Repeated Themes in Your Horoscope (Natal Analysis)

Maritha Pottenger

continued from previous issue

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Themes of excitement, drama, risking for positive response, creativity, love, and attention are in high focus.

You need an adrenaline rush in your life! You may be drawn toward speculative avenues: playing the market (hoping to make money), selling or advertising (hoping people will buy) or gambling. You may pour out emotionally in other ways, hoping for a response from the world: the actor/actress on stage (wanting applause); the teacher in front of the class (wanting attention); the promoter (wanting to persuade others); the lover (wanting love in return). At times, you might be too ego-vulnerable, needing the good opinion of others more than is perhaps healthy. You may fear to “go public” (express yourself). Inner appreciation is vital. You need a forum to develop positive self-esteem. You could be quite creative, ranging from the artist who brings more beauty into the world to the parent who brings children into the world, hoping for love and positive regard. Feedback is as essential as air for you; you need to feel appreciated, admired, applauded, recognized. If personal pride (and arrogance) are carried too far, you could be egotistical and pompous. With balance, you can be quite charismatic, dramatic, generous, expressive, dynamic, and exciting. You can praise, admire, and appreciate the best in others as well, encouraging them to do more than they have done before.


This combination ties together self-esteem/ creativity/ love/ drama and service/ pragmatism/ attention to details/ humility.

Your self-esteem may be connected to your work accomplishments or physical functioning. You are potentially very competent, with lots of vitality and confidence for doing a good job, but need to work at something where you can shine, be recognized, be admired or receive attention. You probably feel more vital and alive when being productive and effective. Working with loved ones (including children) is another option, or in fields emphasizing creativity, speculation, leadership or dramatic instincts. If your work or good health does not satisfy your need for significance, there is the danger of unconsciously using illness to gain attention. Alternately, you might apply the flaw-finding lens (which is useful on the job) toward your own personality (overdoing self-criticism) or be too judgmental of lovers and/ or children. (Sometimes they are the ones being overly picky toward you.) The positive blend of these two themes indicates a go-getter—potentially very dynamic, productive and successful, combining tremendous confidence and enthusiasm with great practicality. You can take pride in your efficiency, dedication, and ability to get results!


This combination joins the need for admiration/ recreation/ ego expansion/ joy with partnership/ grace/ harmony/ cooperation or competition.

You may have a natural stage presence, love of fun and talent for amusing and entertaining others. You might be the life of the party, but could sometimes be too other-directed and approval-seeking, vulnerable to the opinions of other people. You may succumb to excessive self-consciousness, or avoid exposure if you don’t think you’ll “look good.” Appearances may be given to much weight. You are likely to have a flair for persuading people, and may have talent in selling, negotiation, advertising or other public arenas. You may seek excitement, drama and zest in your relationships. If the sparkle is shared, a strong love bond is likely. You could have a lot of fun with partner(s) and may be good at encouraging others to play. If you look to your partner to provide all the dynamism in your relationship, s/he might be arrogant, self-centered, or mainly interested in having a good time. If the good-heartedness and liveliness are shared, much mutual enjoyment is possible. You could also have excellent taste and might be talented in photography, fashion design, jewelry, decorating or other visual arts. Your humor and light touch are other important assets.


This combination suggests a need to integrate a desire for limelight and power/ drama/ self-esteem/ creativity with passion/ self-control/ elimination/ shared finances and resources.

This combination suggests a strong power drive, but a dilemma over how much to turn the power inward (self-control) and how much to express outward (toward relationships). Sexual drives may be heightened and passions in general tend to be strong. Love relationships are apt to be an arena where you are learning to share the power without manipulation, intimidation or excessive control. Children and/ or lovers are likely to be quite strong, intense types, with all of you facing the issue of learning to give, receive and share comfortably in terms of money, possessions and pleasures. Feelings tend to be strong, and love/ hate reactions are quite possible. Power struggles (particularly over sex and money) could be endemic unless you have a constructive competitive outlet in the world (e.g., sports, games, business, or fighting for causes.) When family power drives are balanced, teamwork is excellent, with each of you applauding and admiring one another. Your strength, willpower and perseverance can be useful assets, and you may have creative talent for investment, politics or anything dealing with physical, emotional or psychological power.


This combination unites enthusiasm/ vitality/ speculation/ creativity with faith/ optimism/ beliefs/ values.

This double fire blend suggests great dynamism, energy, and enthusiasm with the ability to excite others. You could be a natural salesperson, skilled at getting other people to believe in something. Confidence, optimism and faith tend to be high. You are likely to be drawn toward large projects, big dreams. You thrive on excitement, activity, adventures and exploration. A natural pioneer, you could be restless, better at beginnings than finishing up. You are probably drawn toward the progressive, the new, the creative and the forward-going, constantly seeking new challenges. Faith and fun could be issues with loved ones, and wanting too much, too fast, is a likely lesson until you all learn to accept one another as human and go on from there. If expectations are kept impossibly high, you may never settle down. A feeling of “something better is just around the corner” can keep you from committing to the present. More constructively, you can visualize a more ideal outcome, and work to make it happen. You know how to have a good time and can share it with others, having an excellent sense of humor. You can help others develop faith, optimism, and the willingness to risk for greater gain.


This combination seeks to mix love/ drama/ excitement/ self-esteem with work/ reality/ pragmatism/ authority issues.

You probably possess a drive for power, but could feel torn between power as a source of joy, versus power as a responsibility; between zestful pursuit of control, versus dominance as a necessary, unenviable role. You are trying to make a comfortable blend between love needs and achievement needs; between fun and practicality; between excitement and playing it safe. Find a middle ground, avoiding both extremes. (If you underdo either side, those around you are likely to overdo the opposite.) A drive toward leadership is likely, but you may swing from carefully working your way up the ladder, versus feeling you should be at the top already. You need to be able to share the duties and discipline with those you love. Otherwise, either you or your children/ lover could overdo the need for dominance or the sense of responsibility and seriousness, and turn loving into “work.” Your creative talents could contribute to your career achievements—in teaching, persuasion, public relations, investing, recreation or any areas which put you front and center, making your mark.


This combination points to a natural polarity and the need to blend intensity/ heart’s desire/ loved ones/ being a star with detachment/ intellectual exploration/ friends/ humanitarian principles.

You are learning to balance the mental approach with the emotional; making room for friends and lovers; keeping space in life for independence as well as love relationships. Integration is required of your rational, objective side with your emotional, approval-seeking side; the head must be blended with the heart. If freedom needs are not recognized and met consciously, they might be lived out in excess by loved ones (cool, aloof, unavailable...). Friends could substitute for more intense love relationships, or lovers (and children) could become friends and friends could become lovers. You need attention, applause and approval, yet you also enjoy a sense of independence, going your own way, relating to humanity more than close, intimate associations. Your need to be special and “better than” in some sense must also be balanced with your humanitarian instincts and feelings that everyone deserves equal opportunity. Creativity and innovation are highlighted. You can easily move in new directions, and motivate others to change. You may be a significant leader among groups, organizations, friends, or causes. Your passion can bring ideas into vibrant, exciting life.


This combination seeks to mix self-esteem/ pride/ speculation/ excitement with selflessness/ Union/ unconscious faith/ magic.

This combination emphasizes the creative imagination. You may enjoy visualization as “play” or fantasy as a favored form of recreation. Real dramatic talent—the ability to almost “cast a spell” on your audience—is possible. You may have natural persuasive abilities (a real spellbinder) with talent for sales, acting, entertainment, promotion, teaching, film work, advertising, politics, comedy, (or martyrdom and hysteria). You might be an extremely skilled host or hostess, creating fascinating, scintillating performances and ideal party environments. You probably feel a push/pull between your dramatic instincts and your desire to be “invisible” (sensitive, behind the scenes, empathic and quiet). Sometimes your instinct for exaggeration and quest for infinite love and beauty can make it hard to deal with the ordinary drudgery of life. You might prefer to live with your imagination or fantasies on occasion. Romantic instincts are likely: you may idealize love (and seek it repeatedly or avoid anything but that “perfect” soul mate who does not exist). If these themes are not integrated, you and lovers/ children could take turns playing the dramatic martyr, the hypochondriac or other larger than life roles. When balanced, love relationships are likely to be intense, emotional, enthralling and exciting. You can affirm and encourage the best in those you love.

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