Predictive Delineations for a Possible Earthquake

Ben McNenly

For several months I’ve been noting indications in many of my clients’ horoscopes here in Canada showing a heavy emphasis in transits to the natal positions of asteroids California, Richter, Angelina and San Diego during the third week of March. I have begun to suspect that my clients would be aware of yet another major earthquake occurring in California at that time. Since television has made the world a global village, it may be fair to say that international events cast long shadows in the charts of virtually anyone, no matter how distant they may be from the incident being reported. I have noted some striking similarities in the handful of charts I have for clients in California, all of which seem to support my hunch that there may be further substantial earthquakes in California, possibly involving Los Angeles in mid-March. Working backwards from the particulars of my clients’ charts to an overview using the asteroids in mundane astrology has yielded some interesting correlations. Also, a close examination of Bill Clinton’s chart seems to suggest that a substantial earthquake may hit Los Angeles or elsewhere in California during the time between March 15th and the 20th. What follows is a partial list of a few of the most convincing pieces of astrological evidence I have found to support this prediction.

March 12: New Moon conjunct Richter in L.A. incorporation chart. Pluto and north node on Ascendant in the lunation chart cast for L.A. with Mars and Saturn at the nadir. (I believe this combination may suggest a “mass tribulation” yet to come. Mars in Pisces could indicate trouble with water.

March 12: Presidential Oath of Office chart: transiting Jupiter exactly opposes Richter which is natally conjunct the Ascendant while transiting Angelina opposes natal America.

March 13: Transiting helio Richter exactly conjunct Clinton’s helio natal California.

March 14-16:

Transiting Khryses which I observed works as “crisis” (position derived from Dance of the Planets) conjunct Clinton’s natal California. This conjunction is triggered by the apparent quotidian nadir which conjuncts it and the quotidian MC conjunct transiting Poseidon (who presides over earthquakes in Greek mythology). Asteroid Pan (panic) is in a return position in Clinton’s chart and conjunct the north lunar node. Also, Pan is conjunct Efferin’s U.S. natal Ascendant at the 17th degree of Gemini.

Transiting Venus opposed to Clinton’s asteroid Pele (associated with quakes and volcanoes).

Transiting Angelina sandwiched between transiting Uranus and Neptune is over “Incidentia” in Clinton’s horoscope. Something sudden happening in Los Angeles? Transiting Incidentia opposes natal Flood. A flood resulting from an earthquake??? Broken water pipes? Flooding of some kind related to L.A. is repeated in his chart again by transiting asteroid Waterman conjunct Karma at 22 Leo and opposed to natal Angelina (Los Angeles) at 23 Aquarius.

Transiting Mars and Saturn conjunct transiting Angelica and Niobe (sorrows) jointly opposed to Clinton’s asteroid Chryseis (crisis).

March 23: Asteroid Richter exactly conjunct asteroid California in the President’s nativity. Transiting retrograde geocentric Washington(ia) is within half a degree of an exact opposition to the U.S. heliocentric natal Angelina at 20 Taurus 38.

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