflict aspects in 1994, especially involving Uranus in her fourth house. In the spring of 1994, P Saturn starts a long trioctile to P Uranus, P Venus starts an opposition to P Uranus, and P Moon forms a trine. In the summer, P Sun starts a quincunx to P Uranus. Both the quincunx and the opposition are often associated with separations, which might mean a change of residence or of the occupants of the home. The most logical possibility would be a temporary stay in the hospital for either Barbara or George, though the patterns could mark a threat of impeachment and being kicked out. Aspects show possibilities, not certainties, so there could be a threat without it actually happening. In January 1995 P MC starts a trine to P Uranus so the threat (whatever it is) might blow over. But natal Uranus opposes the MC and often the progressed aspect shows the timing of events while the natal aspect shows the nature of the events—unless the person has grown and changed in the meantime.

Some of Barbara’s asteroid aspects include P George square Saturn for years, P Herberta starting an opposition to P Mars in February 1993 and a square to natal Ascendant in the fall of 1994, P Daniel conjunct the P Ascendant from the fall of 1992 for at least two years, and then conjunct P local Ascendant in Washington, DC. Some of the astrologers speaking at UAC are even more negative about Bush’s prospects during the next term, suggesting that he might not live out the term. Jim Lewis said “a vote for Bush is a vote for Quayle.” I think this is less likely, but must admit that both the Bush charts show strain. Barbara also has P Juno (the mate) opposite Mercury in Gemini in the seventh house and square Herberta in Pisces in the third house. The combination could certainly show some unfavorable attention from the media as hidden facts leaked out. One of the persistent rumors is that a long-term secret mistress is about to blow the whistle and talk to the media. That would fit Bush’s conflict aspects involving Venus, Juno, and the Moon, not to mention his seventh house Uranus square to his Sun. Returning to Barbara’s chart, her P Henry will be just starting a square to Barbara’s seventh house natal Sun in time for the election in 1996, a potential indication that her partner is still fighting H Ross. Since George will not be running again, this might mean that Perot is still trying to reveal George’s past or to make him answer for it in some way. P Pluto holds a lifetime conjunction with Barbara in her chart, and P Jupiter holds a long-term opposition to Barbara, but they are sextile-trine her Washington MC so she looks protected. P Washingtonia is on her Washington MC for some years, sextile Pluto and Barbara as well as trine P Jupiter, so again, she looks protected.

Though her chart does show conflict, Barbara also has many aspects which look like success in the current election. P Venus trines Jupiter and P MC is sextile both P Venus and Jupiter. P Mercury trines Pallas and sextiles Saturn. P Ceres on Mars and P Vesta on Ceres could mean changes in her work or just personal action and taking her job seriously. Since she has indicated that she would really like to retire from Washington, her harmonious aspects could even mean getting that wish, but I am reading the picture the other way. Barbara even has Halley’s Comet connected to her husband’s political opponents with P William (for Bill Clinton) on natal Halley and P Halley on natal Henry! Astrology continues to blow me away!

As a final P.S., the latest word that has reached me claims that the supposed “birth certificate” time for Bill Clinton is unverified and he may have been born at 7:30 A.M. as he indicated to an inquiring astrologer!?! Getting accurate times of public figures can be frustrating.

In my country retreat, I’ve been out of touch with Seraphita, and we don’t have a current offering from her on the asteroids, but by the next issue we hope she will be back and we will also be reporting the publication of a new reference on the sources of asteroid names. Dr. Bremer is one of the contributors to this new compendium by the scientific community.

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