The Politics of Progressions

Jalien Shandler

I have another fascinating chart to share with you as an astonishing demonstration of how progressions can point to events in the life.

Ella’s natal chart exhibits a potential for political activity with the Sun and Jupiter in the ninth house, a fire house having to do with self-projection. Jupiter in a Gauquelin sector reiterates, stating that she has something in common with famous actors and politicians! Capricorn rising and Saturn in the first house are very good for administrative finesse and for the “hang-in-there” quality that any successful politician needs. Venus, Mercury, and Juno in Scorpio in the tenth house suggest a lot of personal power which could bring her into the limelight, as well as an ability to be admired for her communication skills and charm and charisma. These talents could be helpful in the acquisition of funds as well!

Ella ran for the position of mayor of her town on April 2, 1983. From looking at the secondary progressed chart, would you guess that she won or lost?

The most amazing factors I see between the natal and progressed chart are, count them, four yods. The progressed Sun is quincunx both the progressed and natal moon. Ella’s ability to shine (the Sun) is in conflict with her public audience and support group (Moon), not to mention her own deep feeling about her security at this job (Moon in security-oriented Cancer in the work house—6). Progressed Moon (the public again) in its own house in non-risk-oriented Taurus has very little interest in anything beyond the domicile doorstep (i.e. family and nest and comfort).

The second yod includes the progressed Moon again in a quincunx to progressed Sun and radical Jupiter. Jupiter in Libra can draw some very intense, even cut-throat, competition, particularly in the ninth house. We can be so convinced of our own truth and rightness that we overlook the nitty-gritty grass roots basics of the way politics works. We may trust our exuberance, enthusiasm, and conviction (Progressed Sun in Sagittarius in the 11th, Jupiter in the 9th) to win, and neglect prodding our supporters into leaving their cozy homes (progressed Moon in Taurus in the 4th) in order to vote for us. We might also rely too much on our heritage and our family’s reputation in the town (progressed Moon in Taurus in the 4th); or present liberal policies (Sun and Jupiter) to an electorate that prefers conservative comfort-oriented, money-saving proposals (progressed Moon in Taurus-4th).

The progressed south node of the Moon forms a third yod in its quincunx to progressed Venus in Capricorn in the 1st house, and to the progressed Antivertex, East Point, and Ascendant in Pisces in the 2nd house. Progressed Venus is in opposition to radical Pluto which states a great deal about finances and power struggles, which Capricorn and Pluto tend to attract, consciously or unconsciously. Does Ella have enough friends in the right places (Pluto, ruler of 10, in Cancer in the 7th house of contacts), people who will live up to their commitment to her? Will they support her, or will they withdraw, be inconspicuous, lacking in assertiveness (Cancer’s crab retreating into its shell), possibly influenced by soft-hearted Venus (natally in a water sign) in opposition? The progressed south node has a statement to make about lessons from the past; in Ella’s chart, this has to do with her ability to shine in public dealings, and in duels with public enemies (7th house), in projecting the self-confidence and self-assurance that will see her through any confrontation. The three progressed angles in Pisces in the 2nd house are a water-earth mixture that may not give her sufficient fuel to triumph in the south node lesson. Pisces combined with letters 1 & 2 (the angles and 2nd house) can describe someone who is romantic, either artistic or very idealistic, perhaps enough so to block an awareness of the very possibility of others being underhanded, dishonest or unpleasant in any way.

Again, because we are dealing with a node of the Moon, the general public is also indicated, and they might be fickle with the Leo and 7th house placement (I’ll vote for whoever is most charismatic or glib of tongue). The trine of the three progressed angles to progressed Pluto can help, but they oppose progressed Vesta in Virgo in the 8th house, which could bring searing pointed criticism. Ella’s compulsive need to make everything right, the double-Virgo message of Vesta in its own sign coupled with the intensity of the 8th house, could drive people away.

The fourth yod involves natal and progressed Pluto quincunx progressed Midheaven, and progressed north node conjunct Pallas. Here we have Pallas and the node in Aquarius in the first house allowing ease in communicating transpersonal ideas and in dealing with community projects. The goddess Pallas was a very effective politician, noted for her wisdom, and also for her abilities as a warrior. Pallas and the node are in conflict with Pluto in a water sign in the 7th house, the house of public alliances and enemies, systematic relationships of one kind or another. The progressed Midheaven in Sagittarius in the 12th house could be a dynamite combination for power realized and for the attainment of a public position. The progressed Midheaven is square to the progressed Antivertex, trine to radical Uranus, and sextile-trine to the natal nodes of the Moon. The implications are thus mixed, some harmonious and some challenging.

Nonetheless, we can usually rely on yods to represent red flags where mundane astrology is concerned, and since Ella is running for public office, this qualifies as a mundane case. In any event, the yod is indicative of a need for some rock clearing in the garden of one’s psyche. If we picture the natural zodiac with Aries on the Ascendant, then the natural yods are to Virgo and to Scorpio. Hence, the rocks would represent details in the physical plane to which to be attentive, (Virgo) as well as tapes, deep within the psyche, to which to apply intensive editing (Scorpio). Yods tend to have practical external ramifications calling upon us to change our actions, our plan of attack, and they also touch us deeply, in areas where we are blocked because of an event or a parent’s attitude (etc.) in the past.

There is a nice grand fire trine amongst the progressed Midheaven and radical Uranus and radical south Moon’s node. The progressed Midheaven in Sagittarius in the 12th house suggests some capacity for moving the masses. The fact that it is sextile to the natal north node and trine to the natal south node may indicate that such a facility has been well developed in the past. It might also indicate that Ella’s family has a fine and well-established reputation in this locale upon which she may now draw. Natal Uranus in Aries in the 3rd house can indicate a quick innovative mind that will do well in the verbal dueling of the political arena. It is, however, square to natal Pluto in the 7th, which can bring heavy duty opponents with strong water-like undercurrents that rise to the surface to usurp the power! Natal Antivertex is sextile to Uranus, allowing her to preserve the objective detachment (Aquarius) needed to deal with this type of battle, unless she becomes so detached that she does not fight back adequately.

Two cardinal crosses add much action and dynamism to the picture...this will not be a dull campaign!! The first is amongst radical Jupiter square to progressed Mars, opposed to progressed Ceres, square to radical Moon. Again the redundancy of Moon aspects, coupled with Ceres which has many of the qualities of the Moon, can refer to the public, and with a cardinal T-square, challenges about getting projects underway, here in terms of getting votes, could be an issue. Cardinal crosses always imply ambivalence about whether to emphasize our freedom, our home life, career, or personal relationships at this time in life. Obviously becoming mayor will bring about tremendous changes in every area of Ella’s life. This cross is in the mutable houses; hence, her faith in herself is an issue and so is her idealism. Perhaps she is looking at the universe through rose-colored glasses—a natural for a person with so much first house Aquarius and the 3 progressed angles in Pisces and progressed Midheaven and Mars in the 12th house, not to mention natal Neptune conjunct Vesta in Virgo trying to make everything administratively perfect. Venus in the 10th and Sun and Jupiter in Venus’s sign Libra cry out for a pleasant harmonious picture book kind of life, and add to the possibility of overlooking the reality of the situation.

The 2nd cardinal T-square involves progressed Venus, natal Pluto and progressed and natal Uranus. Uranus in Aries is a double shout for freedom, for revolutionary ideas, often impatience with slow change, reliance on tradition or family reputation. Ella wants to be seen as a forward thinking person and may want to divorce herself from the type of thinking that is associated with her family. Progressed Venus in Capricorn in the 1st house represents the paradox of this in terms of being naturally identified with conservative traditions, while Pluto in Cancer speaks of strong emotional ties with the maternal side of the family. Capricorn in the 1st house likes its own power, and Pluto in the 7th is attracted to powerful opponents, while Uranus is always ready to provide surprises, shocks, and unforeseen obstacles!

There is yet one more T-square involving progressed Juno and radical Mars square to natal Vesta, and square natal Chiron in the 5th. Vesta can indicate a dedication and focus on a job that is total and all-encompassing, but that very focus which can lead to doing a job well can also produce a lack of awareness of the feelings of other people, and hence to a danger of alienating them. Chiron in the 5th house in Gemini and Sagittarius in the 10th can point to a conflict between the dream and reality, or between one’s own assessment of one’s capabilities and one’s true limitations. Progressed Juno in the 11th house in Sagittarius, conjunct natal Mars, is another key to Ella’s idealism and to her abilities as a public speaker.

Ella had been a City Council member for 10 years in her home town, which had been founded by her mother’s family. She was unopposed in the mayoral race until 2 weeks before the election. At that time a fellow Council member but new resident signed up as a write-in candidate. He and his backers wanted Council support for a road to be built through a property they wanted to develop (all the 8th house, Pluto, and Scorpio activity in her chart indicated potential conflict about how to spend the people’s money). Ella had voted against their proposal one month before when her progressed Moon had been in opposition to her Midheaven. Two to three days before the election a massive mailing went out in favor of her opponent, and she strongly suspects that bribery money changed hands. Her opponent won the election. She was very hurt by all of this, but she did finish her term and seemed determined to run again next election the last time I spoke to her.

What is eerie and surprising is the fact that her opponent was born on the same day and year as was Ella. He is a pathological liar, and is suspected of many shady dealings. He purchased (or was given as a pay-off) a bright new fancy automobile shortly after the election. She certainly pulled in a powerful opponent who would shatter her rose-colored glasses!

Icarus resided on Ella’s progressed Sun at the time of the election, and thus pointed to the potential for overreach. It seems that she did reach beyond her battle capabilities in this instance; however, cardinality learns by experience. The character of her opponent has forced her to examine her idealistic beliefs about politics, and to upgrade her war machinery, (touching on both the practical and psychological ramifications of the yods). I feel she has an excellent chance of winning the next mayoral election!

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