Asteroid-World Summer 1992

Zip Dobyns

As usual, I have too much material and am having trouble deciding what to include. I’ve been working with current and future charts based on Helen Clerf’s discovery that charts set for oppositions between the Sun and major planets (which puts the planet conjunct the earth heliocentrically) can be keys to major developments on earth associated with the meaning of the planet. Helen found these earth-planet conjunctions were often on an angle in the locations of major events like the eruption of Mount St. Helens and Chernobyl. The outer planets will oppose the Sun and thus form a heliocentric conjunction with the earth once a year, a little later each year. Mars forms the aspect at around two-year intervals.

I have calculated such charts for Saturn, Uranus and Pluto for 1992, 3, and 4. The two Earth-Mars conjunctions in the near future occur on January 7, 1993 at 22:43:04 UT and on February 12, 1995 at 2:31:49 UT. Readers who are interested can calculate the charts for themselves. The last Earth-Mars conjunction was on November 27, 1990 at 20:34 UT. When this chart is calculated for Baghdad, Iraq, Mars is widely conjunct the MC so the Sun opposes the MC, and the Mars-Sun opposition squares the Ascendant within just over a one-degree orb. The P Ascendant reached the square to heliocentric (H) Mars just before the allies started the bombing attack in January 1991, and it reached the square to geocentric Mars-Sun in time for the ground war. The Moon in the Baghdad chart was in the eighth house quincunx the Ascendant within one degree and P Ascendant held the quincunx to the Moon for over six months, covering the war and the period when U.S. forces went back into Iraq to protect the Kurds. The natal Part of Death was just above the Ascendant not far from the East Point. P Part of Death retrograded to conjunct P East Point in January 1991 before the war started. Since the Arabic Part is based on the P Moon, the aspect would only last about two months and it just covered the formal war, but P East Point reached natal Part of Death in the early summer of 1992, perhaps near the time Saddam started increased testing of what he could get away with. That is a two-year aspect. P Antivertex reached the one- degree-orb opposition to Saturn in the fall of 1991 and the aspect also lasts about two years. The P Ascendant squares to Mars-Saturn are still in orb.

Theoretically, such mundane charts, based on planetary cycles, would only continue providing valid information up to the next similar aspect, so this 1990 Earth-Mars chart may no longer be relevant after January 7, 1993, but I haven’t personally tested the theory. I shivered when I saw the location of Mars in the January 1993 chart. It is conjunct the MC in Belgrade, Serbia (former Yugoslavia) within 21 minutes of longitude and Winchester, our asteroid for guns, is exactly quincunx Mars-MC from Sagittarius in the third house and sextile Saturn so the Saturn quincunx to Mars-MC forms a yod with Winchester. The chart is based on the Sun opposition to Mars but the aspect escalates in intensity because Uranus and Neptune are also exactly opposite Mars. Jupiter is exactly on the Ascendant, a pretty strong potential for hubris; people thinking they can get away with whatever they choose to do. The Ascendant, Jupiter’s location, represents personal action. Jupiter rules the third house—neighbors and the media. Reports of the Serbian violence against their neighbors are setting the stage for Serbia’s downfall.

Asteroid Yugoslavia is retrograding in 24 Leo 58, square Pluto within ten minutes of longitude and octile the Moon within seven minutes. Halley’s Comet is retrograding at 23 Leo 49, so it is at the midpoint of Chiron/Yugoslavia and opposite Ceres, the nurturing mother. Atlantis, with its potential for the abuse of power, is quincunx the Antivertex and just past Gaea which is octile-trioctile Mars-Sun and MC-IC. Remember that these angles are in Belgrade. Serbia, like Iraq in 1990-1, is setting itself up to fight the whole earth. Mark has just calculated three more relevant asteroids for me: Srbija (Serbia) at 8 Taurus 20 and its H position at 0 Gemini 49; Beograd (Belgrade) at 5 Capricorn 43 and H Beograd at 1 Capricorn 15; and Slavia (for the Slavs) at 4 Pisces 36 and H Slavia at 20 Pisces 47. If I remember correctly, Yugoslavia’s name means a Slavic Union.

Of course, there are too many aspects to list more than a few. G Srbija is square Columbia (for the District of), Paris, Czechoslovakia, and Austria, opposite Amnestia which is on Bulgaria, and octile Atlantis. H Srbija is conjunct Sapientia (wisdom or a lack of it) and Dresden (the nonmilitary city fire- bombed in World War II), and overlapping orbs bring in a conjunction with Hephaistos who made the weapons for the gods of Olympus). It is also square Urania (like Uranus), and trioctile the Ascendant. G Beograd is square Washingtonia and the latter also is quincunx G Slavia while H Slavia is opposite H Washingtonia and Hiroshima. H Beograd is also conjunct Maria (remember the desperate warnings of the Virgin at Medjugore), square Nemesis, and opposite Iphigenia who was sacrificed by her father to win a war. G Slavia is conjunct Venus but also conjunct the Part of Death calculated for Washington, DC as well as octile Neptune and trioctile the East Point. The aspects look like what is already happening in that tragic former country.

As usual, many more asteroids could be mentioned. I checked to see where George, Herberta, Daniel, and Williams will be, to see if they give a clue to which of our potential leaders might be involved in the prospective new Balkan war. The Belgrade chart puts Herberta in the first house at 26 Libra 46 and an overlapping conjunction in the seventh house includes George at 24 Aries 54, Europa at 25 Aries 0, Croatia at 25 Aries 59 and Phaethon at 26 Aries 0. That looks like George Herbert Bush in the middle of the struggle in partnership with Europe and Croatia, and someone is overreaching. Phaethon tried to drive the chariot of the sun and crashed in flames. Daniel is at 3 Sagittarius 18 conjunct the Barycenter (the center of mass in the solar system) in an octile to Sun-Uranus-Neptune and a trioctile to Mars-MC. Hybris, another overreach asteroid, is at 1 Pisces 45, octile the Sun and trioctile Mars, so overlapping orbs connect it to Daniel which is octile the Sun on the other side. Williams is at 21 Taurus 33 in a quincunx to the lunar north node but not quite in the one-degree orb I use to allow squares to Chiron-Ceres. It looks more like Bill Clinton on the sidelines but we are never certain. So, as usual, we will wait and see.

Calculating the Earth-Mars chart for Washington, DC puts the asteroid America on the Ascendant within two minutes of longitude. Remember, the source of this chart is a Mars aspect, so theoretically it relates to Mars activities and America conjunct the Ascendant looks like vigorous action. The Aries group of George etc. is in the tenth house of executive power and Herberta is in the fourth house of the public. Phaethon just makes it to the one-degree square to the Washington, DC. Ascendant but Herberta is square the Ascendant and America within a fourth of a degree. War activities in the early fall of 1992 may play a roll in getting Bush elected (if he is) but many U.S. citizens in 1993 may still be upset about the situation. As this is written in late July, the polls are giving the election to Clinton and Gore in a walk, but I still can’t see them winning this year. Of course, I still hope I’m wrong. Williams in the eleventh house in the Earth-Mars chart calculated for Washington, DC would fit Clinton staying involved with Congress and the public but not in an executive role in Washington.

I admit it is hard to imagine Bush overcoming the current Clinton lead, but in addition to some kind of foreign activity in the fall, probably another assault against Saddam Hussein but maybe a beginning of the military action against Serbia, other factors influencing the voting may include a good many people staying home, others voting for small, splinter parties, and others responding to a drumbeat of attacks on Clinton’s character. It is also possible that the U.S. economy may improve this fall and into 1993, though by 1994 it may get worse again. At this point, it does look as if James Baker will be taking over leadership of the campaign to reelect Bush, and if Baker achieves a real breakthrough in the Near East, that will aid Bush. Baker’s chart is very favorable this year. He is in the solar arc sextile period which everyone gets around age 60 with every solar-arc-directed planet sextile its natal position. However, in 1996, Baker has five conflict aspects to Saturn strongly suggesting that he will be separated from power by the 1996 election.

We have previously presented possible charts for leaders in Croatia, but have not mentioned Slobodan Milosevic who seems to be one of the instigators of the Serbian attacks on their neighbors. The AFA has received two different birth times for Milosevic, 2:30 and 3:20 A.M. I don’t have enough events to do a rectification, but I’m leaning toward the earlier time which puts Pluto in the first house close to the Ascendant and the south lunar node exactly on the MC for lessons in handling power. Of course, we have to consider the data speculative. His date is August 20, 1940 in Pozarevac, Yugoslavia, 44 N 37, 21 E 11. Both possible birth times put his Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the tenth house for his worship of power. His Sun is exactly square Uranus and his Moon widely trioctile Pluto. The 2:30 birth time also puts P East Point conjunct Mars and P Chiron in a long conjunction with the Ascendant for the potential of an identification with God. Though the cities are not far apart, relocating Milosevic’s chart to Belgrade moves the angles just enough to put his P Sun in a lifetime trioctile to his local P MC for perpetual power struggles. P MC for 2:30 is also trine P Mars and sextile P Pluto for Serbia’s continuing military success so far.

Mentioning just a few of Milosevic’s asteroids, both George and Henry at 15 Taurus conjunct natal Jupiter and Saturn, Phaethon is on Pluto, Dan at 11 Pisces is octile the 2:30 A.M. MC, and Williams at 20 Aries is semisextile the Moon and quincunx Pallas. If this birth time is close to accurate, P Moon during the coming winter will square P George, P and natal Uranus which are retrograde in the tenth house, and it will oppose the natal Sun. P south lunar node will start a conjunction with natal Yugoslavia about the beginning of 1993 while for some years P Yugoslavia continues a trine to natal Ascendant-P Chiron and a quincunx to natal Mars. P Henry is on P Jupiter-P Saturn with all of them square P Vesta—not a friendly combination. Natal Herberta was opposite Pallas and just past a conjunction with natal Moon. P Herberta has retrograded to conjunct natal Daniel for some years as well as holding a quincunx to the north lunar node in Libra in the third house. P Daniel is quincunx Pluto and P Dionysius, the nature god associated with drunken orgies and violence committed by his followers. P Williams is trine P Vesta and semisextile P Jupiter-P Saturn. P Washingtonia squares natal Williams and is octile P Venus. P America is quincunx natal Vesta. So far, the new Serbian President who has been an American businessman has not been able to stop the violence which has actually been escalating. The Earth-Mars conjunction chart for Belgrade not does look encouraging for peace in our new world order.

Thanks again to Helen Clerf, I have received more material on the life of Saddam Hussein. Local information from the Near East suggests that he was born soon after midnight, and T Pat Davis had originally rectified his chart to that time period. I am currently testing a chart set for 11 minutes after midnight which puts the heliocentric nodes of Pluto on the Ascendant-Descendant and the geocentric south node of Pluto on his Baghdad Ascendant. If this time is accurate, Uranus is exactly on the IC with the Sun just inside the third house. Jupiter in Capricorn is rising, fitting Saddam’s identification with God (Jupiter) and executive power (Capricorn). Natal Mars was exactly octile this Ascendant but, for years, P Mars has been sextile this Ascendant which fits his success in holding on to executive power with military force. P Mars also holds a long trioctile to P Saturn for a continued struggle of personal will and power (Mars) against the limits of personal power (Saturn). Some fascinating asteroids include P Herberta, P Arabia and P Daniel opposite this possible natal Ascendant. If this birth time is accurate, all three asteroids were there before the war started and they will remain in orb for years more (if he lasts that long). Remember the seventh house can signify partners or open enemies. If the personal name asteroids are reliable, Bill Clinton is not likely to offer any aid or comfort to Saddam since Williams is closely conjunct Saturn in Saddam’s natal chart and P Williams is quincunx natal Mars. Or is the person with Saturn, especially if it rules the Ascendant as in this chart, likely to maintain power over or at least have a negative effect on the named individual? Bush is likely to continue to use Clinton’s opposition to the Gulf War as a way to discredit his handling of foreign affairs. Saddam’s interaction with Bush could indirectly help to deny Clinton the executive power of the U.S. Presidency. Or, do you suppose Saddam could still be around for Clinton’s possible election to our Presidency in 1996 so Clinton will inherit the problem at that time?

During the spring of 1992, Saddam’s P Moon was quincunx his natal Sun as he tweaked the tail of the eagle. This summer and fall it is holding a long quincunx to natal and then P Uranus. It will be ending the aspect just before our November election but then P Moon will quincunx P Venus, ruler of the fourth house if this birth time is accurate. In the fall while the Moon-P Uranus quincunx is still present, P Moon will be octile natal and P Jupiter and trioctile natal and P Pluto which oppose each other across the first and seventh houses. It looks like a stormy fall for Saddam.

The Iraq chart that has worked the best for me is set for the beginning of the Iraq Republic by a military coup starting at 5 A.M. on July 14, 1958. During this summer of 1992, P Moon in this chart has been square Saturn and Venus and quincunx Chiron in the eighth house though it was also sextile natal Ascendant and Sun. P Ascendant is conjunct Mercury and Juno (like another Pluto) and square P Mars, so the potential for conflict is there for many more months. But the Moon is less aspected in the early fall, so Saddam may provoke some kind of action but the danger of a major attack and possible overthrow of the executive would be more likely in late October just before the election when the P Moon starts a quincunx to the tenth house Mars-P south lunar node. There are rumors that Saddam is getting astrological advice. If so, I wonder what they are telling him? One of the reasons I am drawn to the 0:11 A.M. chart for Saddam is that this Iraq horoscope has its Ascendant on my new Descendant for Saddam and the P MC for Iraq is conjunct Saddam’s Uranus so it opposes his MC. He had better pull in his horns.

Another of my summer projects has been to see if I could spot a possible time for another one or more big earthquakes for California. Since the Yucca Valley 7.5 quake was just two days before an eclipse and they are traditionally associated with disasters, I looked at the eclipses for June 30, 1992, December 24, 1992, and May 21, 1993, calculating the first for Landers, CA and the other two for Los Angeles. There were some interesting asteroids in the June 30 eclipse, especially heliocentric positions. H Caltech and H Bradley were both on the MC in Landers and the surrounding area. Caltech was named for the California Institute of Technology which is located in Pasadena just east of Los Angeles and which specializes in studying earthquakes, measuring their magnitude, locating their epicenters, and looking for patterns which might allow geologists to forecast future quakes. It is always a beehive of activity after a sizable quake anywhere in California. L. A.’s mayor is named Bradley, and he was busy reassuring the media that his city was not damaged in any way.

The best-known scale for measuring ground motion in an earthquake was developed by a man named Richter, so naturally it is called the Richter scale. At the eclipse, H Richter was conjunct H Mars and both were square (within my usual one-degree- orb) the Ascendant in Landers and opposite H California which also squared the Ascendant. H Watts completed a cardinal cross on the Descendant. Watts is the name of the area in Los Angeles which was centrally involved in the recent (and earlier) riots. H Williams, the name of the new police chief in Los Angeles who took office after the riots, was square the true lunar nodes. Was this eclipse, which happened two days after the big quakes and two months after the riots, simply a pointer to the past or is it signaling more action in the future? I have usually found Gaea, the asteroid named for the earth, aspecting an angle axis at the time of a quake but H Gaea was not forming a classic aspect though it was quintile the MC in Los Angeles.

Geocentric (G) Gaea was on an angle at Landers, conjunct the Antivertex, and Pluto was on the Vertex, opposite the Antivertex. Other G positions included Ani, a town destroyed by an earthquake, square the Ascendant, Caltech square the Sun-Moon and conjunct Bradley which was over one degree from the square but connected with the overlapping orb of its aspect to Caltech. Most of the rest of the G relevant asteroids had harmonious aspects including Williams sextile the Ascendant and conjunct Richter, Pasacentennium (named for Pasadena) trine the Sun-Moon, Pasadena sextile-trine the true lunar nodes, and Wilson (our governor) conjunct Venus. If I had just looked at the geocentric asteroids, I would not have considered them a warning.

Astrology and science grow by forecasting future results of human tests or nature’s activities. So we can look at the next two eclipses (which I calculated for Los Angeles) and speculate about potentials. The December 24, 1992 eclipse in L. A. has virtually the same house cusps as the June 30 one in L. A. And we don’t have to look at asteroids to see that it could be an important key to some kind of action since the Sun-Moon conjunction is on the Descendant within a third of a degree! But there is a grand trine in air signs which looks reassuring until we note that Saturn-Ceres-Venus (one corner of the trine) are octile Sun-Moon and trioctile the Ascendant. We can estimate that the Landers area angles will be about two degrees higher than L. A. and see that H Saturn will be exactly trioctile the Ascendant in the region east of L. A.

Unless preceded by an H, all positions mentioned will be geocentric. Mars is not reassuring. It is on the second house cusp on the Arabic Part of Death opposite Pallas and the midpoint of Sun-Moon/Saturn and quincunx Vesta exactly and more widely opposite Uranus and Neptune. The asteroids which may be related to earthquakes are less featured in the chart than in the previous June eclipse, but Pasacentennium is on the MC as it was in the 7.5 quake calculated for the Landers area. Fama on the IC suggests that L. A. will be in the limelight. Pasadena is octile- trioctile the Mars-Pallas opposition. But some of the asteroids are just outside my one-degree-orb and I am reluctant to use wider orbs when we have so many factors. Ani is at 3 Aries, Washingtonia at 4 Libra, Bradley at 5 Aries, Caltech at 6 Aries, and Juno at 7 Cancer, but there are surprisingly few overlapping orbs though Ani, Bradley and Washingtonia do hold one-degree octile-trioctile aspects to the Antivertex. Also Gaea is opposite California but they are just over one degree from an octile-trioctile to Neptune. San Diego is conjunct Uranus. Wilson is quincunx Bradley but Richter is only square Industria. My impression is that the chart is picturing a general fear of more quakes and that this fear is affecting industry, maybe leading some to move out of the state or not to move in, and that the economy is in serious trouble with tension between Wilson (our Republican governor) and Bradley (the L. A. mayor) over the issues.

I think that the heliocentric positions on the whole support this guess. H Jupiter in the fourth house is square Ascendant- Sun-Moon and quincunx Venus in Taurus in the eleventh house. Allowing a wider orb for the planets, H Mars is trioctile H Pluto. H Chiron is conjunct H Wilson, quincunx H Uranus-H Neptune, and opposite H Saturn. The general picture looks like mental-emotional strains, though there are also some good aspects like Chiron trine H Vesta in fire signs so some new jobs are still being created. H Richter is semisextile the Ascendant but just outside my allowed orb for a quincunx to Sun-Moon or a trioctile to H Uranus. H Gaea does square the MC-IC axis. H Caltech and H Bradley are still together and they are octile the MC in L. A. and conjunct the MC in Washington, DC so our national government is still concerned with the situation. H Ani is two degrees earlier than H Bradley but in orb of oppositions to H Apollo (a sun god for fame), H Karma (possible consequences of past actions), and H Psyche (associated with self-absorption and helplessness when negatively expressed). H California is just over a degree from H Pluto and trioctile Caltech within one degree. It sounds like a toss-up between something really happening versus a lot of people worrying that it might happen. Astrology symbolizes psychological states. We make educated guesses about the physical details that will manifest at the time of that psychological state. I’m going to guess that there will be enough continuing aftershocks to keep people anxious but that we won’t have THE BIG ONE.

Turning now to the eclipse coming on May 21, 1993 calculated for Los Angeles, it suggests that fear will still be hanging over L. A. whether of earthquakes or of the financial situation. Saturn is on the MC and square the Sun-Moon with all aspects exact within one degree. Calculating the chart for the Landers area (which is less than two degrees east of L. A.) puts Vesta exactly on the MC, indicating a focus on jobs or health. The chart has a network of aspects between factors in 20-21 degrees of several signs, including the L. A. Ascendant. The combination includes a grand trine in air signs of Ascendant, Herberta, and California; Washingtonia in Virgo opposite the NORC in Pisces and square the Gemini Ascendant, Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn quincunx the Ascendant, and four asteroids opposite the Ascendant — Siva, King, Godiva and Harmonia. Pluto, at 23 degrees, is more widely quincunx the Ascendant to form a yod with Neptune- Uranus.

The combination points to struggles to handle jobs (sixth house and Capricorn) and finances, including debts and taxes (Pluto, Scorpio, eighth house, and Godiva who protested the high taxes of her foreign conqueror husband). Atlantis is also on the second house cusp which fits power struggles involving money). Some people are likely to be upset by government activities involving computers; The NORC is a prototype computer and the asteroid named for it is in the tenth house of the executive opposite Washingtonia in the house of the people. Issues around surveillance and privacy are certainly in the limelight. But the Gemini stellium suggests that people are more likely to be talking than fighting, and at least some of Bush’s talk may be seen as helpful to California, perhaps the attempts to heal the tensions of the riots with asteroid King, the center of the recent riots, on Siva (destruction which hopefully opens the way for renewed creation) and on Harmonia (the issue of harmony whether it is present or just desired).

However, people will still have earthquakes on their minds if not shaking up their houses. Ani, the city destroyed by a quake, and Caltech which is a primary source of earthquake information are both on the Sun-Moon within one degree with Ani in a one-degree square to Saturn and Caltech to the MC. Bradley, the L. A. mayor, is on the East Point and they are trioctile Herberta and Neptune-Uranus considering overlapping orbs and permitting the planets orbs of a little over one-degree. H Bradley is on Hephaistos who made the weapons for the gods of Olympus and I’m sure Bradley, along with other California officials, will be still worrying about disappearing defense jobs. Mars exactly square the Antivertex could be interpreted as almost any kind of conflict, including financial issues such as help for cities and the handling of defense spending (Antivertex in Taurus and Mars quincunx the eighth house cusp). Richter at 27 Gemini 59 is just past the octile to the Antivertex and Mars but they are moving into the aspects and for a major area east of L. A. the aspect to the Antivertex would be exact.

In Landers, the MC is 2 Pisces 37, the Ascendant is 22 Gemini 15, the East Point is 6 Gemini 26, and the Antivertex is 12 Taurus 44. In addition to the exact aspect between Richter and the Antivertex (which still holds an exact square to Mars), the Landers East Point conjuncts Mercury within one degree, suggesting high attention from the media and the MC moves into an exact trine to Gaea (earth). I have consistently found aspects between Gaea and the angles for quakes. It has no traditional exact aspects to the L. A. angles though it does quincunx the Part of Death in 2 Aquarius and it forms an octile to Chiron in the third house. But the latter aspect looks again more like a test of faith along with media attention. I keep spotting the asteroid Daniel on angles and wondering if it really means that Dan Quayle will be in power positions. Daniel is on the Descendant in Landers and squares ARA which was named for the American Relief Administration which sent help to Europe between the two world wars. Pluto trines ARA. Maybe help will come but it won’t help Dan’s image. Of course, we are looking at a chart for an eclipse, not the chart for an earthquake. As was the case with the June 1992 eclipse and quake, a quake can precede an eclipse. But my educated guess would still be that if there are additional sizable quakes, they are more likely to be east of L. A. while the city continues to struggle with finances, jobs, and race relationships.

The heliocentric aspects seem to support the preceding guess. H Richter is octile H Chiron which conjuncts H America, reinforcing the issue of faith and goals and wisdom. H Gaea is not quite trioctile the MC in L. A. but it is trioctile Saturn and octile Sun-Moon (or trioctile earth-Moon if we stick to the heliocentric factors) so it would fit an L. A. quake. But H California trines H Mars which is conjunct H Wilson (state governor), Capricorn to Virgo, so the job market could be improving. H California is octile-trioctile the Landers MC-IC, but H Herberta trines the Landers MC and H Venus sextiles it, so some assistance seems indicated. H Pasacentennium (named for the city which houses Caltech) is past the L. A. Ascendant but conjunct the Ascendant in Landers. Remember, it was on the MC for the June 1992 quake in the Landers area while Caltech was on the MC for eclipse two days later. Of course, I don’t even know yet whether these asteroids will continue to be useful keys. It takes an enormous amount of time to put them into a chart and look at aspects even when the computer has calculated them for you. Only much more work with many more eclipses and quakes will support or fail to support the validity of these little planets. At the moment, this work is anecdotal and speculative—not even advanced enough to be called theoretical. Time and much more work will tell.

Before leaving quakes, despite serious misgivings about their accuracy in previous centuries, Mark has recently calculated a few more of the asteroids back to the 1700s so I could put them in charts for our country and for the state of California. I also ran them for the last big earthquake in southern California and progressed the chart to the date of the quake last June, to the next solar eclipse, December 24, 1992 and to the eclipse of May 21, 1993. The data I was given said it occurred in the Fort Tejon area on January 9, 1857 at 8:24 A.M. I am assuming LMT. Unfortunately, so far I do not have any of the asteroids I have been testing as possible keys to earthquakes. I hope to have them soon, but in the meantime we can look at the standard factors.

The big quake came less than a day before a full Moon with the Moon exactly conjunct Saturn, square its own nodes, trioctile Mars, and quincunx the Ascendant as well as within two degrees of a trioctile to the MC. Uranus was widely opposite the MC and square the East Point within two degrees. Mars was in the first house exactly octile-trioctile Moon-Saturn-lunar nodes, square the MC within two degrees and conjunct the East Point in a bit over three degrees. Pluto was exactly octile Neptune and on the midpoints of Mars/Moon, Mars/Saturn, and MC/south lunar node. Chiron was just over a one-degree square to Pluto. The chart certainly shows the potential for a crisis.

I do not know whether one can progress a quake to show possible times for future quakes, but next summer may give us a start toward an answer. P Moon will conjunct N (natal) Moon and Saturn in the summer of 1993, setting off all the aspects listed above. P Saturn has moved just over two degrees, so the P Moon will stay on it into the fall, joining in Saturn’s long trioctile to the MC-IC. P MC has been square N or P Saturn for three years and it is now trioctile N MC as well as square P Saturn. P East Point started a conjunction to N Moon-Saturn in the fall of 1991 so it is now setting off the aspects listed for the natal chart. These angles would be around two degrees higher in the Landers area while L. A. would have angles plus or minus one degree higher. Since P Uranus has moved into 25 Taurus, it is holding a very long octile to N Moon-Saturn, an octile-trioctile to the lunar nodes, and a square to N Mars. P Mars will be leaving a square to the Fort Tejon Antivertex at the end of 1992, but for years it will hold a square to that angle calculated for L. A. and points east. Pluto moved into a square to N Mercury about two to three years ago. If this is a valid technique, this chart really looks like a loaded bomb ready to go off. The series of mid- range quakes in southern California in recent years fit some of the longer term aspects and the quakes may have prepared the area for a really big one. Transits highlight early July 1993.

The P Moon has some stress aspects during the coming winter, but they look more like financial stress as it will square N Jupiter in the second house and the P lunar nodes in houses 2-8. Of course, there are also some harmonious aspects. P Venus is sextile P Saturn but it squares P Chiron which is quincunx P Saturn—faith versus fear, and P Juno is trine N Sun but it is octile-trioctile the P true lunar nodes. P Ascendant is sextile P Uranus but it also starts a quincunx to N Mars in January 1993. The Landers P Ascendant was well into the quincunx to Mars when they started their shaking. We can continue to watch to see whether next year just brings more aftershocks or a bigger one.

One of the things we need to remember in astrology is that it represents principles which can produce truly opposite details. Letter ten in our alphabet, Saturn-Capricorn-tenth house, symbolizes executive power and the people who wield it. In current patterns, it can indicate someone gaining or losing power. I mentioned above that I kept seeing asteroid Daniel connected to power. Another example is the Capricorn Ingress on December 21, 1992 which is relevant through the next inauguration of our President and Vice President in January 1993. When the chart is calculated for Washington, DC, our nation’s capital, Daniel is on the MC and James is on the East Point. Theoretically, Daniel on the MC could mean getting and/or keeping power or Dan could lose power, but in this case, the odds favor the first interpretation because Herberta is in a grand trine to James-East Point and the true south lunar node while Vesta and the north lunar node are sextile Herberta, James and the East Point. George is just outside the one-degree sextile-trine to the mean lunar nodes though it is also octile the Antivertex in early Pisces.

On the whole, the Capricorn Ingress looks as if the end of 1992 and early 1993 will be a more comfortable period for the U.S. The tenth house Moon in early Sagittarius trines America in early Leo and Mars in late Cancer trines Pluto which is two degrees from the MC in the ninth house. We will be very involved with Russia with the asteroid on the Descendant, and some of the public will still be unhappy with Dolores on the IC. But IF asteroid Williams is working for Bill Clinton, he is not out of politics (Williams trines Pallas) but he is on a new path with Williams in a yod to Herberta, north lunar node and Vesta and squares to James and East Point. Henry is opposite the rising Venus-Saturn conjunction and H Henry forms a cardinal grand cross with an opposition to H Pallas and squares to H Georgia and H Venus. If his disavowed original name can still represent H Ross Perot, he does not look happy. James Baker may be successful but in danger of it going to his head. Asteroid James and Hybris (hubris) are nearly three degrees apart geocentrically, but heliocentrically they are traveling together for months and at the 1992 Capricorn Ingress they are in the first house in 13 Pisces, octile H Pallas on one side and H Venus in Aries on the other side.

We’ll save for another day the California state and city charts I’ve been exploring and the U.S. Supreme Court. As far as I know, their “birth” times are somewhat uncertain for L. A. and the vote in Washington to make California a state. In view of the present chaos in the state government, the charts must be pretty stressed out at present. California had slipped to number 31 among the states in the amount of money devoted to education and if Governor Wilson’s budget goes through, we will go down to number 41. That is the main reason we are giving out IOUs. The state legislature which has a Democratic majority does not want to cut education and welfare to the extent demanded by Wilson who is a Republican. Another parting statistic is that where the U.S. was once number one in personal income, it is now down to number 13. That figure includes ordinary workers. Of course our big business executives make several times as much as similar executives in other countries. We are on the way to becoming a third world country as far as ordinary citizens are concerned, with the increasing disparity between the wealthy and the poor.

I hate to end on a dismal note, so what asteroid would you expect to find on a major angle in the horoscope of Bill Gates? Lois Rodden has just published his birth data as October 28, 1955 at 9:15 P.M. PST in Seattle, WA. He is the billionaire founder of Microsoft, one of the world’s most successful creators of programs for computers. There is an asteroid named for ASCII, one of the most basic codes which can be used to move data between different computers. Gates was born with ASCII exactly on his IC. Vesta is near his IC and a prominent Vesta is common in people who are very successful. Gates also has an incredible Pluto in Leo in the third house in a lifetime conjunction with Jupiter, sextile to Neptune and trine to Pallas though it does square Juno. P Jupiter is in a long term semisextile to his first house Uranus in Leo, reinforcing the indications of a brilliant mind. Mercury is conjunct Mars in Libra to repeat the likelihood of a quick, sharp mind. Prometheus, who looked to the future and brought technological skills to humans, and Ops, the goddess of underground wealth, are on his tenth house Moon in Aries. It is quite a chart!

Though it isn’t related to the topics in this issue of Asteroid-World, Dr. Rita Bremer’s contribution on asteroid names will be a great addition to your files! [Not in the web archives.] The artists among you will love it.

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