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Zip Dobyns

It is going to be a busy spring with most of the activity away from Dodona. Early April, the week after Easter, means Council Grove, as usual. Later April includes a talk on an astrological view of the Millennium at the Oasis Center in Chicago and a lecture for a conference in Virginia Beach, VA. The first week in May will be spent giving workshops and doing personal charts in Roanoke, VA.

Oasis is actually in Evanston, north of Chicago. If any readers are interested in their weekend on April 23-4, 1994, please call Oasis. They are listed in the Chicago phone directories. Unfortunately, I neglected to bring their flyers with me when I came up to L.A. to work on Kosmos for ISAR and on The Mutable Dilemma and Asteroid-World for LA-CCRS.

The Virginia Beach conference is TREAT 6, sponsored by a group which studies anomalous experiences considered traumatic by the subjects. The original focus was on people who thought they had been abducted by UFOs, but it became quickly apparent that some of the experiences were psychic rather than physical, so the whole area of psychic phenomena is now included in TREAT’s subject matter. A pre-conference workshop will be devoted to teaching “remote viewing.” This ability to receive information about activity in distant places was tested extensively at Stanford Research Institute by Targ and Puthoff, who received considerable help from a psychologist and an artist who were “natural” psychics. Techniques were developed to teach the skill to “ordinary” people. Send inquiries to Treat Headquarters, 615 Broadway, Hastings-on-Hudson, New York 10706. Or phone (914) 693-3081. The founder of TREAT is Dr. Rima Laibow.

For anyone in the Roanoke area who would like to contact me while I am there, Barbara Taylor will be arranging my schedule. She can be reached at 3388 Londonderry Lane, Roanoke, VA 24018-5066.

My time between Council Grove and Oasis is so short, I plan to stay in Los Angeles for the week, working on the chaos in my former study, seeing clients, and writing. After Roanoke, I will have a couple of weeks in Dodona and then go back to Chicago for the ISAR conference during the last week in May. The first weekend in June is the 50th reunion of my graduation from the University of Chicago, so I’m staying on for my first (and probably last) college reunion. I doubt if there will be anyone there that I knew at the time, but I’ll see the ivy halls (which were modeled after Oxford in England) and take a cruise on Lake Michigan for a view of how the city has grown. A trip to do workshops in Florida is tentatively scheduled after the reunion. I hope to be back in Dodona by mid-June and not leave again until late August. Write us here in Los Angeles for a flyer on the ISAR conference if you haven’t received one already.

Maritha’s and my annual Montana seminar at the Feathered Pipe Ranch is scheduled for early September this year. We have reduced the time to seven days though we are going to try to cover all of the material we have been teaching in eight days including some time off. This year, there is no time off, but if anyone becomes overwhelmed, they can ask a fellow-student to tape record the day and disappear into the forest or go canoeing on the lake or visit Helena. The reduction in time is being done so that the price can be reduced, so it is now $995 for everything — bed, food, and instruction, including lots of hand-outs. For a flyer, write to Holistic Life Seminars, Box 1682, Helena, MT 59624, or phone (406) 442-8196 during office hours on week days.

With all this traveling, I’m going to miss the daily swim I get at Dodona, not to mention the rabbits and squirrels and birds, the mountains and blue skies and clean air. But conferences are also fun, with new information and both new and old friends. My brother, Dr. James Pottenger, continues to hold monthly meetings in Dodona and to send his monthly “lessons” to interested church members in several states. Readers will have noticed the increasing philosophical content in the Mutable Dilemma in recent years. It partly stems from many delightful conversations with Jim as we have jointly tried to find words that would communicate philosophical ideas which are very hard to communicate. The mystical experience is truly beyond words, but we use words to point to it or to attitudes and actions which might facilitate the experience. We hope that your life is bringing you more of what Maslow called the “peak” experience.

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