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1994 turned into a year of travel for me with January the only month I will have spent at home. Fortunately, I love to travel though I also miss my daily swim and the time to read and write which I have at Dodona. The church is continuing to grow. A new Center in San Diego, CA became part of our extended family when Maria Simms and Mark Adams were ordained as LA-CCRS ministers. On July 16, 1994, Barbara Taylor will be ordained. She is a registered nurse who has been studying with Maritha and me for several years and has been receiving Jim’s monthly lessons for the past year. She will be directing a CCRS Center in Roanoke, VA, teaching and counseling with astrology and metaphysical principles. All church members and friends are invited to the ordination at 2 P.M. at Dodona.

After spending much of February in Hawaii, some of March in L.A., early April at the Council Grove Conference, which was great as usual, late April at a fascinating conference in Virginia Beach, early May working with Barbara Taylor in Roanoke, late May at the ISAR conference in Chicago, which was wonderful, early June at my college reunion, mid-June working with an astrology group in the Tampa, FL area, I had really expected to spend the rest of the summer in Dodona. However, it is not to be.

At the ISAR conference, Julie Mulette, the founder of ISAR, invited me to participate in a Woodstock Astrology Festival. A local cable TV company has given her the first weekend in August to put astrology on the air. (A Woodstock Music Festival is scheduled for the following weekend). Nearly a dozen astrologers with many different specialties will be sharing ideas about the coming state of the world as we approach the millennium. The sessions will be videotaped, and if they turn out well, will be available to the astrological community.

The next unexpected opportunity was an offer to take a cruise for a week in exchange for doing astrology mini-readings for passengers. I will be at sea from July 22 to 29, then rush home to do an all-day workshop at ACS in San Diego on July 30 on the topic of “Astrology Looks at the Millennium.”

Having made the commitment to go to New York in early August, I succumbed to the temptation to attend a seminar given by Dr. Andrew Weil at the Feathered Pipe Ranch in Montana where Maritha and I will be teaching our annual astrology seminar on September 3 to 12. Weil teaches at the Medical School at the University of Arizona, but his specialty is “natural” health. I had read his first book, which included work with psychedelics, and am looking forward to hearing where he is now, so I will fly home from NY via Helena.

I won’t be home long before driving back to Helena with my son, Bill. Maritha will fly in to help teach our Astrology Intensive. We hope that some of our readers can join us there. We have reduced the time by one day so that the price could be cut, but we will try to cover all the material which has been presented in the past. For a flyer with more details, please write to Holistic Life Seminars, Box 1682, Helena, MT 59624. Or phone: (406) 442-8196. We always have a wonderful time in Montana. I will be stopping in Salt Lake City, UT on the way home to do a weekend of lectures and a Saturday workshop. For more information, please write to Bonnie Wilson, P.O.Box 66, Bountiful, UT 84011; (801) 295-4524.

The end of September and beginning of October will feature a conference in Del Mar, CA, just north of San Diego. It is sponsored by five astrology groups in southern California and will be well worth attending. Write to Jim Shawvan at ACS for a flyer: P.O. Box 34487 , San Diego, CA 92163.

I may be going back to Virginia in the latter part of October, to do a solo Astrology Intensive under the auspices of Barbara Taylor. If any east coast residents are interested, contact Barbara at 3388 Londonderry Lane, Roanoke, VA 24018; (703) 772-7379. If I go to Virginia, I will also spend some days in early November with an astrology group in Richmond.

Early December I’ll be back in L.A. to speak at the New Age Bible Center in Santa Monica and to cook the turkey for the ISAR Christmas party at our house at 838 5th Ave. Everyone is welcome on both occasions. January 1995 will take me back to Hawaii, and after that, don’t forget the big UAC conference in Monterey, CA on Easter weekend!

I will be here in Dodona in between, swimming and writing The Mutable Dilemma and Asteroid-World. They are sometimes late, thanks to my crazy schedule, but they always get out eventually.

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