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by Ray Merriman

SEEK-IT Publications

P.O.Box 250012, West Bloomfield, MI 48325

63 pages, $25

In recent years, an increasing number of investors have “discovered” astrology and an increasing number of astrologers have realized that their field might have uses beyond information on the personal lives of themselves and their associates. Astrology offers us a map or model for every part of the cosmos but it is also a true (if over-used) statement that the map is not the territory. A map may show you a mountain, but you had better learn something about mountain climbing before you try to climb it. The map shows the roads but you need to know the local laws before you drive on them. Investors, whether in stocks, bonds, or commodities, need to know more than astrology before they risk their savings (or worse, the food-money) in the market.

Ray has written an excellent book on cycles, including patterns within cycles, which should be read by any astrologer who is thinking about venturing into investing. Cycles, incalculable numbers of them, are the foundation of astrology. Each individual cycle repeats, following its individual duration, but a whole precise set of patterns never repeats. Each moment in space-time is unique.

The duration of market cycles cannot be timed as precisely as astronomical orbits, so some students have discarded them as unreliable. But as Ray points out, they can still be highly valuable. As a metaphor, we might say that the planetary orbits are like a physical network of roads while the market cycles are more like the traffic flows of humans over those roads. We know there will be heavier flows at rush hours when more people go to and from work, but an accident or road work will alter the flow at times.

Ray Merriman is a professional market analyst and trader, author of several other books and of the MMA Cycles Report, a market advisory newsletter used by institutions and individuals. Ray’s book is recommended for any astrologers who are considering a test-run in the financial markets.

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