Asteroids Strike Again

Julienne Mullette

I am continuing to find connections between our family charts and the new asteroids. My son Dhanny is really named O’Dhaniel. I found out recently that his nickname in college has become “Odin.” When he arrived home on Saturday following the end of his school year, I gave him a full set of his asteroids as a graduation-from-first-year-of-college present. He immediately sat down with them and discovered that natally, his Sun in 14 Capricorn 4 was conjunct the asteroid “Odin”.

“Odin”, according to Jacob Schwartz, was the “Norse mythological one-eyed god of battle and victory, but also of wisdom, magic, death and poetry, ruling the world from Asgard where he gathers fallen heroes to the great hall of Valhalla.”

Dhanny had an interesting take on this from his own knowledge of mythology. He said that Odin gave up one eye to gain knowledge. So, although he had extraordinary knowledge, with only one eye he lacked perspective. So, Dhanny says he is working to maintain perspective as well.

Dhanny is now majoring in psycho-biology which sounds rather Plutonian ... a little like Odin who “gathers fallen heroes.” The Plutonian can be a healer who can restore us to our heroism.

I had planned to call my other son “Noel” until I got a weird “message” about two months before he was born that his name was “Noah.” My “Noel” is in 1 Capricorn, Noah was born with his Ascendant in 1 Capricorn, and my Sun had just progressed into the first degree of Capricorn when he was born.

My mother’s name is “Sheila.” When I was born, “Scheila” was at 3 Virgo 27, “Julietta” was at 4 Virgo 30, and “Patrice” (my middle name is “Patricia”) was at 5 Virgo 14.

Dhanny was born with his IC at 17 Aquarius 30 on “Juliana” at 18 Aquarius 4. His middle name is “Alexander” and his natal “Alex” is at 17 Aquarius 8. I hope that my “Sapientia” which is conjunct all the preceding is a sign that I am guiding him wisely.

Ed. note from Zip. Julienne founded ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research, in 1967 and was a leader in bringing astrologers in many countries into contact and cooperation. She is currently actively involved in continuing this effort through the Internet.

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