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Zip Dobyns

The article on Halley’s Comet ran so long that I did not include several more pages listing historical events which occurred at or soon after its previous visits. I have listed such associated events back to the 240 B.C. return which may be the first one recorded in history. I found events for all of the visits except for one in 295 A.D., and I noted that my missing date is filled in by Ken Gillman and Axel Harvey in their quarterly journal, Considerations which just arrived in our mail. Some of the events are relatively minor, but many were major turning points in the history of countries and religions. If our readers are interested, we can include a table of these associated events in a future issue of The Mutable Dilemma.

The New York Stock Market just took its second biggest single day jump as this issue of The Mutable Dilemma was approaching paste-up. In the Sagittarius 1985 issue, I anticipated a break-out in the second week of March 1986, but did not know whether it would be up or down since it was signaled partly by the progressed Moon forming a fixed T-square with Mercury-Pluto-Uranus. I’m now watching for action around the next Halley station on June 6. The summer may bring a “correction” with the progressed Moon on the MC, but I think the big show could be in November 1986 when the progressed Ascendant reaches progressed Pluto and the progressed Moon squares the natal Ascendant. The chart still has progressed Venus trine natal Venus; progressed Mercury trine natal Moon but square the progressed Moon’s nodes; and progressed MC-Sun sextile progressed Ceres and semisextile progressed Vesta. Progressed Mars quincunx natal Uranus also seems to be contributing to the rash (?) optimism.

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