Asteroid-World Winter 1992

Zip Dobyns

Those cardinal ingress charts we’ve been seeing with Virgo angles in Washington, DC were an accurate indication of the growing concern over disappearing jobs. 91,000 jobs are said to have ended in January 1992, 300,000 since October 1991, and about 2 million during the year of 1991. Of course, the U.S. is not the only country with the problem. All of the formerly communist countries are facing increased unemployment. As I may have mentioned in the last Asteroid-World, New Zealand has its own phrase for the mounting problem—fired workers are said to have been “made redundant.” Laborers, people without special skills or training, have always realized that their jobs were threatened by machines and ever since the beginning of the modern industrial revolution, they have periodically tried to destroy the mechanical enemy. Of course, the efforts were futile. It is variations on greed and self-centeredness which produce the extreme disparities of wealth which create the problems. Blavatsky said that all sin stems from “belief in separation.” That belief is the source of actions seeking personal profit at the expense of others. With modern technology, we could produce enough to provide food, clothing, and shelter for everyone if we could share effectively. But humanity is a long way from that level of awareness. There are too many willing to be parasitical, to do as little as possible, when the system pays them whether or not they work (permitted under communism and occurring illicitly with some welfare recipients under capitalism). And there are too many who take more than they could ever use if they can do it successfully (encouraged under capitalism and occurring illicitly under communism). Even Presidential candidate Bob Kerrey who is billed as a liberal and has made national health care the center of his campaign does not provide insurance for health care for some of the workers in his restaurants. And, he is a millionaire, with 8 restaurants and 3 health centers in Nebraska, though they are jointly owned with relatives so he does not have total control of them.

I have been working on the presidential contest, even though it is months away and the Democrats have several contenders who are yet to meet head on. Unfortunately, I do not have birth times for anyone except our former governor, Jerry Brown, and I have not dug out his chart since he is as unlikely to win as the nearly invisible former mayor of Irvine, California, Larry Agron. As this is written, Clinton has been the front runner in New Hampshire but enough personal issues have been aired about his character to make people wonder. Tom Harkin has just won a landslide victory in the Iowa caucuses, 76.7% of the delegates selected on February 10 in his home state with most of the votes counted. But few expect the results to have much effect on the other primaries since most of the rest of the Democratic candidates did not campaign there, conceding the state to Harkin. In fact, some commentators expect the Iowa situation to simply make New Hampshire more important. Tsongas, a politician from Massachusetts, the neighboring state to New Hampshire, has been gaining ground on Clinton as we approach the first real primary which is scheduled for February 18. But Tsongas is written off by most observers as lacking the fire and charisma needed to win the Presidency. Harkin and Kerrey are the two liberals of the Democrats (omitting Jerry Brown who is in a class by himself) and they are apparently fighting it out for third place in New Hampshire. I am experimenting with a totally speculative time of 12:51 P.M. for Kerrey. If that time is right, his P Moon will cross his Descendant soon after the New Hampshire primary and he might drop out of the race as governor Wilder has. None of the Democratic contenders have managed to attract much money so far, and it costs an incredible amount to finance a nationwide campaign.

In spite of the negative reports about Clinton’s infidelity and more recently his escape from having to serve in Vietnam, his asteroids and Halley’s Comet seem to give him an edge for the nomination. He was born in Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1946; 33 N 40, 93 W 35.5. His P Saturn is in a long term conjunction with Halley in 6 to 7 Leo. (Quayle was born just six months later and has P Halley in a long conjunction with natal Saturn in 4 Leo). Clinton also has T Halley conjunct his natal Sun at 26 Leo at the election in November 1992. George Bush has his P Sun in the same degree! Harkin has his natal Sun at 26 Scorpio, square T Halley, while Tsongas has his natal Sun in opposition at 26 Aquarius. If you remember 1988, Dukakis had his N and P Halley square his natal Sun and opposite his Saturn-MC. Bush had his P Sun on his natal Halley when he was elected Vice President in 1980. T Halley was on his natal Sun when he was inaugurated in 1984. T Halley was on his natal Ascendant in Washington, DC when he swept the southern primaries on super Tuesday in the spring of 1988 and clinched the nomination and again when he was inaugurated as President in January 1989. If the birth time of 11:38 A.M. EDT which Bush gave to inquiring astrologers is accurate, his P MC will conjunct natal and then P Halley from October 1993 through 1997. Whether or not he serves another four years as our president, he is going to be doing power numbers in the world.

As I have written before, I think that comets represent the fire principle. Many seem like Mars, with traditions associating them with war and other disasters. But Halley, our most famous comet which comes into the solar system about every 65 years, has been noticed by humans and recorded for thousands of years. I think it is probably closer to being like a mini Sun, connected to prominence and power. Chiron, which may be a comet and even, according to one theory, the source of all short-period comets, is closer to the Jupiter principle. If Bush does win, Halley supports the rest of his chart which pictures power struggles and an intense term of office.

Bush is approaching a T-square between P Sun opposing P Mars with both square natal Mercury, ruler of his Ascendant and MC. The aspects will be forming in 1994-5. P Mercury is moving into a quincunx to natal Mars and south lunar node. P Vesta will also move to conjunct the south lunar node and P George will move out of orb of its conjunction with natal Mars just before the election but it will still be on the true south lunar node. While all of these patterns might just symbolize the inevitable stresses of the job, I suspect that Bush is headed for more health problems. During this election year, P Mercury is quincunx P south node and natal Chiron-Ceres, forming a yod. This pattern, along with others, could mean a major change like losing the election and leaving the White House, but I think it is more likely to mean new troubles during the term of office with perhaps temporary periods of incapacity. Bush’s P Juno is holding the conjunction with his Moon and the square to Venus which was set off by his P Moon in the fall of 1991 when we had the expected uproar involving women. The issue turned out to be sexual harassment rather than abortion as I had guessed, but the principle of trouble involving women was accurate. Bush is not out of the woods in either area, abortion or harassment. P Sun is also going to continue the octile to Pluto through 1994 and it repeats the potential for financial problems suggested by the Juno (like Pluto) on Moon (second house) square Venus (ruler of Taurus). As I have written before, predicting details is risky since stress aspects can indicate losing the election, not getting what you wanted, OR wishing you had lost it when winning brings heavy problems.

The personal name asteroids also suggest the potential for a Bush-Clinton confrontation. Bush has P Williams square his P Sun-local East Point-Mars-lunar nodes. P Karma (a new asteroid) is conjunct natal Williams with both opposite natal Daniel and Hoover and all of them square the Ascendant/MC midpoint axis. These are cardinal signs in fixed houses, the epitome of potential power struggles. We lack a birth time for Clinton, but the asteroids are slow enough to use with the planets, leaving out the Moon. William Clinton has P Williams opposite natal Herberta, P Herberta quincunx natal Williams, and P Georgia (named for one of the English Kings named George) square natal Williams. P George is also conjunct natal Rockefellia, square natal Pallas (an asteroid much connected to politics) and octile P Pluto. (Rockefeller money is probably helping George Herbert). Of course, Clinton and Bush are running in the same primaries but Bush is running against Buchanan and Clinton against the other Democrats so they will not really confront each other unless Clinton gets the Democratic nomination. Time will tell. If Clinton can do well in New Hampshire, as a “southern son” his odds in the south may be better than the other candidates, and he might get the nomination almost “by default” unless a dark horse such as Mario Cuomo comes into the race late. Clinton’s chart is loaded with fire and air. Since we lack houses and angles, we can only count zodiac sign placements which I consider quite inadequate, but doing that puts only his Moon in an earth sign (Taurus) and everything else including the four basic asteroids, Chiron and the nodes are in air or fire signs. No wonder they called him “slick Willy,” and he seems able to let the media onslaught run off without getting all shook up. Of course no element is ever missing. Clinton has Neptune closely conjunct Mars which brings water into his sense of identity and instinctive actions. When we get his houses, he will undoubtedly have planets in earth and water houses. I hope someone can get Clinton’s birth time!

For readers who want to check the other candidates, Paul Tsongas was born on February 14, 1941, I think in Boston. Tom Harkin was born in Cumming, Iowa on November 19, 1939. Bob Kerrey was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on August 27, 1943. He is the only one who doesn’t have a Sun at 26 degrees of a fixed sign. Maybe that is a clue to his dropping out before the rest. Many asteroid names were “feminized” by having an “a” added to them, and they seem to work for the people of either sex who have the name. Paula in the chart of Paul Tsongas has a variety of conflict aspects but none with Herberta or George or Georgia. P Mars and P Pluto are opposite each other and both square natal Paula. P north lunar node is quincunx Paula and if Tsongas was born in the middle of the day, his Moon is also quincunx Paula. P Paula is conjunct P Williams with both square Juno, fitting his primary confrontation with William Clinton. Also, his P Halley squares natal Williams. A noon chart (which sometimes seems to work even though the individual was not born then) puts Tsongas’ P Ascendant square natal Paula and his P East Point octile P Paula. His natal noon Ascendant is octile natal Williams. Tsongas does have aspects of other planets to George, Georgia and Herberta, but not from his own name asteroid. His P Uranus is conjunct George and octile Herberta. Natal Saturn is conjunct Georgia and natal Venus squares it. If he did face George Herbert next November, his odds would be pretty poor. In Bush’s chart, there is a tight 4-way conjunction in 11 Virgo of P Hispania, P Georgia, P America, and P Paula. That is the degree which I believe is rising in our Declaration of Independence chart. Bush has natal Antivertex and P MC on his natal Paula. Aspects such as square, quincunx and opposition more obviously fit a contest, but conjunctions can certainly point to a confrontation of some kind. Mark found a fairly new asteroid named “Paul” without the feminine “a” on the end, so I have just added that to Tsongas’ chart but it didn’t offer him much encouragement. P Uranus stays in a long quincunx to his natal Paul and P Mercury squares it. P Paul is quincunx Pluto, square the south lunar node and P America, and trioctile P Jupiter, Columbia and Nemesis.

Bush’s only Republican rival (if we exclude David Duke) is Patrick Buchanan. I am tentatively looking at Patricia as our feminized Patrick. Bush has P Patricia quincunx natal George and at the inauguration in January 1993, P Moon moves into a quincunx to Patricia to form a yod. P Moon will also oppose P Ascendant and P Daniel. There are certainly a lot of separation aspects in Bush’s chart, so we can’t rule out a defeat in the election though I suspect the patterns indicate health problems interfering with his job. This would bring Quayle into increasing power though I do not think Bush will be sufficiently incapacitated to give Quayle full power. Patrick Buchanan was born on November 2, 1938, possibly in Washington, DC. He has at least lived there most of his life. His natal chart (for noon since we lack a birth time) has Patricia opposite George and quincunx Herberta. P Patricia is quincunx Georgia, opposite P Williams, and trioctile P Daniel. It is also opposite P Apollo, a sun god for fame and power, and square P Washington. There are lots more aspects with the “normal” planets but I doubt that Pat Buchanan is going anywhere. Still, he might make enough trouble for Bush to hurt him, as Teddy Kennedy did when he ran against Jimmy Carter in his bid for a second term in 1980.

We can theoretically use the asteroid Thomas for Tom Harkin, but much of what I am writing here is still completely speculative. We calculated some of the personal name asteroids so that I could try them out on this election. Thomas, Daniel, Roberts, Roberta, and Paul have just been added to my list. Patricia and Paula were calculated for female friends and I have just started watching to see whether they “work” for males with related names. Tom Harkin has Thomas on his mean north lunar node. Since P south node holds a conjunction for years to Saturn and Vesta in Aries, the combination is a tough one. P Saturn also holds a long conjunction to Vesta and P Vesta holds a conjunction for some years to the south node. Such patterns show an intensely driven person. P Jupiter and P Mars have also moved into Aries, Pluto holds a long conjunction to Pallas in Leo, and natal Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Sagittarius so Harkin is certainly loaded with fire. But despite his strong will and courage, it is unlikely that his campaign will do much outside of his home state. We can’t make final statements, especially when we lack the birth time, but unless Harkin’s Moon or angles prove to have aspects, P Thomas is exceptionally weak with only a semisextile to natal Venus and a square to P Moon when the chart is calculated for noon. Looking at some of the other asteroids, P Washington is quincunx natal Thomas and P Pallas squares N Thomas as well as P Vesta and the lunar nodes. P Williams sextiles N Thomas and is quincunx P Pallas. I liked Harkin’s talk the best of any I have heard, but I can’t be very optimistic about his chances. In contrast to Harkin, Bush has P Washington conjunct his P MC, and natal Antivertex, Thomas, and Paul, as well as trine P Jupiter, natal Atlantis, and P Antivertex. The preceding combination at 11 Leo does square natal Herberta but P Herberta is in a grand trine to Venus and P Pallas along with a semisextile to Moon and P Juno. I mentioned above the grouping in 11 Virgo and they are sextile natal Herberta at 11 Scorpio. Natal Pluto was trine Herberta for his inherited money but P Pluto is out of orb. Bush also has his local P East Point just coming to natal Herberta right after the election. Bush’s P Saturn at 27 Libra is on natal Thomas in Harkin’s chart and Bush’s local Antivertex squares it. Only a few of the relevant aspects have been mentioned but I know that such lists are very boring. I have written in some of the meaningful asteroids on the charts which are included so readers can see additional aspects.

In addition to the U.S. election which will occupy a lot of time and space in the media this year, the current name-calling spat between Japan and the U.S. is getting a lot of attention. Japan became legally independent of U.S. military occupation on April 28, 1952. Their horoscope might be drawn for 0 A.M. in Tokyo or for the time of their official ceremony. I have usually found that the legal time (0 A.M.) worked well in such cases. The horoscope for that time puts P Moon in Scorpio in the tenth house in an opposition to P America, fitting our mutual anxiety over security and power. P Herberta is on the Descendant within four minutes of longitude, and when the chart is relocated to Washington, DC, P Herberta is on the Ascendant within 20 minutes of longitude. The Ascendant-Descendant conjunction is a beautiful picture of our alternation between being partners and open enemies. The Japanese chart also has strong connections with Bush’s chart. The nodes are reversed, north on south, and Japan’s Antivertex is also on Bush’s south node and Mars. In its own chart, Japan has natal George opposite natal Nippon and octile natal Tokio, aspects which fit their uneasy relationship with our President. P Nippon (Japan) is conjunct P China and P Fortuna, square the P nodes and P Juno, and quincunx P George and octile natal Herberta. The Japanese are investing increasingly in China. Another fascinating hint about the nature of the Bush-Japan relationship is the latter’s P Icarus conjunct Bush’s natal Icarus. Regular readers will remember some incredible charts where two people had a mutual Icarus conjunction and acted out a variety of what the French call “folie a deux,” doing things that neither would have done without the spur of a mutual love/hate relationship. There are lots more aspects but I will just mention that natal Daniel is two degrees short of a conjunction with the Descendant in Japan’s chart, limiting ourselves to the usual one-degree orb, and P Washington is currently conjunct Daniel approaching the Japanese Descendant. Is our Daniel going to play a role in Washington’s interaction with their partner-rival?

One of my recent pastimes has been the acquisition of the personal name asteroids for the periods of our U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Mark has been reluctant to calculate the asteroids for earlier periods since their small size makes them subject to perturbations (a shift in their orbits due to gravitational influences) and we do not have sightings from earlier centuries to check the accuracy of the calculations. But, everything we are doing with asteroids is still pretty tentative and speculative. I call it “game-playing.” So I am going to continue forecasting (as in this case with the election) and then watching to see what happens. That is the way astrology has grown over the centuries as humans watched the sky and the earth and noted the meaningful parallels.

I had Herberta for the last election, and it confirmed Bush winning the presidency with P Herberta on our Constitution’s local MC and P local Ascendant on natal Herberta. P local Ascendant is now past Herberta but P Herberta will stay on the local and then birthplace MC until 2002. This could support re-election for Bush but also it may just show the influence he will continue to have on our government due to his Supreme Court appointments. P Herberta is also trine the Antivertex in Washington, DC. But in two to three years after the election, P Herberta starts an opposition to Saturn, soon after the time that Bush’s personal chart shows increasing stress. Also in the chart for our Constitution, P Georgia is trine natal Moon, semisextile P Juno, and octile-trioctile the P lunar nodes. P George is sextile P Saturn and square Pluto suggesting that Bush could get the executive position (Saturn) but have serious problems with the debt (Pluto) among other things. P George is making a station and turning retrograde during 1993 to 1995 at 18 Taurus 49, so the P Sun and P MC will move into an octile-trioctile to George. They are octile-trioctile P Daniel through 1991-2. The local P MC will come into the octiles to P Daniel and then P George within the next few years. The responsibility of those offices is enormous, and the years ahead are certainly going to test anyone who holds the offices.

At first, it looks hopeful for Harkin when we see P Venus conjunct N Thomas, but then we note that P Venus is square Uranus, quincunx P MC and south lunar node (a yod), and octile the East Point with a weak semisextile to P Sun the only possibly supportive aspect. Many astrologers still have some doubts on whether to consider the semisextile a harmonious or a stress aspect, and it may depend on the planets, signs, and houses involved. The Constitution P Sun does not reach the semisextile to natal Thomas until six months after the election, about the time that P Moon is starting squares to the local and then natal MC and to natal Saturn-Sun. The spring of 1993 looks tense. The asteroids with the names of the other Democratic contenders look equally dubious in the Constitution chart progressed to the November 1992 election. P Williams squares the local Ascendant. P Roberts is quincunx the Ascendant. P Roberta is opposite P Saturn and quincunx Pluto. Patricia rang bells in the Constitution chart. P George will be ending a square to natal Patricia during the summer of 1992, presumably after Patrick has given up. P Karma is quincunx Patricia, but the crowning touch is P Pluto holding a lifetime (so far) conjunction with Patricia while P Patricia in Pisces is in a very long term opposition to the MC in Washington, DC. What a picture of an isolationist who wants to shut out the rest of the world to protect the worshipped homeland.

Turning to the Declaration of Independence, we hit one of the biggest controversies in astrology, the arguments over the timing of the chart. I am sticking with the 9:36 A.M. EST time of my rectification as the chart which “works” best in my tests. A Scorpio rising chart is now being promoted, supposedly based on a record, but I cannot make the chart fit our history. It is possible to have several charts for an organization or country since they are born in stages. The time I am using is based on the recorded order of business and is presumably the time the Continental Congress voted on the final wording of the Declaration. Hancock may have signed it later, but the will of the group was expressed in the vote.

Looking at our personal name asteroids in the Declaration chart progressed to the election, we see that P Herberta is conjunct P Sun, trine P Mars, and semisextile P Moon. P George is semisextile Mars, Chiron, and P local Ascendant, sextile P Ceres, octile Jupiter and quincunx Juno. P Georgia is sextile Pallas, semisextile-quincunx the P mean nodes, and square P Neptune. P Williams is square Mars, quincunx Chiron and semisextile Juno though it does trine P Moon at the inauguration. P Thomas is square the Sun and P MC which are opposite each other and it is octile P Vesta. P Roberts and P Roberta are just over one degree apart with quincunxes to the P south lunar node. P Roberta is also quincunx Pluto, semisextile P Vesta and octile the Antivertex. P Roberts is trine Pallas and square P Neptune. Though there are some harmonious aspects, they are mostly not nearly as strong as Bush’s names. P Daniel also has astonishingly positive aspects with a sextile to natal Daniel, sextile-trine to the natal nodes, and trine to P Uranus and local MC (in my rectified time). P Venus is quincunx natal Patricia in the Declaration chart, and P Patricia is quincunx the north lunar node and P Uranus and local MC (a yod) as well as opposite natal Jupiter. I think Pat Buchanan is going to separate from his dreams of power. Since forecasting details with astrology is still educated guessing, I am very curious to see how the election turns out.

No matter who wins the election, our country and the world still have to muster uncommon wisdom to handle the current economic problems. The financial newsletters I get and the recent financial seminar I attended keep repeating dire forecasts for Japan, but their horoscopes look as if they would successfully handle the challenges. Obviously, they will have problems as the competition in the world keeps intensifying and the U.S. talks of increasing tariffs while local companies urge people to “buy American.” But many of the cars carrying GM, Ford, or Chrysler names are being made in other countries while many Hondas, Toyotas etc. are being made in the U.S. The big multinational companies go where they can get cheap labor and then complain when the unemployed workers in the U.S. do not have the money to buy their products. I have previously mentioned a newsletter called Strategic Investments which has been predicting a serious depression. But I have also been impressed by a man called Martin Armstrong. He writes for the journal Cycles and I recently had a chance to see a two hour video of a seminar he conducted in Tokyo. Armstrong is cautiously optimistic about the near term, convinced that the government and the FED will inflate to keep the economy going and to stay on top of the debt. Armstrong says that our real danger period is more likely to start about 1994 to 1995 as the federal debt will be approaching the point where the interest could take most of our revenue. At present, the interest is the biggest item on the budget after the military, but it will soon be the biggest as the military is cut and the debt continues to grow at the rate of 200 billion a year or more. At present, the proportion of our GNP that goes to pay interest on the debt is actually less than Japan and much less than Canada, but at the rate that our debt is compounding, we will pass them within a few years.

The financial conference which I attended on January 30 through February 1 had another speaker who impressed me. Ken Coleman lives in Carlsbad, California and he tracks the FED and money flows in and out of the stock market. He explained one of the current facts which had puzzled me. Prior to the last year of so, many writers had claimed that the FED could not lower the interest rates very much because the dollar would lose its value and no one would buy our bonds which the government has to sell to finance our debt. But in 1991, the interest rates were pushed down and the U.S. bonds have continued to sell. I had also read that the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basle, Switzerland had ordered the banks of the world to increase their reserves to 8%. BIS is run by a representative from each of the central banks of the major industrial nations, such as the FED, the Bank of England, etc., and it is a real power behind the politicians of the world. Coleman pointed out the connection. To increase their reserves, the U.S. banks are buying the U.S. T Bills and Bonds, so the FED could lower the interest rates without risking a precipitous drop in the dollar. The banks are getting stronger. Debtors are helped by lower interest rates and the saved money can reduce the debt load and/or be spent and help the economy, though people who depended on interest income have lost a good chunk of their income. But that has pushed them into the stock market in hopes of a higher return which again benefits the elite who run the show. Coleman says that the need to raise the reserves had helped to create the credit crunch since the banks have cut back on their lending, but that within another 3 or 4 months, most of the sound banks will reach the 8% goal and will again start lending more money so the supply will increase and we will be off on another round of inflation. However, this will not immediately solve the unemployment problem, and if the government goes on borrowing at its current rate, we have only postponed the day of reckoning. Coleman picks the same period as Armstrong as a time of increasing danger—the middle of this decade. Just in time for Uranus to move into its own sign in 1995-6.

A recent movie about the assassination of John F. Kennedy has widened the public’s awareness of the controversy about his death. Many people have doubted that Kennedy was killed by Oswald. A movie taken at the time seemed to show a hidden person in the bushes ahead of the cavalcade. It was apparently edited to remove the person who was later identified by some people as one of the Watergate burglars. I have previously written about being told by a personal friend that a friend of hers was one of the nurses on duty in Dallas when Kennedy was brought into the hospital immediately after the shooting. The nurse said positively that Kennedy was killed by a bullet in the throat which came from in front of him. The only way to account for the medical statements made by doctors in Washington is to assume that someone did some corrective surgery to change the appearance of the wounds. Of course, such a story is third hand by the time it reached me, and worth nothing in a court of law. The December 23, 1991 issue of Newsweek magazine carried several articles about the controversy and the movie, JFK. They carefully included reviewers on both sides; some who said the movie distorted history and was “crazy,” and others who pointed out that there was some evidence that the Mafia and CIA might have had a hand in the killing. At the time, both John and Bobby Kennedy were trying to curb some of the power of the Mafia which is said to have cooperated periodically with the CIA in the latter’s operations. A few people who offered evidence supporting CIA and Mafia involvement either died mysteriously or disappeared. We may never get the full story but the chart for Kennedy’s shooting has some fascinating aspects as this new movie re-opens the past.

Newsweek gives the data for the event as 12:30 P.M. on November 22, 1963. The chart puts P Neptune in a square to natal Saturn for many years and P Saturn conjunct the Ascendant for a similarly long time span. In fact, P Saturn was conjunct the Ascendant to the minute of longitude during this winter while the movie was shaking up the establishment. The chart certainly fits the potential for the truth being hidden (Neptune in Scorpio in the 9th house) by action by powerful figures (Saturn on the Ascendant). In their usual spectacular way, the progressions show the new knowledge reaching the public with P Moon crossing the P Saturn-Ascendant during the fall of 1991. When I worked with the horoscope of the event in the fall of 1963, I had only the basic planets and angles as tools. Now, of course, I re-ran the chart and added lots of asteroids. Winchester is the one we have found consistently aspected when guns are involved, and its position in 21 Taurus put it quincunx both Mars and Venus within one degree. When the local houses for Washington, DC are calculated, the local MC is just past Venus and also in orb of the quincunx to Winchester. Winchester was also opposite Hispania which can bring in Latin America. P Winchester is square the Ascendant, P Saturn and natal George. P Winchester is also opposite Herberta and Mnemosyne (memory). The CIA was using anti-Castro Cubans in their attempts to assassinate Castro, and some of them may have been involved in the Kennedy killing. Despite the prominence of Herberta and George (the latter was on the Ascendant within one degree), I am not suggesting that Bush was involved in any way with Kennedy’s death. But this movie and general challenge to the establishment is occurring during Bush’s term in office and he is our first President to have been a former head of the CIA. Naturally, he will try to protect the organization. Other aspects include P Washington which is currently opposite the East Point and square natal Sun. P Sun is trine natal Washington, having moved into the eleventh house within the last two years to open up the new knowledge. I wonder how long it took to make this movie? P America is back on its natal position in 13 Leo in a quincunx to the south node in Capricorn while P Mars is conjunct the P south node. P Jupiter in Aries has also returned to its natal place to encourage the revelations. Many other aspects could be listed, including Pluto within two degrees of the Descendant in Washington, DC, but time is running out and I’m scheduled to return to Dodona tomorrow.

Dr. Bremer has sent us more helpful information on the former Soviet Union. [Not in the web archives.] I debated holding it for the next issue of the Asteroid World when I want to look again at the Russian etc. charts, but readers can save their Asteroid-Worlds for future reference. I am still looking for a time for the meeting in Minsk when Yeltsin and the leaders of Ukraine and Belarus signed their agreement to form the new Commonwealth of Independent States. I’ll be seeing Farida Asadullina, the Moscow psychologist-astrologer, at the UAC conference in April, and she might have some information. Hope to also see some of our readers at UAC.

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