ISAR Research Projects (March 1986)

Mark Pottenger

ISAR currently has two projects underway from which we hope to have results in time for the June UAC conference.

The first project is the creation of a large database of birth data of famous people and people in categories for research. The starting point for this database is the data collection of Lois Rodden. This data is currently being organized on index cards and we plan to enter it onto a computer in the next few months. After Lois’s collection is all entered, we will start adding other data—contributions are welcome! Once Lois’s data is on disk, we will publish a catalog and price list of available data. We will update the catalog with a frequency depending on the amount of new data we get in. Look for the catalog at the conference.

The second project involves aspect frequencies. We (Scott Vail and Mark Pottenger) have developed programs to calculate the actual frequency (percentage of time) of angular separations between planets. These programs are able to show what was normal during the time period of a research data sample. We hope to have a printed version of the frequency tables (with text by Francoise Gauquelin and Scott Vail) out in time for the conference. The programs will also be available for PCs and any machine that can read Osborne disks (hard disk recommended for ease of use).

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