T.V. Update

Zip Dobyns

In a word, the “maybe T.V.” died. The consensus at the station was that the format planned by Richard was not entertaining enough. Richard was not willing to change his format, so the station bought his copyrighted idea for the set, having already paid an enormous amount to have the set constructed, and they are looking for an exciting idea to use with the set. Unfortunately, their concept of “exciting” seems to mean traditional astrology, so we have parted friends.

Maritha and I plan to do our own teaching video eventually, but some writing projects seem more immediately urgent. The book I have been working on with Bill Wrobel has gone to the printer, and will be available in time for the big UAC Conference in San Diego in June, 1986. We hope many of our readers can make it to the conference! I am also doing a small booklet on local space charts which use the Horizon coordinate system. The rest of the spring, other than a short trip to Kansas and another to Portland, OR, will be spent on the Progressed Planetary Profile. Maritha’s Planetary Profile is winning friends and making waves in the astrological community. We hope to do something similar for the progressed chart, integrating the various combinations in the chart. Maritha and I will write the text while Rique does the programming. I would like to have it done by June when we plan another research open house in our home prior to the UAC conference. Also, my progressed New Moon comes in June, and Social Security in August. I’m watching with interest, hoping to have even more time to spend on new asteroids.

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