A Psychic Memory

Zip Dobyns

As our readers undoubtedly know, I am fascinated by but cautious about trusting information that comes psychically. When it proves accurate, it can be as mind-blowing as the asteroids fitting the names given them by materialistic astronomers who know nothing about astrology and reject any idea of a meaningful world. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, psychic revelations are often wrong. As I wrote in the discussion of J. Z. Knight’s horoscope, the personal unconscious is the filter through which the psychic information has to pass, and the filter frequently overpowers or at least garbles the message.

The preceding is by way of an introduction to a recent, very interesting evening which I spent with a retired military officer who seems quite rational and grounded but who has had some remarkable psychic experiences in his life. To protect his privacy, we will call him Mr. X. His most remarkable experience occurred nearly 20 years ago when he spent three days and nights in a semi-trance state, being shown visions of the future. He wrote pages of notes about the visions, but the notebook disappeared some years later so at present he has only his memory.

Much of what was shown to him by what he felt were teachers is similar to predictions that I have seen from a variety of sources. He was told that starting in the late 1980s, there would be very cold weather and storms which would damage crops and lead to food shortages for some years. He was also told of plagues to come at the same time, including a new type of sex illness, which fits AIDS, but he said there was another illness described which was like the bubonic plague and would be spread by squirrels. Another natural phenomenon was shown to him as “like fire in the sky, like lightning, but caused by air conditions.” He said it would appear first in Denver and the source would be discovered in the 1990s. He thinks now it might have something to do with the depletion of earth’s ozone layer, but says that is really speculation. He was shown a major earthquake on the New Jersey coast which would do much damage in New York City, and another one in northern California as well as a volcanic eruption somewhere northeast of Los Angeles towards Nevada. At the time, I could not remember the name of the Mammoth Lakes area where geologists have suggested the possibility of renewed vulcanism. I will ask if that “rings any bells” the next time I see him. Mr. X was told that 4,000 to 4,500 feet would be a safe altitude from tidal waves and other damage, which seems to me a rather limited area of security, especially since that altitude would be pretty cold in the winter.

Shifting from nature’s activity to human, Mr. X was told that a nuclear device would be detonated in the Near East and do a great deal of damage, but he could not tell the country and thought it was probably Israel or Lebanon or possibly Arabia. He was shown the dust or smoke from the nuclear explosion adding to the cold weather—a kind of “mini” nuclear winter. He was told that the wars in that area would last into the next century, but that they would continue to be minor wars. Much farther ahead, he was shown people eating pills for food and still later being “fed” by a tube which would be inserted at birth so we would no longer need a mouth, stomach or colon. I asked how we would speak without a mouth, and he said we would be using telepathy by then.

Coming back to earth and closer to home, Mr. X has been a financial consultant since his retirement from the military and he had some hunches about the financial situation. He expects the stock market to go up into March because the “insiders” are buying, and then thinks they will pull out and crash it around mid-March. Then he thinks it will go up again at least into June. The big crash he expects again in October, in 1988, which would put it just before the election and would not make the Republicans happy.

I said that the FED’s chart showed pressure and the need for some kind of action in the second half of February, and asked what he thought that might imply. He commented that if gold went up and the stock market did not rise in the first ten days of January 1988, it would put much pressure on the FED. So far, gold is not going anywhere, and the market did go up each of the first four trading days in January but it is dropping as I do the final Mutable Dilemma editing on Friday January 8, apparently losing what it gained in the first four days of the week or maybe more. The February-March FED activity also might involve the new U.S. money which Mr. X thinks might be introduced this year, though he suggests that it is more likely to happen after the election.

The pressure also might involve the attempt to work out the debts of the less developed countries. A major new plan is being implemented now for Mexico which will involve U.S. bonds backing new Mexican bonds to be exchanged for discounted Mexican bank debts. The discounts will help a little but are far from adequate to solve the monstrous debt problem. The February-March stress might also be another chapter in the ongoing struggle over the value of the U.S. dollar against the yen, mark, etc. We want the value down so we can sell our exports and stop buying so many imports, but many people are getting anxious as they see other countries buying our real estate and businesses at bargain prices in their currencies. But most importantly, if the declining value of our money discourages other countries from buying the bonds which support our government, we would have to raise interest rates to sell the bonds and risk producing or deepening a depression.

It may be a projection of his military background, but one of the hunches (not part of the major psychic vision) of Mr. X is that the U.S. may have enough chaos during the economic and natural crises ahead to actually be under a military government for a while. That would not please all the New Age visionaries who are anticipating a golden age, not a return to iron rulership, but it would fit the Capricorn period just ahead. Some kind of increased bureaucratic control seems probable in this period, as the government tries to handle the world problems.

Mr. X agrees with my hope that modern technology will help to pull us out of the economic hole. He is currently helping to set up a company to market a new enzyme which removes heavy metals from water, purifying the water to meet the standards of the EPA and at the same time salvaging the metal (including gold) for further use. He also knows of a group in California which is actually now producing a device the size of a suitcase which draws on solar power and can provide enough electricity for a house. He says it should be on the market within five years. I’m ready now, in view of our electric bill. The January 1, 1988 edition of the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner included a comment that a record number of patents were issued in the federal year from October 1, 1986 to 1987, and they expect similar activity this year. The total number last year was 88,793, and the Patent and Trademark Office say the rate continued for the rest of 1987.

In the course of our interchange, I traded a variety of newsletters with Mr. X and his wife. We both subscribe to quite a few with surprisingly few duplicates. One I received from them is called The Cutting Edge and is written by an M.D. in Georgia. In his November 1987 issue, Dr. Douglass describes a possible AIDS cure using ultraviolet irradiation of the blood. He reported a series of experiments with this treatment starting in 1933 before the days of antibiotics when it was used successfully to cure blood stream infections. By 1948, thousands of people had been helped to recover from a variety of problems including vein inflammation, polio, asthma, and virus infections. Since AIDS comes from a virus, the treatment is certainly worth trying. For those who want more information, write to Dr. Douglass, The Cutting Edge, 2470 Windy Hill Rd., Suite 440, Marietta, GA 30067. He is a medical maverick, as you can see by his final comment on the use of ultraviolet irradiation. He writes “the treatment is simple, safe, inexpensive and unpatentable. That doesn’t bode well for its future, at least until a few senators get AIDS.”

I expect to see Mr. and Mrs. X again some time. His wife is also psychic, but using it in healing. If more revelations are forthcoming, I’ll keep you posted. My reaction is always, “I’ll wait and see.”

In view of what Mr. X said about the near east and in light of the current riots which started on the Gaza strip on December 8, 1987, I did take a look at the progressions in the chart for Israel’s independence from the British mandate. Israel became legally free at 0 A.M. on May 16, 1948. Their initial capital was Tel Aviv, but Jerusalem should also be checked for the local houses. The cusps are less than a degree apart, but moving the capital to Jerusalem extended for years the progressed opposition of Pluto to the Ascendant, fitting the constant power struggle with “open enemies”. As you know, the seventh house includes all kinds of systematic equalitarian relationships, ranging from partners to healthy (game-playing) competitors to opponents in war. The chart certainly fits the current tension, with P Moon starting a quincunx to Uranus just in time for the December conflict in addition to P Moon being conjunct P Icarus. Another appropriate aspect is P Vesta reaching P Saturn just inside the seventh house, pointing to the danger of alienation in relationships unless the “entities” learn to work together. I had noted that P Ascendant was on P Atlantis when Israel invaded Lebanon. Regular readers will remember how consistently Atlantis has been associated with power struggles and the abuse of power. P East Point is now conjunct P Atlantis and P Antivertex will follow in due time. In many ways, the situation in Israel seems as insoluble as the struggle in Northern Ireland, the Shia vs. Sunni Moslems throughout the near east, the Sikhs in India and the Tamils in Sri Lanka. We have a long way to go to learn how to live in peace and share the resources of the planet.

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