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Zip Dobyns

Just before The Mutable Dilemma went to the printer, I was able to get the birth time of Nicole Simpson and a slightly more accurate birth place, a little town near Frankfurt called Rollwald. Nicole had given her birth data to an actor who was studying astrology, and he had passed it on to Lois Rodden. The time is just four minutes later than the speculative birth time I had picked, so almost every progressed aspect involving angles which I described in the preceding article is still within orb and some aspects are even more exact. Nicole’s chart supports the usefulness of the “new” asteroids such as Libitina (Roman goddess of death) and Hel (Norse goddess of death), at least when we have dramatic events in the life. At Nicole’s death, P Libitina was on her accurate IC and P Hel was octile it. O.J.’s natal Libitina is just over one degree from Nicole’s local MC but it is quincunx her Ascendant within the one-degree orb which I use for the new asteroids. His P Libitina is still octile Nicole’s Moon, of course, since four minutes difference in birth time only changed the Moon two minutes of longitude. O.J.’s natal Hel and Mason-Dixon were in 12, almost 13 Virgo. Nicole’s P Hel opposed O.J.’s Mason-Dixon so it was connected to his Hel by the overlapping orb, and her P Libitina was trioctile both asteroids.

[Note: AstroDatabank now has different time.]

Mason-Dixon was named for the boundary line drawn in the pre-Civil War U.S. to divide the states where slavery was permitted from the “free” states. It is striking that O.J. had the two asteroids closely conjunct in his first house. I’m sure that the “Mason-Dixon mentality,” the mind-set that could justify slavery anywhere, has been experienced as “hell” by many blacks. O.J.’s P Mason-Dixon had recently started a square to his natal Venus.

Since writing the preceding article, I have also been given the birth date and birthplace of Ronald Goldman, who was murdered with Nicole. Goldman was born in Chicago on July 2, 1968. Note the striking Cancer conjunctions between the individuals involved in this Shakespearian tragedy. Nicole’s Venus, O.J.’s local Antivertex, and Goldman’s Sun are all in 10-11 Cancer. Goldman’s Mars is 8 Cancer. Many years ago, a local Sheriff’s Deputy used to attend my astrology classes on occasion. He once tabulated the Sun signs of wanted murderers and found that Cancer was the most common Sun sign. In those days, and perhaps even today, most “known” murderers are the ones who have killed a family member. One of the bits of information recently passed on to me from a subscriber was that of murdered married women, 42% are killed by their husbands.

I have done a speculative chart for Ronald Goldman, and think that he was probably born between 11 P.M. and midnight to put his P Moon conjunct Pluto for his death. The 11:45 P.M. time presented here is definitely speculative, but it gives appropriate aspects, including some of the new asteroids. For starter’s, Ron’s N and P Libitina are in 22 Pisces exactly conjunct O.J.’s Libitina. IF the 11:45 time is right, Ron’s local P Part of Death is also in 22 Pisces. If the general time of day is accurate within a couple of hours, N Hel is on the Moon and P Hephaistos (maker of weapons) is conjunct N Mars and square both Moon and Hel. P Hel is on P Vertex and the local P Ascendant is just minutes short of a quincunx to P Hel, so if the birth time were one minute later, the aspect would be within the one-degree orb allowed in progressions. Adding even a fraction of a minute would also bring P L Ascendant to an octile to P Vesta.

I picked this birth minute to bring the P Moon to the Descendant at the death, but since P Moon is conjunct Pluto, it would be connected even if the time is a minute or two later. I also picked the time because it put P Pluto on the Descendant and quincunx the local East Point with the local P MC square Pluto. Ron’s P Sun also has dramatic aspects for this birth time. It is octile Pluto for any birth time, but the angles for 11:45 P.M. put the Sun square P Ascendant, trioctile N Ascendant and P L MC, and opposite L Antivertex. Another network of conflict aspects involves factors at 23 to 26 degrees in several signs. Natal Vesta and Saturn are at 24 Aries, indicating an intense drive to accomplish a self-selected goal. Any combinations of Vesta-Pluto-Saturn can manifest as incredible tunnel vision. Their hazard, as I have often written, includes the danger of being so focused on whatever is the immediate goal that the individual fails to note and handle other important matters. At Ron’s death, P Mercury and P Mars were both in 25 Cancer squaring P Saturn in Aries and N Ceres in 24 Libra and quincunx the speculative MC. The south node of Saturn in 24 Capricorn completed a cardinal grand cross. P north node of Saturn was in 24 Cancer 40 and IF this birth time is accurate, P Part of Death was 24 Cancer 7.

Several of the geocentric planetary nodes were featured in Ron’s progressions. In addition to the ones already mentioned, the tentative P MC was conjunct the south node of Pluto and opposite P north node of Vesta. P Saturn, P Mercury, and P Mars were octile the north node of Mars in 10 Gemini and P south node of Mars was conjunct P south lunar node. P north node of Mars in 19 Gemini squared P Moon. P Uranus squared P South node of Vesta in 26 Sagittarius. I see the planetary nodes as another form of the astrological alphabet: the Mars nodes are like two more Mars in the chart, Saturn nodes like additional Saturns, etc. The node aspects listed here reinforce the power issues shown by the planetary aspects with the repeated confrontation between personal will (Mars), the power and rights of others which theoretically help teach us self-knowledge and self-mastery (Pluto), and the limits of personal will embodied in natural and cultural law and the conscience (Saturn).

Natal asteroid James, for O.J.’s middle name, was in 10 Taurus trioctile Uranus and the speculative MC in Ron’s chart. P James was in 24 Taurus with an opposition to Neptune, Siva (Hindu god of destruction), and Germania (Germany—the country in which Nicole was born). If Ron was born four to twelve minutes earlier, P James would be on his local IC, but I think a birth a minute later is more probable. We may not be able to get Ron’s birth time, but perhaps one of the Illinois astrologers will be able to persuade his mother who lives in St. Louis to reveal it.

After initially being given the wrong birth date for Robert Shapiro, O.J.’s lead defense attorney, I now have his date and place. He was born on September 2, 1942 in Plainfield, NJ, and has an emphasis in Gemini and Virgo, the two Mercury-ruled signs. His Mercury in Libra trines Uranus for additional intellectual potential, but he also has several squares between his Virgo and Gemini factors. Uranus squares the lunar nodes and Saturn squares his Sun. Despite three planets in Leo, Pluto, Venus, and Chiron, Shapiro seems somewhat low-keyed, perhaps too much so to be really effective as a defense attorney. I suspect he may have something like Capricorn rising. A birth time of around 4 P.M. would put 4 Capricorn 45 on his Ascendant and bring his P Moon into a square to Pluto as he tackles this challenging case. I have not had much time to work on his chart, but noted that he had natal Hel (death) and Themis (divine justice) on Nicole’s natal Ascendant! In what way will he contribute to meting out justice for her death?

One other new piece of information which I have just received is the birth date and place of Marcia Clark, the head prosecuting attorney for the city of Los Angeles on the Simpson case. She is therefore Shapiro’s chief opponent in the case. She was born on August 31, 1953 in Berkeley, CA, and since California birth records are available, we will probably be able to get her birth time eventually. She is said to be a meticulous worker, living up to her Virgo Sun and Mercury, but she also has a stellium in Leo. We have already had a taste of her Leo power and one-upmanship. Commentators have remarked that, normally, the defense attorney is more dramatic and the prosecuting attorney is more cautious. In this contest, the styles are reversed to some extent. Clark’s stellium includes a tight conjunction of Venus and the south lunar node in one degree of Leo and a moderately close conjunction of Ceres, Mars, and Pluto in 20 to 23 Leo. Jupiter in 23 Gemini sextiles the late Leo, is semisextile Uranus-Pallas-Juno in Cancer, and trine a Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Libra. Marcia is clearly very bright and idealistic. Her Moon is in Gemini with a possible range from 5 Gemini 36 to 18 Gemini 55. It would be square her Virgo Sun if she was born in the morning.

Since the asteroids move relatively slowly, we can note some of the ones which would be relevant. I was especially fascinated to find Marcia’s Sun conjunct James (O.J.’s middle name), Fama (fame), Justitia (justice), and Bacchus (the Roman equivalent of Dionysus). She is achieving her first world-wide fame as she tries to bring what she sees as justice to James in a media atmosphere which has often been a “free-for-all.” Bacchus, like Dionysus, was associated with wild lack of restraint. Marcia’s collection of factors in 7 to 8 Virgo is square Mason-Dixon in 8 Sagittarius and a birth shortly before dawn would bring the Gemini Moon into a T-square with the other mutables. N Roberts (for Shapiro’s first name) is retrograding in 9 Pisces and a properly placed Moon could bring it into the mutable cross within my one-degree limit. P Ceres in 8 Virgo is currently in orb of an opposition to Roberts as Marcia’s work brings her into the confrontation with Robert Shapiro. The Virgo stellium is also at the midpoint of Uranus/Neptune, holding octiles to both and high- lighting the transpersonal ethical issues at stake. P Roberts is quincunx Venus. P James is quincunx Ceres and P Libitina. N Libitina is on Venus-south node. P Mason-Dixon is conjunct N Hel in 19 Sagittarius, trine P Libitina, and sextile Vesta. P Hel in 0 Capricorn is or soon will be in a grand trine to N Karma and Mercury.

There are enough harmonious aspects so I would not expect Marcia to experience a total catastrophe from this case, but there are enough conflict aspects to make a major victory also uncertain. P Mercury is octile P Justitia. Both sides in this contest have tried to use the media to their own advantage with consequent questions about the effect on justice. The media certainly bears its share of any blame, especially the tabloid newspapers and TV series which have paid large sums of money to witnesses whose credibility is then questioned. As is common in astrology, many of Clark’s aspects are open-ended, describing issues which could work out in many different ways. For example, P Sun is conjunct Siva, a Hindu god of destruction which could mean a defeat for Clark’s ego and fame, or it could mean that her power brings defeat to her opponents. P Mars is octile N Venus- south node and quincunx P Vesta. P Nemesis (consequences coming to those who flout the law) is quincunx P Pallas (a fighter for social justice). The quincunx typically points to change, but the changes may be ones we desire or oppose.

No one expects the court to ask for the death penalty, despite the terrible nature of the crime. Simpson is just too loved and admired. The prosecution’s main evidence was collected from O.J.’s home before the police got a search warrant, and the defense asked that it not be used, but Judge Kennedy-Powell has ruled that it can be used. If the trial goes against O.J., the defense will try to use the evidence as grounds to overturn the verdict, and that might open the way to a plea bargain. Shapiro has a reputation for working out plea bargains. The presiding judge, Kathleen Kennedy-Powell, was born in Los Angeles on November 21, 1952.

O.J. is innocent until or unless he is proven guilty and many people are praying that he is innocent while they remain glued to their TVs. If we get more complete birth data on the main players in the drama, we will keep you posted.

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