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Helen Ewald

Life at Death by Kenneth Ring, Ph.D.

1982, Quill, New York. $7.50 Paperback.

A scientific investigation of the Near-Death Experience. This book discusses research into the phenomena described earlier by Elizabeth Kubler Ross and Raymond Moody. Although death-bed experiences do not readily lend themselves to objective proof, and therefore the results of the study are at best suggestive and not proof, every attempt is made to verify the validity of these experiences and their significance and meaning.

Heading toward Omega by Kenneth Ring, Ph.D.

1984, Quill, New York. $6.95. Paperback.

In this book, Dr. Ring evaluates the data obtained in his research. He explores in depth the spiritual awakening and subsequent personal transformation common among people who have had near death experiences. This book could do much to remove the fear and denial of death which nearly paralyzes some of us. The people who recalled what Dr. Ring calls a “Core experience” universally had a positive experience. Commonly there were five stages, including peace and release from pain, body separation, entering a darkness then seeing a brilliant light and entering the light. Some were told they must return because they were needed or their work was unfinished; others were given a choice, and returned from a sense of obligation rather than desire to return to life in the body they had left temporarily. All considered the phenomena a profound life-changing experience rather than a dream. The vivid descriptions of these moving experiences enable the reader to share the lack of fear of death which resulted for the narrator.

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