Kato and Mullis and O.J.

Zip Dobyns

New data from Lois Rodden includes the birth time of Kato Kaelin, a star player in the O.J. melodrama, and full birth data for Kary Banks Mullis, the scientist who developed the technique for analyzing DNA. Much of O.J.’s trial during May has been dominated by the DNA evidence and arguments over its validity.

According to his birth certificate, Brian Kato Kaelin was born on March 9, 1959 at 8 A.M. CST in Milwaukee, WI. His chart is fascinating and instructive, with dramatic asteroids. A major focus in his chart is a Sun-Moon conjunction in Pisces and a stellium in Aries, all in the twelfth house. Most of the rest of the chart is in interpersonal signs and/or houses—four to eight. Mars in Gemini in the second house and Saturn in Capricorn in the ninth house and Chiron in the sign and house of Aquarius complete the standard factors which I use, prior to checking the new asteroids.

It is much easier to understand this mixture since we already know how Kato has functioned in his life to date. The twelfth house and Pisces want life to be perfect, preferably without personal effort. God should take care of it. But Aries calls for personal action, so we have several options. We can feel subconsciously that our will is God’s will and He will provide all our desires. All we have to do is have faith and wait and the manna will come from heaven.

We can feel that we are God and have a right to take what we want if the world doesn’t give it to us. Such people are diagnosed as psychopaths or sociopaths or, currently, character disorders.

We can feel that we are God and obligated to save the world. With that feeling, we can try but obviously can only do what we think is right, and different beliefs about what is ideal can lead to VERY different actions. Many religious leaders in the past believed that God was jealous and vindictive and capable of torturing people for eternity if they did not worship Him in the right way, so the human leaders were doing other people a favor if they forced them to worship in their approved way. Other would-be saviors sacrificed their own lives to heal lepers, or to fight against slavery or for the rights of workers to have unions which could stand against abusive employers. Astrology shows principles which can be manifested in an uncountable number of details.

The interpersonal focus in Kato’s chart shows a need for other people. The standard way to satisfy those desires is to marry and have a family. Alternately, especially if the individual has a high need for freedom (Aries in this case) and a lot of perfectionism (Pisces and the twelfth house), the person may seek close relationships without formal ties and obligations. This is especially likely if the relationship factors are connected to the idealism. Kato has this connection with Neptune (idealism) in a house and a sign of partnership and Jupiter (idealism) in its own sign in a house of Partnership. With such combinations, we may search forever for the perfect partner, or keep changing relationships as we become disillusioned with ordinary humans, or pick other people who are looking for perfection and we’re not good enough, or stay in relationships and try to change the other person, or pick someone who thinks he is god and can do anything he wants, etc. etc. The solution is to choose others who share our beliefs, values, and goals and move toward them together.

Individuals with very strong fire and earth will be uncomfortable with dependency and will either make sure they are giving as much as they are getting, or they will unconsciously attract other people to “be dependent for them.” In the latter case, they will be surrounded by excessively dependent people. Individuals with more air and water, the elements content to live in the head, will tend to seek the fire-earth people and lean on them. Kato clearly fits in the latter category. He has been called “Hollywood’s favorite house guest.”

Kato’s Mars in the second house could be uncomfortable with such a dependency situation since the Taurus principle wants control over personal money, possessions, and pleasures. But Taurus, Venus, and the second house like life to be comfortable, and Mars in Gemini adds to the willingness to be a spectator and commentator rather than do things which require effort.

Chiron in double Aquarius adds still more to the tendency to live in the head and to look to others to satisfy one’s ideals as Chiron is much like Jupiter.

Saturn in its own sign in the ninth house points to a lesson involving beliefs, goals, values, etc. Many variations are possible, as usual, and several of them fit Kato. The lesson could be a tendency toward too much or too little practicality and responsibility. Some individuals with this placement are looking for the “perfect” job, which does not exist, so they are never satisfied with what is available. Some just want to do their work perfectly. Some make work their ultimate value in life so when they are out of work, they are devastated. The most reasonable way to handle this combination is to find a career which lets us make a better world, one closer to our ideals. A nine-ten combination is often found in the charts of teachers, writers, lawyers, ministers, etc. Letter nine symbolizes the search for TRUTH; a journey that never ends. Sometimes its lesson involves realizing that we don’t have final Truth, that there is more. Part of its lesson for Kato may well be having the faith to tell the truth about what he knows in the O.J. trial!!!

When Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered, Kato’s P Moon was in 25 Gemini trining his Chiron and Pallas in air signs with the Moon just coming to the cusp of the third (Gemini) house. The patterns certainly fit the media circus which is currently continuing almost a year later. The trines also have brought job opportunities to Kato with natal Pallas in the sixth house, many new friends with Chiron in the eleventh sign and house, and improved finances with the P Moon still just inside the second house when the event occurred. But the gains were not without emotional cost. P Moon was octile the Antivertex, fitting inner tension which could be over his own security or his feeling for Nicole. Kato’s P Part of Death at the event had just reached an opposition to his P Mars when he was separated from Nicole and Ronald and, soon after, from O.J., who ended in jail. P Moon continued into an octile to Uranus for the dramatic events which included some positive ones such as the film jobs. P Moon reached Kato’s many factors at one degree in different signs by late January when the formal trial began. Within a few weeks, it was conjunct his P Mars, square his P Mercury, sextile his Ascendant and P Pluto, semisextile P Vesta, and quincunx P Jupiter. The greater the number of factors which are involved in a network of aspects, the more the individual is likely to experience a period of intense emotions. The greater the cardinal emphasis, whether on planets, houses, or signs, the greater the potential for events in the life.

When we include the new asteroids, the picture becomes even more striking. Almost simultaneously with the gift of Kato’s birth certificate birth time, the universe presented us with an asteroid named Kato. The name was just chosen for a newly discovered asteroid in early 1995! Of course, it was not named for Kato Kaelin but the timing was impeccable to give us a useful stand-in. When Kato was born, asteroid Kato was in about 24 Sagittarius 4. When Nicole was killed, P Kato had progressed to about 1 Capricorn 6. I do not have the ephemeris on disk as yet, but from a printout at ten day intervals, I can estimate the approximate positions. This brings P Kato into the network of aspects in 0 to 1 degrees. It was opposite P Mars, square P Mercury, trine P Pluto, quincunx P Vesta, and semisextile Jupiter when Nicole was killed. It was still in orb of these aspects when the trial started with an opposition from P Moon added to the picture.

Other aspects to new asteroids included P Moon and P Mars trioctile Hel, the Norse goddess of death, and Brown, Nicole’s maiden name, which were in 17 Aquarius. Natal Nicole was on Kato’s IC when he was born and on the asteroid California. P Nicole was square his East Point when she died. P Brown had moved to 5 Pisces to an octile to Kato’s East Point and a trioctile to P Nicole. The other death asteroid, Libitina, was conjunct Apollo, a sun god for possible prominence and power issues, at 13-14 Capricorn where they squared Kato’s lunar nodes. When Nicole was killed, Kato’s P Moon was quincunx P Libitina at 25 Capricorn and the latter was also square Pallas, the goddess of politics and social justice. Also, Kato had natal James at 0 Aries with P Simpson and P Mercury conjunct it, all of them in 0 Aries. Remember there is a theory that anything on or aspecting the Aries Point, which marks the beginning of our zodiac, somehow connects us to the world and can signify widespread attention and/or mutual influences. There has never been a trial which was watched by as many people as this one. Kato’s P James is at 20 Aries square P Nicole at 20 Cancer. P Rockefellia (which can be associated with money and/or oil) is in 11 Pisces conjunct Kato’s natal Simpson and local Ascendant in Los Angeles. The publicity has not made Kato wealthy, but he moved from O.J.’s guest house to the home of a wealthy Hollywood man and Kato has certainly profited financially from the event. Kato’s P Ascendant from his birthplace is crossing his local IC as an additional key to his changes of home and job.

There are so many relevant asteroids in Kato’s chart, it is hard to choose. P Hephaistos, who made the weapons for the gods of Olympus was on Kato’s natal Mars. P Astraea, a goddess of justice, is on natal Saturn and P Themis, divine justice, is at 1 Scorpio aspecting the network listed above. There are many rumors that Kato did not tell everything he knew while he was on the witness stand; that he tape recorded a version of the events which was much more damming to O.J. for a reporter who planned to write a book, and that this tape has been given to the prosecution. If this is true, Kato could be in trouble for perjury while under oath. Aletheia was the goddess of truth. Natally, Kato had her in 10 Aquarius conjunct Eunomia, a goddess of law and order. P Aletheia is now 22 Aquarius conjunct P Helio, another sun god for fame, and both of them are octile P Saturn, the major key to the law and authority figures. P Eunomia is 25 Aquarius conjunct P Chiron, which also can be associated with truth and law courts which are supposed to uncover the truth. I see Chiron as a little brother to Jupiter. When the murders occurred, Kato’s P Ascendant was conjunct P Phaethon, a key to overreach, and natal Dionysus, associated with alcohol, drugs, and religious fanaticism. In the myth, Dionysus was torn apart by his crazed followers. As readers have probably heard, a drug dealer in Los Angeles has said that he sold drugs to O.J. and Kato just a few hours before Nicole was killed. The drugs could explain the ferocity of the murders.

Based on O.J.’s chart, I am expecting the trial to come to some kind of decision in August-September of 1995. At that time, Kato’s P Moon will be in 9-10 Cancer conjunct P Klotho, one of the Fates. It will trine Simpson which could support something less than conviction for O.J. It will also be quincunx Aletheia and Eunomia which might also point to a separation from truth and law and order. However, only a few weeks later, it will move into conjunctions to P Darwin and P Winchester, our “gun” asteroid, and it will square the lunar nodes and be octile P East Point and trioctile P Ceres and P Chiron. That collection could fit any number of different events involving security and power issues.

Though many more asteroids and aspects could be mentioned, let’s move on to the chart of the scientist who developed the technique to analyze DNA. The prosecution has presented evidence that Nicole’s blood was on socks in O.J.’s bedroom, in his car, and other areas. The defense claims the analysis is not yet a fully reliable technique and the samples were not handled properly and could be misleading.

Kary Banks Mullis was born on December 29, 1944 at 13:55 EWT in Lenoir, NC. His Capricorn Sun in the ninth house fits the choice of a career in science, but he is also a free thinker. Lois reports that when a Los Angeles Times reporter asked for his birth data, Mullis pulled out a copy of his horoscope! Mullis earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry at UC Berkeley and has worked for the Cetus Corporation and Xytrony’s Inc. On October 13, 1993 he shared a Nobel prize with Michael Smith of the University of British Columbia, dividing the $825,000 award. He also won a Japanese award which included $385,000 cash. His breakthrough discovery was described as occurring in April 1993, but I suspect the year is a typographical error. I have never heard of anyone getting a Nobel prize only six months after a scientific discovery, and I think I have read about DNA testing more than two years ago. With his prize money, Mullis should be able to indulge his reported love of surfing and pretty women.

The strong fire in Mullis’ chart fits both his creativity and his love of action, whether in sports or at parties. His Ascendant, East Point, and Antivertex are all in Aries. Pluto is in the sign and house of Leo. Mars and Mercury are tightly conjunct in the sign and house of Sagittarius as well as sextile Venus in Aquarius and trine the Ascendant. The combination shows the potential for a brilliant mind and an irreverent sense of humor that can “tell it like it is.” I have not been following the trial, so don’t know whether Mullis has testified. If he has or does, I would expect a sharp performance.

Mullis also has a loaded sixth house of work, mostly in Libra though Jupiter is in Virgo, so his work can be a source of pleasure and/or can be a team effort. Ceres is also in Libra, but in the seventh house, repeating the potential for cooperative (or sometimes competitive) work. The ninth house Capricorn and sixth house Jupiter are appropriate for work which enhances or disseminates knowledge. Saturn in the third house also connects the mind to one’s career and the Gemini Moon which is also in the third house adds to the likelihood of insatiable curiosity.

The ability to handle details is also present with Pluto closely trine the Antivertex, sextile Vesta, and semisextile Saturn. Even with strong air and fire, which are not noted for the patience to handle details, aspects between the three obsessive-compulsives, Saturn, Pluto, and Vesta, show the potential is there. The strong sixth house with Jupiter in Virgo, plus the Capricorn in the chart also testify to the ability to handle detail. All three planets of idealism, Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron, are in the sixth house, so a sense of achievement is important to Mullis and he must have that now with two major prizes under his belt. But he may still be looking for the “perfect” partner with Neptune and Chiron in Libra. At the same time, the intense desire for personal freedom which is shown by Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius, can contribute to a delay in forming a committed relationship. Those patterns fit fun with lots of friends but “don’t fence me in.” The south lunar node in Capricorn in the tenth house is another key to resistance to being controlled. People with this placement usually prefer to become their own boss; either as an independent professional, by running their own business, or by at least managing a part of a larger business.

Looking at Mullis’ asteroids, he has a fascinating conjunction between P Simpson and P Icarus in 28 Capricorn. When Nicole was murdered, his P Los Angeles MC was conjunct them. They are also conjunct natal Sapientia (wisdom) as he pursues his career of gaining and giving knowledge. They are also square Mullis’ natal Astraea (justice) and Makover in 28-29 Aries. Whether or not justice is done through Mullis’ work, his life will never be the same. P Astraea, P Makover, and P Hephaistos are in 10-11 Taurus with overlapping orbs and Hephaistos in orb of a trine to Mullis’ MC. P Chiron turned retrograde so it is still conjunct its natal position and holding a square to natal Simpson in 3 Capricorn. The aspect provides additional evidence that Mullis’ work (the sixth house Chiron) is challenging Simpson in court (the ninth house). Still stronger evidence comes from P Saturn which is opposite natal Simpson for years. And, repeating the message again, Mullis’ P south lunar node is octile natal James at 0 Sagittarius while P James at 18 Sagittarius is quincunx the natal north node.

Other aspects include P Uranus on Mullis’ Los Angeles Part of Death and sextile his Antivertex for the changes in his finances (second house) and media attention which have certainly ended his previous lifestyle. Repeating the fact that the changes might be associated in some way with death and accurate information is P Aletheia (truth) conjunct Libitina (death) in 13 Gemini where they are trioctile P Simpson. During May, when the DNA evidence was being discussed in court, Mullis had his P Moon in 28 Aries where it squared P Simpson and P Icarus and was octile P Aletheia and Libitina. P Nicole in 17 Pisces is square natal Aletheia (truth) which could mean that the truth will not come out or that Mullis’ testimony is not enough to produce acceptance of the truth by the jurors. P Brown in 11 Leo has several aspects but one of the most interesting is an opposition to P Eleutheria, the goddess of freedom. Will the Mullis information about Nicole Brown Simpson influence the freedom of O.J.?

Mullis’ chart shows that offering his work, his breakthrough in human knowledge, to the world is part of his karmic obligation. The midpoint of Mullis’ Saturn/south lunar node is in 13 Aries. Currently, his P Venus and P California are conjunct it and Venus has also reached his East Point within the one-degree orb allowed in progressions. P Sun is octile this Aries group. Though the scientific techniques developed by Mullis and the personal testimony of Kato are not really connected except by the fact that both are involved in O.J.’s trial, I did put the asteroid Kato in Mullis’ chart. It was natally in 6 Libra and about three years ago it turned retrograde in 12 Libra, so it is holding a long square to Mullis’ MC and an opposition to P California. When Nicole was murdered in June 1994, Mullis P Sun was octile his own MC and trioctile P Kato. Will Mullis’ reputation be harmed by the attacks of O.J.’s lawyers? Or is the conflict just the nuisance of having to leave his parties and surfing to testify?

Many other aspects might be mentioned, but eyes start to glaze over with too many lists of asteroids and aspects. Do the patterns we have examined so far show that O.J. will be found guilty based on Mullis’ work? I don’t think we can be sure of that, but they certainly do point to his guilt, however the jury decides in the end.

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