Dodona Update

Zip Dobyns

After being gone for most of April, I came home to find 657 messages in my Internet mailbox and a surprisingly wet spring for southern California. Our stream is still running, and the frogs join our local owl in nightly serenades. Some of my new fruit trees have fruit on them though I suspect the birds and squirrels may beat me to it. I have planted tomatoes, hot chili peppers, zucchini squash, watermelons and two kinds of cantaloupe, mostly in raised containers to keep them out of reach of the rabbits. There is plenty of wild green plant life so they don’t need my garden. Dodona remains a dream come true.

Almost all of the Internet messages came through one astrology news group in Edinburgh, Scotland. We talk daily to people all over the world—Canada, Brazil, India, Australia, England, Holland, Turkey—an incredible, fun bull session on astrology with students and professionals and every sort of background. I’m back to my daily swim, doing more writing—articles for several astrology magazines—and as always, playing with the asteroids. After the tragic Oklahoma City bombing, I asked members of the astrology Internet group whether they could think of any of the asteroids which might be appropriate for explosions. The cosmos answered. The very next group of newly named asteroids included one named for Nobel, the inventor of dynamite. You will find it featured in the Asteroid-World article on the Oklahoma crisis. I wish all of our readers could share the peace and beauty of Dodona, but try to feel it inwardly despite the anguish of a world that desperately needs more Piscean compassion.

I am hoping to stay home here until mid-August, the longest time without traveling since we moved here. Maritha’s and my seminar in Montana starts on August 26 this year. If any readers want a flyer for themselves or a friend, drop me a note (at 2036 Honey Springs Rd.; Jamul, CA 91935) and I’ll send one. Maritha is scheduled in Russia for much of June, attending a conference in Moscow and then lecturing in several other cities, so she will have interesting things to report at the Montana Intensive. Love to all our scattered “family.”

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