An Asteroid Named Hillary

Zip Dobyns

We have been using the asteroid William(s) for Bill Clinton since he started running for President as we used George and Herbert(a) for his predecessor, but we did not have an asteroid for his wife. The latest batch of newly named asteroids from the Minor Planet Center has filled the gap. Asteroid Hillary was actually named for the man who first climbed Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, but based on very preliminary checking, it seems to be working for Hillary Clinton.

Astrologers are always a bit uneasy when individuals are reportedly born exactly on an hour. They suspect that someone “rounded” the time. Hillary Rodham Clinton was said to have been born at 8 P.M. on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, IL. Our new asteroid offers support for this time. Hillary was on the IC at 8 P.M. within one degree at 5 Virgo 43. The IC (like the Moon and Cancer) symbolizes our family, heredity, home, roots; the area of life where we seek and give emotional security. It is certainly an appropriate place for a person to have her name asteroid.

Progressed Hillary is also forming appropriate aspects. In one of those astonishing parallels, it was crossing Hillary’s IC in Washington, DC when she and Bill were running for the presidency, so it had moved to her local IC there in time for her move to the White House. It also fits the conflict which continues to swirl around Hillary as she plays an openly powerful role unlike any previous First Lady. P Hillary is octile natal Sun and trioctile natal Ceres as well as square the local East Point and trioctile the P local MC in Washington. A powerful lady and a powerful system are facing off. During the period from mid-January to mid-March 1994, as the Whitewater controversy gained momentum and the Clinton health plan ran into increasing flak, P Moon has been square P Hillary. In early March, P Moon reached P Sun to signal a progressed new moon for Hillary Clinton; a new 30-year cycle in her life. The new moon at 19 Sagittarius forms a yod to the natal Antivertex and P East Point, repeating the message that Hillary Clinton is embarking on a new phase of her life.

What this phase will bring in details is an educated guess. Continued power struggles are certainly likely. The local P Ascendant is approaching a conjunction with natal Mars and Pluto in Leo and it currently squares Chiron. I have had several charts lately which have demonstrated this side of the Sagittarius principle for Chiron — an involvement with law courts and legal judgments. The current investigation of Hillary Clinton’s past legal activities in Little Rock, Arkansas is another example of the principle. Chiron, like Jupiter, Sagittarius and the ninth house, represents the search for Truth and the urge to share it with others in teaching or writing, the ethics we hold which are based on our beliefs, law courts which theoretically judge what is true and ethical and legal, etc.

Hillary also has P Mars approaching an opposition to her MC which will start in 1996 if her birth time is accurate. This aspect could mean losing the election and moving out of the White House. P Antivertex is also approaching a conjunction with P Uranus which would fit an important change in personal action. Hillary’s P local Antivertex has been square her natal Moon for months as her power and reputation have been challenged. The angle will start an opposition to Jupiter sometime in 1995 that is likely to last through the 1996 election and could signal a change of job. P Mercury will conjunct Jupiter for the election, so we have a choice of guessing that it means she will win the election (if that is her real heart’s desire) or she will be relieved to finish a very challenging four years. Another aspect which will be in effect by 1996 is P MC conjunct P Ceres and quincunx the south lunar node. All three factors are related to work; two by their own nature and the south node through its position in the sixth house. The quincunxes of Ceres and P MC into the sixth house would fit changes in Hillary’s job.

Two current aspects which fit the tensions around power and which could lead to changes in reputation and power are P local MC opposite natal Sun and P Ascendant quincunx natal MC. There are also some positive aspects in Hillary’s chart which suggest that the challenges being faced by the Clintons may help to bring the two of them closer together. P Venus is about to conjunct P Juno and P Juno is about to sextile natal Venus.

When we put asteroid Hillary into Bill Clinton’s chart, it falls in his eighth house, one of the two associated with partnership. It is within degrees of Bill’s natal Moon and closely conjunct Hillary’s north lunar node, an aspect which is often a sign of a deep emotional bond. When the Clintons moved to Washington, Bill’s local Antivertex was also conjunct his asteroid Hillary and her north node. At this time, as Bill and Hillary deal with the struggle over Whitewater and health care, Bill has his P Venus and P local Ascendant opposite natal Hillary. Oppositions can be manifested as partnerships or as competition and warfare. P Hillary is on Bill’s ninth house cusp in a trioctile to Chiron and his local Ascendant in Washington, DC. I think that Chiron and the ninth house carry the same meaning as Jupiter and Sagittarius. The basic meaning is our search for Truth, for beliefs which determine our values, goals, ethics, and ultimate destination in life. Associated details include churches and ministers, libraries and books, universities and teachers, law courts and lawyers, and many other institutions and individuals who play a role in our search for answers, our basis for making choices.

Both of the Clintons are intelligent and idealistic. I do not agree with everything they have done or are trying to do, but I hope that Whitewater will prove to be a tempest in a teapot and that a reasonable compromise can be found in the health care area. I do not want the FDA or any new health plan to threaten our right to take vitamins and to use alternative health methods and practitioners. We will continue to watch the new asteroid and keep you posted.

Copyright © 1994 Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, Inc.

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